How to handle Plugin blocked pop up using selenium python

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I am trying to automate web application using Selenium+python . But I am blocked in the middle unable to find solution .

 Limitations are the web application uses Adobe flash player due to certain restriction I am unable to install flash in the server.

  After few steps have got executed I get "plugin blocked"  pop up on the top right side of the window screen. on the main page I get   "This content needs adobe flash player get flash"  when clicked on "get flash " I get plugin blocked on the page. How can I handle through code to click on plugin blocked and then enable flash through code only ?
Jan 4 in Selenium by kiran
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Hi, @Kiran,

I would suggest you go through this:

Hope this helps!!!

Hi Taniya,

Thanks for your reply I am doing exact same steps manually but unable to find any specific solution via selenium python .

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