Python Machine Learning Certification Training

Python Machine Learning Certification Training
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Why enroll for Machine Learning Certification Training?

pay scale by Edureka courseThe average salary of a data scientist is $144481 per year in United States -
IndustriesRoles like Chief Data Scientist & Chief Analytics Officers have emerged to ensure that analytical insights drive business strategies - Forbes
Average Salary growth by Edureka courseAccording to the Economic Times, 11.5 million data science jobs will be created globally by 2026

Machine Learning Training Benefits

As the demand for experienced Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer grows, more companies are looking to use Machine Learning in their workforce.The powerful Machine Learning algorithms allow businesses to process and analyze data, which ultimately helps the organization to take decisions quickly and efficiently. The best way to land you a good job with a handsome salary in this domain is to get a Machine Learning Certification.
Annual Salary
Data Analyst average salary
Hiring Companies
 Hiring Companies
Want to become a Data Analyst?
Annual Salary
Machine Learning Engineer average salary
Hiring Companies
 Hiring Companies
Want to become a Data Analyst?
Annual Salary
Python Developer average salary
Hiring Companies
 Hiring Companies
Want to become a Data Analyst?

Why Machine Learning Certification Training from edureka

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About your Machine Learning Certification Training

Skills Covered

  • Python Programming
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Recommender System using Python
  • Time Series Modelling
  • Statistical Foundations

Tools Covered

  • HIVE -  tools
  • HIVE -  tools
  • HIVE -  tools
  • HIVE -  tools
  • HIVE -  tools
  • HIVE -  tools

Machine Learning Training Course Curriculum

Curriculum Designed by Experts

Introduction to Data Science

7 Topics


  • What is Data Science?
  • What does Data Science involve?
  • Era of Data Science
  • Business Intelligence vs Data Science
  • Life cycle of Data Science
  • Tools of Data Science
  • Introduction to Python


  • Installation of Node.js, Angular CLI and Visual Studio Code

Skills You will Learn:

  • Basics of Python

Data Extraction, Wrangling, & Visualization

7 Topics


  • Data Analysis Pipeline
  • What is Data Extraction?
  • Types of Data
  • Raw and Processed Data
  • Data Wrangling
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Visualization of Data


  • Loading different types of dataset in Python
  • Arranging the data
  • Plotting the graphs

Skills You will Learn:

  • Data Preparation
  • Data Visualization

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

7 Topics


  • Python Revision (numpy, Pandas, scikit learn, matplotlib)
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Machine Learning Use-Cases
  • Machine Learning Process Flow
  • Machine Learning Categories
  • Linear regression
  • Gradient descent


  • Linear Regression – Using Boston Dataset

Skills You will Learn:

  • Linear Regression Implementation
  • Machine Learning concepts
  • Machine Learning types

Supervised Learning - I

6 Topics


  • What is Classification and its use cases?
  • What is Decision Tree?
  • Algorithm for Decision Tree Induction
  • Creating a Perfect Decision Tree
  • Confusion Matrix
  • What is Random Forest?


  • Implementation of Logistic regression, Decision tree, Random forest

Skills You will Learn:

  • Supervised Learning concepts
  • Implementing different types of Supervised Learning algorithms
  • Evaluating model output

Dimensionality Reduction

6 Topics


  • Introduction to Dimensionality
  • Why Dimensionality Reduction?
  • PCA
  • Factor Analysis
  • Scaling dimensional model
  • LDA


  • PCA
  • Scaling

Skills You will Learn:

  • Implementing Dimensionality Reduction Technique

Supervised Learning - II

8 Topics


  • What is Naïve Bayes?
  • How Naïve Bayes works?
  • Implementing Naïve Bayes Classifier
  • What is Support Vector Machine?
  • Illustrate how Support Vector Machine works?
  • Hyperparameter optimization
  • Grid Search vs Random Search
  • Implementation of Support Vector Machine for Classification


  • Implementation of Naïve Bayes, SVM

Skills You will Learn:

  • Supervised Learning concepts
  • Implementing different types of Supervised Learning algorithms
  • Evaluating model output

Unsupervised Learning

7 Topics


  • What is Clustering & its Use Cases?
  • What is K-means Clustering?
  • How K-means algorithm works?
  • How to do optimal clustering?
  • What is C-means Clustering?
  • What is Hierarchical Clustering?
  • How Hierarchical Clustering works?


  • Implementing K-means Clustering
  • Implementing Hierarchical Clustering

Skills You will Learn:

  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Implementation of Clustering – various types

Association Rules Mining and Recommendation Systems

7 Topics


  • What are Association Rules?
  • Association Rule Parameters
  • Calculating Association Rule Parameters
  • Recommendation Engines
  • How Recommendation Engines work?
  • Collaborative Filtering
  • Content Based Filtering


  • Apriori Algorithm
  • Market Basket Analysis

Skills You will Learn:

  • Data Mining using python
  • Recommender Systems using Python

Reinforcement Learning

9 Topics


  • What is Reinforcement Learning?
  • Why Reinforcement Learning?
  • Elements of Reinforcement Learning
  • Exploration vs Exploitation dilemma
  • Epsilon Greedy Algorithm
  • Markov Decision Process (MDP)
  • Q values and V values
  • Q values and V values
  • α values


  • Calculating Reward
  • Discounted Reward
  • Calculating Optimal quantities
  • Implementing Q Learning
  • Setting up an Optimal Action

Skills You will Learn:

  • Implement Reinforcement Learning using Python
  • Developing Q Learning model in Python

Time Series Analysis

10 Topics


  • What is Time Series Analysis?
  • Importance of TSA
  • Components of TSA
  • White Noise
  • AR model
  • MA model
  • ARMA model
  • ARIMA model
  • Stationarity
  • ACF & PACF


  • Checking Stationarity
  • Converting a non-stationary data to stationary
  • Implementing Dickey Fuller Test
  • Plot ACF and PACF
  • Generating the ARIMA plot
  • TSA Forecasting

Skills You will Learn:

  • TSA in Python

Model Selection and Boosting

7 Topics


  • What is Model Selection?
  • Need of Model Selection
  • Cross – Validation
  • What is Boosting?
  • How Boosting Algorithms work?
  • Types of Boosting Algorithms
  • Adaptive Boosting


  • Cross Validation
  • AdaBoost

Skills You will Learn:

  • Model Selection
  • Boosting algorithm using python

In-Class Project

1 Topics


  • Predict the species of Plant


  • Analyze the data
  • Predict the plant species

Skills You will Learn:

  • Data Pre-processing
  • Feature Engineering
  • Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithm

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Machine Learning Training Description

About the Machine Learning with Python Training

Edureka’s Machine Learning Certification Training using Python is designed to make you grab the concepts of Machine Learning. This Machine Learning Certification will provide a deep understanding of Machine Learning and its mechanism. As a Data Scientist, you will be learning the importance of Machine Learning and its implementation in the python programming language. Furthermore, in this Machine Learning with Python Training, you will be taught Reinforcement Learning which in turn is an important aspect of Artificial Intelligence. You will be able to automate real-life scenarios using Machine Learning Algorithms. Towards the end of this Machine Learning online course, we will be discussing various practical use cases of Machine Learning with Python programming language to enhance your learning experience. Edureka offers the best Machine Learning Training online for those who want to be the best in Python. Enroll now with Edureka's online Machine Learning Certification to get trained with industrial experts.

Why Learn Machine Learning with Python?

Data Science is a set of techniques that enables computers to learn the desired behavior from data without explicitly being programmed. It employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, information science, and computer science. This Machine Learning Certification training exposes you to different classes of machine learning algorithms like supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement algorithms. This ML Training imparts you the necessary skills like data pre-processing, dimensional reduction, model evaluation and also exposes you to different machine learning algorithms like regression, clustering, decision trees, random forest, Naive Bayes, and Q-Learning.

  • What are the objectives of our Machine Learning Certification Training?

    After completing this Machine Learning Training using Python, you should be able to:
  • Gain insight into the 'Roles' played by a Machine Learning Engineer
  • Automate data analysis using python
  • Describe Machine Learning
  • Work with real-time data
  • Learn tools and techniques for predictive modeling
  • Discuss Machine Learning algorithms and their implementation
  • Validate Machine Learning algorithms
  • Explain Time Series and it’s related concepts
  • Gain expertise to handle business in future, living the present

  • Who should go for this Machine Learning Python online Training?

    Edureka’s Machine Learning with Python Course is a good fit for the below professionals:
  • Developers aspiring to be a ‘Machine Learning Engineer'
  • Analytics Managers who are leading a team of analysts
  • Business Analysts who want to understand Machine Learning (ML) Techniques
  • Information Architects who want to gain expertise in Predictive Analytics
  • 'Python' professionals who want to design automatic predictive models

  • What are the pre-requisites for this Machine Learning with Python Certification Training ?

    The pre-requisites for the Machine Learning Python Training include development experience with Python. Fundamentals of Data Analysis practiced over any of the data analysis tools like SAS/R will be a plus. However, Python would be more advantageous. You will be provided with complimentary “Python Statistics for Data Science Course” as a self-paced course once you enroll in the Machine Learning online course.

  • Python Machine Learning Certification Course Projects

     certification projects

    Industry: Social Media

    Background: Load the corresponding dataset. Perform data wrangling, visualization of the data and detect the outliers, if any. Use the plotly library in Python to draw useful ins....
     certification projects

    Industry: FMCG

    Background:You have to apply an unsupervised learning technique like K means or Hierarchical clustering so as to get the final solution. But before that, you have to bring the ex....

    Python Machine Learning Certification

    To unlock Edureka’s Python Machine Learning Python course completion certificate, you must ensure the following

    • Completely participate in this Machine Learning Certification Course.
    • Evaluation and completion of the quizzes and projects listed.
    • You must complete the course and earn a minimum score of 80% in the assessment.
    Machine learning is a popular and fast-growing career in computer science. It is constantly evolving and growing and you can apply it to many industries, including shipping and fulfillment, as well as medical sciences. Machine learning engineers create artificial intelligence to better recognize patterns and solve problems. It is a highly sought-after career option, but it can be very competitive. Machine learning engineers who are interested in becoming certified can distinguish themselves from their competition by attending boot camps, submissions of code repositories and hands-on experience.
    Machine Learning is the most in-demand technology. Beginners need to get familiar with the basics of Machine Learning first before they start certification training. Edureka's free articles and YouTube videos will help you understand Machine Learning concepts and techniques.
    Machine Learning is globally popular because of its general applications, with a good knowledge of machine learning many problems can be solved faster and more efficiently. The demand for Machine Learning Python training is on the rise and there are many profitable employment possibilities and positions in tech organizations, making this the ideal time for candidates to enroll and earn certification.Due to the wide range of job options and prospects, learning Machine Learning skills and start working straight away are also strongly recommended.
    Our Python Machine Learning with Python Certification Course is designed to develop skills and evaluate candidates' knowledge. Following the completion of this certification, you will have access to a wide range of job possibilities. Some of the most important employment roles include Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Developer, Machine Learning Software Architect, Applied Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, AI engineer, and others.
    Please visit the page which will guide you through the top Python Machine Learning Certification Interview questions and answers.
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    Akshay Tyagi
    Hi, I am Akshay Tyagi. I Have completed my Data Science Course. It was a good platform. This provides relevant information regarding the course. I su...
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    The course content was great and very appropriate. The support team was quick to respond to queries and the staff was knowledgeable in serving its cli...
    Ajith .
    instructor was very knowledgable and provide valuable insights in a real life scenario with his practical experience . 2) He shared the jupyter notebo...
    Yogendra Singh Rathore
    Awesome the way of teaching and support. And best part is edureka most focus on practice, practice makes a man perfect.

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    Machine Learning Training FAQs

    What is Machine Learning and What is it used for?

    Machine learning can be described as an implementation in Artificial Intelligence as it allows systems to simultaneously learn from past experiences, and then improve upon them without being explicitly programmed. It involves observing patterns in data, gathering relevant information and making informed decisions to improve the future of any organization. Machine learning facilitates analyzing large quantities of data. It usually delivers faster and more precise results, which can lead to profitable benefits and new opportunities.

    Machine learning is used in virtually every industry today including medical diagnosis, facial recognition and weather forecasts. It can be useful in situations where pattern recognition and prediction are essential. Machine learning can often be disruptive when it is applied in new industries and niches. Machine learning engineers are able to find new ways for machine learning technology which can help to optimize existing processes and automate them. This technology can be used to detect extremely complex patterns and produce highly accurate predictions with the right data. This Machine Learning with Python Course will talk about everything in much more detail. 

    Who provides the Machine Learning Certificate, and what is its validity?

    Once you complete the Machine Learning with Python course, Edureka will provide you Data Scientist with proficiency in Python certificate which has lifelong validity.

    Is Python good for Machine Learning?

    Python is simple and easy to learn. That’s why Machine Learning with Python is one of the most in-demand skills. It's easy to use and has a clear syntax that is easily understood by both experienced developers and novice students. Python's simplicity means developers can spend their time and energy on solving the Machine Learning problem, rather than wasting their time. It is not necessary to understand all the technical nuances.

    Python is also extremely efficient. It allows developers to do more work by writing fewer lines of code. Python code is easy to understand by humans, which makes them ideal for creating Machine Learning models. What's not to like about all of these benefits? You will love it!

    Does Machine Learning Training in Python require coding?

    Yes, Machine Learning does require some coding skills. This Machine Learning with ML using Python course will cover OOPs concepts, data structure, and algorithms. Machine Learning uses Python, C++ and Java as the most popular programming languages.

    How do I become a Machine Learning Engineer?

    Machine Learning with Python course will give you complete in-depth knowledge of Machine Learning methodologies to prepare you to master in your next role as a Machine Learning Engineer. You will earn Edureka's Machine Learning with Python certification that will attest to your new skills and on-the-job expertise. 

    What is the average salary of Machine Learning professionals across the world?

    According to Payscale, the average salary of a Professionals with Machine Learning Certification is $113,358 in a year.

    How to unlock my Edureka Machine Learning Python Certificate?

    Towards completing the course, you will be working on projects. After that, Edureka certifies you as a Data Scientist with proficiency in Python.

    Who are the instructors for machine learning Training?

    All the instructors at edureka are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 10-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by edureka for providing an awesome learning experience to the participants of Edureka's best machine learning course.

    Will this ML with Python course help me to build a successful career in Machine Learning?

    This Machine Learning with Python certification course is designed by subject matter experts who know employers' most valuable skills. Topics like Machine Learning, regression, time series modeling, clustering, classification, and Deep Learning basics are entirely covered and enable you to start a career in this field.

    What if I have more queries with regards to machine learning Python course?

    Just give us a CALL at +91 98702 76459/1844 230 6365 (US Tollfree Number) OR email at

    What are the various types of Machine Learning?

    Machine Learning is of three types: supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning.

    Is a Machine Learning Training challenging to learn?

    This ML Certification course is easy to understand and allows you to align theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge related to Machine learning. The ML with Pythoncertification course is best suited for those who have prior knowledge of Fundamentals of Data Analysis, and Mathematics. Python knowledge would be more advantageous.

    What is the Average Machine Learning Engineer Salary in India?

    According to Payscale, the average salary for a Machine Learning Engineer is ₹700,699 in India.

    What is the difference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

    Artificial Intelligence is a technology that allows a machine to simulate human behavior. In contrast, Machine Learning is a subset of AI which enables the machine to learn from past data without programming explicitly automatically.

    What industries use Machine Learning?

    Industries that use Machine Learning mostly are healthcare, transportation, finance, retail, agriculture, and customer service. By pursuing the right Machine Learning certification course, one can easily find jobs in these industries and have an incredibly fulfilling career ahead of you.

    What are the top Machine Learning courses?

    We have shortlisted below some of the best Machine Learning courses one can go for.

    • Machine Learning A-Z
    • Machine Learning, Data Science, and Deep Learning with Python
    • Machine Learning with Javascript
    • Intro to Machine Learning with PyTorch
    • Intro to Machine Learning for Coders
    • Advanced Machine learning Specialization

    Does Edureka provide any free ML using Python learning resources?

    If you are looking for free resources on Python with Machine Learning course then read our blogs on Machine Learning tutorial, and Machine Learning Interview Questions.

    How do beginners learn Machine Learning?

    Machine Learning is the most in-demand technology. Beginners need to get familiar with the basics of Machine Learning first before they start certification training. Edureka's free articles and YouTube videos will help you understand Machine Learning concepts and techniques. 

    Which are the companies that hire Machine Learning Engineers?

    Companies that hire Certified Machine Learning Engineers are Amazon Web Services, MathWorks, Databricks, Dataiku, RapidMiner, SAS, Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft Azure, and TIBCO.

    Is this Machine Learning Certification worth it?

    Holding a Machine Learning Certification will help you get the necessary knowledge and training to grow your career in Machine Learning and deal with Machine Learning problems.

    What would be my job role after getting Python Machine Learning certification?

    Some of the top job roles in the field of Machine Learning are 

    • Data Scientist
    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • NLP Scientist
    • Computer Vision Engineer
    • Data Architect

    Edureka’s best Machine Learning course gives you all the necessary skills to become eligible for such roles.

    What if I miss a class?

    You will never miss a lecture at Edureka! You can choose either of the two options:
    • View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.
    • You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.

    What is the role of a Machine Learning Engineer?

    Machine-Learning engineers are responsible for creating programs and algorithms that enable machines to take actions without being directed.

    What books are suggested reading for Machine Learning?

    You can refer to the below books while taking our course: 

    1. A Programmer's Guide to Data Mining by Ron Zacharski. 

    2. An Introduction to Statistical Learning With Applications in R by Gareth James Daniela Witten, Trevor Hastie, and Robert Tibshirani. 

    3. Deep Learning by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville. 

    4. Deep Learning with Python by Francois Chollet.

    Will I get placement assistance after completing my machine learning training?

    To help you in this endeavor, we have added a resume builder tool in your LMS. Now, you will be able to create a winning resume in just 3 easy steps. You will have unlimited access to use these templates across different roles and designations. All you need to do is, log in to your LMS and click on the "create your resume" option.

    What are the skills needed for becoming a Machine Learning Engineer?

    A Machine Learning Engineer must be skilled in statistics, basic programming, core mathematics, neural networks, data modeling, natural language processing, ML tools and libraries, and more. Our Machine Learning with Python course will give you all of these skills and make you job-ready.

    Can I attend a demo session before enrollment?

    We have limited number of participants in a live  machine learning using Python session to maintain the Quality Standards. So, unfortunately participation in a live class without enrollment is not possible. However, you can go through the sample class recording and it would give you a clear insight about how are the classes conducted, quality of instructors and the level of interaction in a class.

    What is the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

    Machine learning   

    Deep learning

    It is a subtype of artificial intelligence.

    It is an evolved version of Machine Learning.

    It involves the usage of statistical methods.

    Neural networks drive Deep Learning.

    Is Machine Learning a Good Career?

    Machine learning is a popular and fast-growing career in computer science. It is constantly evolving and growing and you can apply it to many industries, including shipping and fulfillment, as well as medical sciences. Machine learning engineers create artificial intelligence to better recognize patterns and solve problems. It is a highly sought-after career option, but it can be very competitive. Machine learning engineers who are interested in becoming certified can distinguish themselves from their competition by attending boot camps, submissions of code repositories and hands-on experience.

    What are the other Machine Learning and Data Science Training Course offered by Edureka?

    What are the Top Cities where Edureka provides Machine Learning Training?

    Here is a list of cities where Edureka provides Machine Learning Training:

    What is the Avg Salary range for Machine Learning Professionals in various countries?

    The salary range for Machine Learning Engineer in various countries according to a salary survey by Payscale, Glassdoor, and


    Machine Learning Engineer Avg Salary


    ₹8,14,476 per year


    $130863 per year


    $112,823 per year


    C$85299 per year


    £51,487 per year


    S$73092 per year


    AED 202461 per year

    Can I learn Machine Learning Python in 6 weeks?

    Yes, 6 weeks is a pretty decent time for you to learn Machine Learning with Python. Firstly, You will learn Python in the most comprehensive manner along with a few topic of Machine Learning. At last, you will be working on a live-project to brush upon your skills. 

    You will also receive a Machine Learning Certification at the end to boost your CV. 

    What are the origins of Machine Learning?

    The origin of Machine Learning is from Walter Pitts and neuroscientist Warren McCulloch in 1943. They first attempted to think about the processes and decision-making in human cognition. 

    What are the topics covered in Machine Learning with Python Course?

    There are various topics covered in this Machine Learning Training Course. The major headlines are listed below:
    •  Python Programming
    •  Data Analysis and Visualization
    •  Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning
    •  Recommender System using Python
    •  Time Series Modelling
    •  Statistical Foundations

    How are AI and Machine Learning related?

    Machine Learning is an application of AI. AI is an umbrella which had numerous applications like Deep Learning, Machine Learning, etc. 
    Machine Learning uses data to help a system learn without any instruction. This gives an autonomous process to the system itself. Machine Learning with Python is one of the best combinations to enhance your skills and be efficient in it. 

    What is the cost of Machine Learning with Python Certification?

    Edureka offers learning Machine Learning Python at the minimal cost price of Rs. 19,995. You can also avail current discounted offer price. 

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