React JS Certification Training Course in Australia

React JS Certification Training Course in Australia
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    Why enroll for React JS Training in Australia?

    pay scale by Edureka courseMajor apps like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, Airbnb, Yahoo! Mail, and much more use React to build their User Interface to improve user experience.
    IndustriesReact Native Supports Cross-platform Development (iOS and Android), and it can reduce the development effort by almost 50% without compromising quality or productivity
    Average Salary growth by Edureka courseThe average salary for "React Developer" ranges from $100,816 per year to $110,711 per year, based on the role (Front End Developer/Full Stack Developer) - Indeed

    React Training Benefits in Australia

    React development has emerged as the future of web creation with its extra versatility and ease. Data from a Statista study shows that React JS is the most in-demand web framework in 2022, with 40.41% of software developers globally indicating they use it to develop web applications. This does not come as a surprise since the demand for React developers has been growing steadily in recent years.Learning React opens the door to more jobs, better pay, and has an enormous community supporting it.
    Annual Salary
    Front-end Engineer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Front-end Engineer?
    Annual Salary
    React Developer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Front-end Engineer?
    Annual Salary
    Front-end Developer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Front-end Engineer?

    Why React JS Training from edureka in Australia

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    Live Interactive Learning

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    Industry Recognised Certification

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    About your React JS Training

    ReactJS Skills Covered

    • skillReact Components
    • skillReact State Management
    • skillReact Event Handling
    • skillRouting in React
    • skillReact Application Testing
    • skillReact Native

    ReactJs Tools Covered

    • React
    • Redux
    • GraphQL
    • JavaScript
    • Jest
    • git
    • Docker
    • NGINX

    React JS Certification Training Course Curriculum in Australia

    Curriculum Designed by Experts


    Introduction to Web Development and React

    12 Topics


    • Building Blocks of Web Application Development
    • Single-page and Multi-page Applications
    • Different Client-side Technologies
    • MVC Architecture
    • Introduction to React
    • Installation of React
    • JSX and its use case
    • DOM
    • Virtual DOM and Its Working
    • ECMAScript
    • Difference between ES5 and ES6
    • NPM Modules


    • Installation of Node.js, React and Visual Studio Code
    • Creating First React Application

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Working with DOM
    • Implementing NPM modules

    Components and Styling the Application Layout

    19 Topics


    • React Elements
    • Render Function
    • Components
    • Class Component
    • Component Constructor
    • Functional Components
    • Multiple Components
    • Props
    • Props with Class based Component
    • Props with Function based Component
    • States
    • Component Lifecycle
    • React Events
    • React Forms
    • Different Form Concepts
    • Styling in React
    • Inline Styling
    • CSS Stylesheet
    • Building Music Shop Application using React Components


    • Build a Music Store Application using React Components

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Creating React Components
    • Working with React Forms
    • Styling the React Components

    Handling Navigation with Routes

    13 Topics


    • Routing
    • React-router
    • Features of React-router
    • Configuration of routing using React-router
    • Navigation using Links
    • 404 page (Not found Page)
    • URL Parameters
    • Nested Routes
    • Implementing styles using NavLink
    • Application Programming Interface
    • Build a REST API using JSON-server
    • API consumption in React application using Fetch method
    • Build a dynamic Music Store application using Routing and API connectivity


    • Dynamic Music Store Application with Routing and API connectivity

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Working with REST API
    • Navigation among various components

    React State Management using Redux

    10 Topics


    • Need of Redux
    • What is Redux?
    • Redux Architecture
    • Redux Action
    • Redux Reducers
    • Redux Store
    • Principles of Redux
    • Pros of Redux
    • NPM Packages required to work with Redux
    • More about React-Redux package


    • Building an application to list the food items using React and Redux
    • Building News application using React, Redux, and promise middleware

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Managing and updating application state
    • Working with NPM packages

    Asynchronous Programming with Saga Middleware

    12 Topics


    • Need of Async operations
    • Async Workflow
    • Action Creators
    • How to write Action Creators?
    • Handling Async Actions via Reducers
    • Middleware
    • Redux-Saga
    • Generators in Redux-Saga
    • Saga Methods()
    • Major Sections of Redux-Saga
    • Building a Product List application using Redux-Saga Middleware
    • Debugging application using Redux Devtools


    • Building a Product list application using Redux-Saga Middleware

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Working with middleware for Redux
    • Building and Debugging application

    React Hooks

    12 Topics


    • Caveat of JavaScript classes
    • Functional components and React hooks
    • What are React hooks?
    • Basic hooks
    • useState() hook
    • How to write useState() hook when state variable is an array of objects?
    • useEffect() hook
    • Fetch API data using useEffect() hook
    • useContext() hook
    • Rules to write React hooks
    • Additional hooks
    • Custom hooks


    • Fetch API data using useEffect() hook
    • Pass multiple Context using useContext() hook
    • Writing custom hooks
    • Building weather application using React hooks

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Extracting logic from a component
    • Using React hooks in an application

    Fetch Data using GraphQL

    15 Topics


    • What is GraphQL?
    • Cons of Rest API
    • Pros of GraphQL
    • Frontend backend communication using GraphQL
    • Type system
    • GraphQL datatypes
    • Modifiers
    • Schemas
    • GraphiQL tool
    • Express framework
    • NPM libraries to build server side of GraphQL
    • Build a GraphQL API
    • Apollo client
    • NPM libraries to build client side of GraphQL
    • How to setup Apollo client?


    • Build a GraphQL API and execute queries using GraphiQL tool
    • Fetch Space Launch Data using Apollo-GraphQL

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Querying data using GraphQL
    • Working with NPM libraries

    React Application Testing and Deployment

    8 Topics


    • Define Jest
    • Setup Testing environment
    • Add Snapshot testing
    • Integrate Test Reducers
    • Create Test Components
    • Push Application on Git
    • Deploy App on Nginx
    • Create Docker for React Application


    • Testing application using Jest
    • Application Deployment via Nginx and Docker

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Testing React application
    • Deploying React application

    Introduction to React Native

    7 Topics


    • Native Applications
    • React Native
    • React Native Elements
    • Expo CLI
    • Build a shopping cart mobile application using React Native
    • React Native installation and setup
    • Working with Styles and Layout


    • Shopping Items list using Native React

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Working with Expo CLI
    • Creating native apps

    Building React Native Application with API

    8 Topics


    • Native modules
    • Native Navigation libraries
    • Integration of Redux with React Native
    • React Native and Redux major components
    • Redux Thunk middleware
    • NPM libraries
    • Shopping cart application using React Native and Redux
    • Integration of Redux actions, store and reducers In React Native application


    • Dynamic Shopping cart using React Native

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Integration of Redux with React Native
    • Building React Native applications

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    React JS Training in Australia Course Description

    About React JS Course in Australia

    React is a JavaScript library used to build responsive and streamlined user interfaces for web and mobile applications. It lets you compose complex UIs from small and isolated pieces of code called “components”. React can render on the server using Node and can power native apps using React Native. React will let you write applications that behave consistently, run in different environments, and are easy to test and deploy.

      What are the pre-requisites for this React Course in Australia?

    • Fundamentals of programming and object-oriented concepts
    • HTML + CSS + JavaScript Knowledge (You don't need to be an expert but should be familiar with the basics of these topics)

      • What will you learn in this React Course in Australia?

        The React Certification Training in Australia is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to become a successful web and mobile application developer. It starts with the fundamental concepts of React and its architecture. The React Training in Australia then focuses on Redux and its features, demonstrates how to React and Redux can be used together to build extensive web applications, and later guides you on how to develop responsive UIs to handle user interactions in a mobile environment using React Native.

          What are the objectives of our React Certification Training in Australia?

          On completion of the React Training in Australia, the learner will be able to:

        • Develop a proper understanding of Web Development Architecture
        • Create an application using React components
        • Perform Navigation using Routes
        • Build Web Applications using React with Redux
        • Program Async Actions using Redux-Saga Middleware
        • Write Queries using GraphQL
        • Execute Test Cases using Jest
        • Deploy Applications using Docker and Nginx
        • Build Mobile Applications using Native React

          • Who should go for this React Training in Australia?

            The following professionals can go for this React Course in Australia:

          • Freshers and Aspiring Frontend (JavaScript) Developers
          • UI/UX Developers
          • Web Developers
          • Software Developers
          • Developers upgrading from Angular, Vue, and other similar UI JavaScript Frameworks

            • React Certification Training Course Projects in Australia

               certification projects

              Industry: Entertainment

              Background: Build an online ticket booking application for latest movies, upcoming movies, concerts and other LIVE events. You need to use JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Redux and....
               certification projects

              Industry: IT

              Background: Build a React Native Food Application and make use of Redux to perform state management. In this application you must filter the food items and display them on screen.

              React JS Certification in Australia

              To unlock Edureka's React Training course completion certificate, you must fulfill the following requirements:

              • Fully participate in the Training Course.
              • Successfully complete the quizzes and projects listed in the course.
              • Complete the course and achieve a minimum score of 80% in the assessment.
              The majority of beginning programmers choose to learn React JS development after becoming proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It's because the React JS language paradigm is expanding quickly and spurring interest across several industries, including ecomm, tourism, social media, and more. If you possess the necessary expertise and work experience, the pay range is also quite attractive. Without a question, choosing to pursue a career as a React JS developer is a wise decision. 
              Beginners can quickly get familiar with React as it is a user-friendly framework. To learn its capabilities and functionalities, appropriate guidance and a well-structured training path are necessary. Beginners interested in pursuing a career in web development with React can enroll in our online training program and earn certificates to showcase their expertise in this field.
              React is a globally popular framework for creating online applications, and the demand for ReactJS online training is on the rise. This has led to many profitable employment possibilities and positions in tech organizations, making it an ideal time for candidates to enroll and earn certification. Due to the wide range of job options and prospects, it is strongly recommended to learn React developer skills and start working straight away.
              Our React certification course is designed to develop and evaluate candidates' skills and knowledge. You’ll have so many opportunities for jobs such as React JS developer, full-stack web developer, freelance consultant, front-end developer, and others too. The opportunities for candidates who have a certification is  You will be eligible for a variety of jobs once you have earned this qualification. React JS developer, full-stack web developer, consultant, software engineer, front-end developer, web developer, and others are some of the most crucial employment categories.
              Yes, we provide a comprehensive list of the top 50+ React Interview Questions and Answers on our website.
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              React JS Training Course in Australia FAQ

              What is React?

              Facebook created the front-end Javascript library known as React. For web-based applications, it enables developers to design user interface components. Despite being essentially a UI tool, React has a lot more features than just templating. To define React components, developers can use the JSX syntax, which is similar to HTML. This allows for the passing of rich information between components while keeping the application's state separate from the Document Object Model because these components are encapsulated and manage their own states. React components have the ability to dynamically and successfully react to state changes, making it possible to build sophisticated web apps out of basic components.

              What is the difference between React Native and ReactJS, and which one should I learn?

              React.JS (commonly known as React), a front-end JavaScript language, makes it possible to quickly create user interface components for websites. With React’s library you can develop full web apps or single page apps with dynamic interaction features that provide interactive experiences for their visitors. React Native is an excellent tool for developing mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices. Being React-based, its syntax and workflow remain similar when building applications; however, the components generated vary as React JS generates web components instead of native mobile app components. React Native uses components that connect directly with native APIs on phones. This Full React JS  Course provides an ideal foundation for web development; to start off developing mobile applications it would be wise to first learn React.js online and get familiar with its technology before diving in with React Native development.

              Which companies hire React JS Developers in Australia?

              Several companies in Australia hire React JS developers. Some prominent companies known for hiring React JS developers in Australia include:

              • Atlassian
              • Canva
              • WiseTech Global
              • SEEK Limited
              • Xero
              • REA Group
              • Domain Group
              • Telstra Corporation Limited
              • Qantas Airways Limited
              • Afterpay

              How long does it typically take to complete the React Redux certification?

              The React Redux certification course is designed to accommodate learners' schedules. It spans a duration of 5.5 weeks, with classes held on Saturdays and Sundays. This weekend schedule ensures that working professionals and individuals with busy weekday commitments can effectively participate in the course. It's a convenient approach to upskilling and achieving certification without disrupting your weekday routines.

              Does Edureka offer a certificate of completion for the React Redux certification?

              Yes, at the end of this React certification, you will receive a course completion certificate from Edureka. This certification is widely recognized by all major MNCs and serves as proof that you have the skills to manage real-world React JS projects.

              What are the job opportunities for React professionals in Australia?

              In terms of job opportunities for React professionals in Australia, there is a strong demand for individuals with expertise in React JS development. Many companies, both large and small, are actively building web applications using the React JS framework. Job roles for React professionals in Australia can include React developer, front-end developer, full-stack developer with React specialization, UI/UX developer, and software engineer, among others. Opportunities exist in sectors such as technology, finance, e-commerce, media, and consulting.

              What is the React JS market trend in Australia?

              The React JS market trend in Australia is positive and continues to grow. React JS is a widely adopted front-end framework used for building interactive and scalable web applications. Many organizations in Australia prefer React JS for its component-based architecture, performance optimization, and large developer community. The demand for React JS developers is driven by the need to deliver modern, user-friendly, and responsive web applications. As digital transformation and web development continue to be priorities for Australian businesses, the React JS market is expected to expand further, creating more job opportunities for React professionals in the country.

              What if I miss a React JS class?

              You will never miss a lecture at Edureka! You have two options:
              • View the recorded session of the React classes available in your LMS.
              • Attend the missed session in any other live batch.

              How soon after signing up would I get access to the learning content?

              Immediate access to our LMS is granted right after you enroll in the course, which is always accessible online. Students will also have access to previous classes videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, and assignments as well as direct contact with our 24/7 support team - making studying much simpler!

              Is It worth learning a React course in Australia?

              Yes, React is well worth learning in Australia. There are two reasons. React has been in high demand for years in the software development industry. You will have a better chance of getting a job in Australia if you can learn code in React. It is well worth the effort. Website visitors won't settle for outdated sites that won't update with a page refresh. React’s dynamically updating HTML on a website page meets these users' requirements and enhances their experience. React is a well-known and trusted technology that has been around for a while.

              How can online React courses help you learn React JS in Australia?‎

              Edureka offers several best React courses online covering React JS. These React Courses in Australia cover how to create hybrid mobile apps, MongoDB NoSQL database implementations, and communicating with the client through a RESTful API. Our React Js Course in Australia will take you from the absolute basics all the way up to building sophisticated, scalable web applications. Lessons are administered via video lectures, readings, and quizzes. Additional content is also available.

              What are the Advantages of the React JS Certification Course in Australia from Edureka?

              Today's technologies and best practices are constantly changing and there is a significant increase in the demand for qualified candidates. Edureka's React JS certifications in Australia are key to your success. They can be added to your resume as a valuable addition to help you stand out from your peers. Over 1000 industry professionals have updated our training courses. More than 30 international training organizations have also recognized us as an official provider for React certification training in Australia.

              Is there any certificate for the React course in Australia?

              There is no standard certification for ReactJS in Australia. However, there are reputable and well-respected training providers that can provide React JS training in Australia. After passing the Edureka React training course, you will receive a signed certificate confirming your completion. Our alumni have used their certificate of completion to demonstrate their skills to their employers and networks. It's not just the certificate that matters, but the project-ready skills you'll have developed by working on real-world tasks that will make you stand out to top employers.

              How do I get certified as a React Developer in Australia?

              Since there are no standard React developer certification courses available in the market you can always opt for React Training in Australia from Edureka and become a ReactJS professional.

              What roles do companies typically offer to ReactJS developers in Australia?

              Following are the leading roles offered to React JS developers in Australia:

              • Frontend Developers

              • Web Developers

              • Full-Stack Developers

              What is the Average Payscale of React Developers in Australia?

              The average payscale of React developers in Australia can vary depending on factors such as experience, skill level, location, and the employing organization. However, React developers generally receive competitive salaries in the Australian job market. On average, a React developer in Australia can expect to earn between AUD 70,000 to AUD 110,000 per year, although senior-level positions or specialized roles can offer higher salaries.

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