Microsoft Azure Training in Rochester for AZ 305

Microsoft Azure Training in Rochester for AZ 305
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    Why enroll for Microsoft Azure Architect Certification Training in Rochester?

    pay scale by Edureka courseGartner estimates that the world's cloud-based public cloud market will expand by $182.4B from 2018 up to $331.2B by 2022, reaching a compound annual rate of growth (CAGR) of 12.6% -
    IndustriesIts average salary of "Cloud architect" is between $114,560 to $158,073 annually. -
    Average Salary growth by Edureka course3M, EY, Heineken, NBC Sports, Citrix, UST Global, Mindtree, TCS, Wipro, Infosys, and many more MNCs around the world make use of Azure across all industries.

    Microsoft Azure Training Benefits in Rochester

    According to Forbes, the Microsoft Azure market will grow from $182.4B in 2018 to $331.2B in 2022, attaining a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.6%. Edureka Azure training will help you land in high-paying job & position as Azure Solutions Architect.
    Annual Salary
    Azure Architect average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Azure Architect?
    Annual Salary
    Azure Developer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Azure Architect?
    Annual Salary
    Azure Engineer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Azure Architect?

    Why Microsoft Azure Architect Certification Training from edureka in Rochester

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    Live Interactive Learning

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    Microsoft Azure Course Curriculum in Rochester

    Curriculum Designed by Experts

    The Microsoft Azure certification training course in Rochester is designed to prepare you for a successful career on the most popular Cloud Computing platform. The course will teach you how to manage the Azure infrastructure and its deployment. You'll also learn how Windows Azure can be used for building, managing, and deploying applications, etc., to become an Azure Administrator certified. The Azure online course in Rochester aligns with Microsoft certification. You will gain in-depth knowledge about Azure. Our institute has highly qualified and proficient trainers who have worked in top IT companies. This is why our institute is known as the best Azure Training Institute in Rochester.

    Introduction to Microsoft Azure and Its Services

    7 Topics


    • Azure Subscriptions
    • Azure Resources
    • Azure Free Tier Account
    • Azure Resource Manager
    • Azure Resource Manager Template
    • Azure Storage
    • Types of Azure Storage

    skillHands On:

    • Create a free tier Azure account
    • Create a web app service using Azure Portal
    • Create and Deploy ARM templates
    • Manage Azure Storage account
    • Manage Azure Cost and Billing

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Creating ARM templates
    • Accessing Azure Storage Service
    • Azure Cost and Billing Services

    Azure Virtual Machines and Networking

    7 Topics


    • Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machine
    • Virtual Machines in ARM Template
    • Overview of Azure Virtual Machine
    • Azure Managed Disks
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Networking in Azure
    • Subnets, NIC, NSG, IP Addresses, DNS

    skillHands On:

    • Create Windows and LINUX Virtual Machines
    • Create BLOB Storage using Azure Portal
    • Create VM with Storage Account and Managed Disks
    • Configure Azure Virtual Network

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Creating Azure Virtual Machines
    • Accessing Azure Blobs
    • Configuring Azure Virtual Networks

    Azure VMSS and Availability Zones

    10 Topics


    • Resiliency
    • Azure Availability Sets
    • Azure Availability Zone
    • Autoscaling
    • Virtual Machine Scale Set
    • Fault Domain
    • Update Domain
    • Load Balancer
    • Application Gateway
    • Azure Disk Encryption


    • Create a Virtual Machine Scale Set
    • Configure VMSS and add custom usage alerts
    • Configure VM for Redundancy
    • Create Application Gateway

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Scale your VM using AutoScaling
    • Providing high availability with Azure Load Balancer
    • Managing traffic using Azure Application Gateway

    Azure App Services and Its Features

    10 Topics


    • Azure App Service Web Apps
    • App Service Security
    • Serverless Computing Concepts
    • Function Apps
    • Azure Event Grid
    • Azure Service Bus
    • Azure App Service Logic App
    • Using Shell Commands to create a Web App
    • Background Tasks
    • Swagger tool

    skillHands On:

    • Create an App Service Plan
    • Create a Web App Instance
    • Use shell commands to create an App Service Web App
    • Create a Continuous WebJob

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Deploying and Managing Web Apps
    • App Service Security
    • Define compute resources using Azure App Service Plan

    Advanced Azure Hybrid Connectivity and Site Recovery

    13 Topics


    • Hybrid Connectivity
    • VNet S2S VPN
    • VNet Peering
    • VNet Peering
    • Azure VPN Gateway
    • Policy-Based Gateway
    • Route Based Gateway
    • Swagger tool
    • Gateway Connections
    • Express Route
    • VNet Routing
    • User-Defined Route
    • Border Gateway Protocol

    skillHands On:

    • Create a Virtual Network Gateway
    • Design User Defined Routes
    • Migrate On-Premise Machines to Azure using Azure Site Recovery

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Accessing the app with Azure Hybrid Connectivity
    • Connect multiple networks using VNet Peering
    • Connecting networks via VPN Gateway

    Azure Storage Solution and Design Patterns

    9 Topics


    • Azure Architecture Center
    • Cloud design patterns
    • Cache-aside pattern
    • Sharding Pattern
    • Azure SQL DB
    • Azure Elastic Pool
    • Azure Data Lakes
    • Azure Data Factory
    • Azure Cosmos DB

    skillHands On:

    • Create and Deploy Azure Data Lake
    • Create and Deploy Azure Cosmos DB

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Cloud design patterns
    • Manage Database using Azure SQL DB
    • Create Azure Cosmos DB
    • Deploy Azure Data Lakes

    Azure Kubernetes Service

    9 Topics


    • Application Environment Components
    • Docker
    • DockerFile
    • Docker Image
    • Docker Image
    • Azure Container Registry
    • Azure Container Instance
    • Orchestration
    • Azure Kubernetes Service
    • Diagnostics Logs

    skillHands On:

    • Create and Deploy Docker Image from DockerFile
    • Deploy an Application in ACI
    • Deploy an Application in AKS

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Manage microservices and containers using Azure Service Fabric
    • Kubernetes Service (AKS) in Azure.

    Azure Active Directory and Role-Based Access Control

    14 Topics


    • Access Control
    • Role-Based Access Control
    • Authentication in applications (certificates, Azure AD, Azure AD Connect, token-based)
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    • Claims-based authorization
    • Role-based access control (RBAC) authorization
    • End-to-end encryption
    • Azure confidential computing
    • SSL and TLS communications
    • Azure Key Vault
    • Configure Fraud alerts
    • Bypass option trusted IPs
    • Managed Service Identity
    • Service Principal authentication

    skillHands On:

    • Implement authentication using certificates, Azure AD, Azure AD Connect, and tokens
    • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    • Implement Claims-based authorization
    • Implement RBAC authorization
    • Implement secure data for end-to-end encryption
    • Implement secure data for implementing SSL and TLS communications.
    • Use Azure Key Vault to manage cryptographic keys

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Access Azure resources using Access Control
    • Role-Based Access Control
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    • Azure Key Vault
    • SSL and TLS communications.

    Azure Messaging Service (Events, Hubs, Queue, and Bus)

    7 Topics


    • Azure Messaging Service
    • Azure Service Bus
    • Azure Events Hub
    • Azure Events Grid
    • Azure Notifications Hub
    • Auto Scale Ruling in Azure
    • Transient Fault Handling

    skillHands On:

    • Create a Service Bus Queue
    • Deploy Service Bus Topics and Subscriptions
    • Design and Implement Azure Service Bus
    • Enable Auto Scale based on CPU Metrics Or Schedule
    • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Azure Messaging Service
    • Azure Service Bus
    • Create apps for Autoscaling

    Azure Monitoring and Insights Service

    8 Topics


    • Azure Monitoring
    • Azure Analytics
    • Azure Alerts
    • Azure Resource Metrics
    • Azure Activity Log
    • Service Health
    • Azure Log Analytics
    • Azure App Insights

    skillHands On:

    • Create and Deploy Alert Rules for Azure Resources
    • Analyze the data in your metric database
    • Create and Configure Azure Log Analytics
    • Deploy Azure App Insights Service

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Azure Alerts and Metrics services.
    • Edit and run log queries using Azure Log Analytics
    • Azure Activity Log
    • Monitor health using Azure Service Health

    Design Identity & Security & Design Storage

    10 Topics


    • Authorization and Authentication
    • Authorization and Authentication Protocols
    • Azure AD B2B B2C
    • Security and Risk Management
    • PIM
    • Licensing & Compliance
    • Understanding Azure Storage
    • Setting Up Azure Storage
    • Designing Storage Access
    • Storage Security and Best Practices

    skillHands On:

    • OpenID & OAuth2
    • Conditional Access
    • Storage Account Creation and Shared Access Signatures

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Manage access to resources in your organization using PIM
    • Licensing & Compliance
    • Designing Storage Access

    Design Azure Migration

    4 Topics


    • Design Migration & Integration Strategy
    • Understand Data Protection at Different Stages
    • Migration Fundamentals
    • Azure Services for Migration

    skillHands On:

    • Migration and Access Using Azure Migrate

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Data Migration
    • Providing a central Hub for migration with Azure Migrate

    Design Monitoring (Self-Paced)

    13 Topics


    • Introduction to Design for Cost Optimization
    • Azure Cost Calculator and Azure Cost Management
    • Minimize Compute Costs
    • Minimize Network Costs
    • Minimize Storage Costs
    • What should be your Monitoring Strategy
    • What is Compliance
    • What should be the Compliance Strategy
    • Understand the Azure Monitoring Service
    • Azure Application Insights
    • Azure Monitor - Use Cases
    • Achieving Compliance with Azure Policy
    • Azure Sentinel

    skillHands On:

    • Managing Cost using Azure Cost Management

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Azure Cost Calculator
    • Azure Cost Management
    • Azure Monitoring Service
    • Threat response using Azure Sentinel

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    Microsoft Azure Training in Rochester Description

    Our Microsoft Azure course structure is designed to meet current industry standards. Our Microsoft Azure course in Rochester will teach you core Microsoft Azure concepts and tools. This will allow you to gain multi-skills in Microsoft Azure and be unique in the job market. Learn Microsoft Azure quickly at the best Microsoft Azure institute in Rochester and achieve a promising career path quickly. Both beginners and professionals can benefit from our Microsoft Azure classes in Rochester. This best Microsoft Azure training in Rochester will have you working on real-time assignments and projects that can have huge implications in real-world industries. This will help you accelerate your career.

    What is Azure Certification (AZ 305)?

    The AZ 305 exam is considered an important test for becoming an Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Candidates who want to earn certification for the Azure Solution Architect Certification should have knowledge of the creation of cloud and hybrid solutions made with Microsoft Azure, including computing storage, network monitoring, and security, designing and implementing Azure solutions architecture according to Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework. The duties of this role include providing assistance to the stakeholders as well as developing business requirements into design concepts to create secure strong, adaptable Azure Solutions. Anyone who can be certified to take this AZ 305 certification must possess vast knowledge and experience in IT operations, including the use of networks, virtualization and identities security backup and disaster recovery, data platforms, and governance.

      What are the prerequisites for taking up this Microsoft AZ 305 Azure Certification Training?

      Candidates taking this AZ 305 Azure Architecture certification exam are required to possess IT operational experience and expertise in the use of virtualization, networking identity, security, business continuity backup, and recovery of data and governance.

        How different is the AZ 305 exam from the AZ 303 & 304 exams?

        Microsoft is reimaging the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification by replacing the AZ-303 and AZ-304 with the single AZ-305 exam. To address the overlap between AZ-104 (Azure Administrator Associate) and AZ-303/AZ-304, Microsoft gathered feedback on these exams and decided to make AZ-104 a prerequisite and combine AZ-303 and AZ-304 into a single certification exam AZ-305. The AZ-305 exam is a brand-new exam that suggests it's an updated exam that suggests the exam has been significantly altered and suggests that over a quarter of exam content has been altered. The change in exam numbers is Microsoft's method to let exam candidates know that exam contents have been modified and they must prepare themselves in line with the new requirements.

          What is the passing score for the AZ 305 exam?

          In order to clear the AZ-305 examination, you need to get a score of 700. Once you enroll in this Azure course, our experienced instructors will help you score well in the upcoming exam.

            What will I learn in Edureka’s Azure certification course?

            After enrolling with our Azure Certification courses, the participants will learn followings:
            • Manage Azure Subscriptions, Resources, Storage and Server Migration
            • Deploy, Manage and Monitor Virtual Machines and Configure Virtual Networks
            • Manage and Secure Identities in Azure
            • Implement and Manage Application Services and PaaS
            • Design Storage, Security, Cost, Integration & Migration for Azure Cloud

            Who should go for this Microsoft Azure training?

            Candidates taking up the AZ 305 exam must have a solid background and know-how about IT operations, which includes networking virtualization, identity, security business continuity, catastrophe recovery, platforms for data, and governance. Professionals in this field must oversee how their decisions affect the overall solution in each area. Additionally, they must be familiar with Azure management, Azure development, and DevOps methods.
            • Following are those who can go for this best online Azure training:
            • Developers/IT Administrators who already have knowledge of Azure Cloud
            • Professionals who are planning to attain Microsoft Azure Solution Architect certification – Expert Badge
            • Cloud Evangelists
            • Professionals with an IT Infrastructure background
            • DevOps professionals
            • IT Professionals who are planning to become Azure Solution Architects

            What are the benefits of AZ 305 MS Azure certification?

            Mentioned below are the top Microsoft AZ 305 Azure Certification benefits:
            • The AZ-305 certification will make you a certified professional with a complete understanding of the subject matter of Azure role and responsibility.
            • It allows you to get more raises and also attract lucrative offers in your job.
            • Upgrading your profile with this certificate will benefit your career by increasing your odds of being selected for the job.
            • In addition, it can help you earn recognition within your organization.
            • With 19% of market shares and constant advancement, Microsft tends to bloom and consequently, the need for Expert Azure Solution Architect will be able to witness enormous growth.

            What next after I’ve earned the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate Certification?

            Once you’ve earned the Azure Administrator Associate Certification, you are halfway through becoming an Azure Solution Architect Expert. As the next step, you will have to prepare and clear the AZ-305 exam to earn the Azure certification.

              Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Certification Project in Rochester

               certification projects

              Industry: Information and technology

              Streamatics is an organization involved in processing data and performing analytics.As the on-premise resources are getting migrated to Azure, the organization is expecting negli....

              Microsoft Azure Certification in Rochester

              Candidates for this Microsoft Azure certification should have at least 6 months of hands-on work experience in managing Azure. They must have a thorough understanding of Azure's primary features and the workloads it supports, security, and governance. Microsoft Azure training can allow you to participate in projects based around the field to allow you to gain knowledge. With this Azure course and our instructor, you'll be able to to take your exam and earn the title of Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate with a reputable company.

              • Review the Microsoft Skills Outline
              • Invest in an Microsoft Azure online training to help walk you through what’s going to be on the Exam
              • Set up your Azure subscription to familiarize yourself with Azure services covered in the exam
              • Learn more details with the Microsoft Documentation
              • Take practice tests 
              The role-based Azure certifications expire in two years. Your certificate will always appear on your official Microsoft transcript but will be listed in a separate section from your active credentials.
              To prepare yourself for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam, you can go through the 12-module Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Learning Path self-study Azure course provided by Microsoft that helps you get the basic knowledge required to pass that exam. One can also go for the reputed Azure training online and learn from certified experts.
              The Azure Fundamentals exam (AZ 305) duration is 85 Minutes.
              The passing score for the AZ 305 exam is 700.
              You'll receive your pass or fail score within a few minutes after the conclusion of the exam. Also, you'll be provided with a summary that includes your exam score and feedback about your performance in the assessed areas. You'll wait for about 30 minutes to get an authentic result. The exam delivery service will deliver your results to Microsoft within 24 hours.
              The syllabus to clear the Microsoft AZ-305 exam includes Azure Fundamentals, Azure Services, Azure Monitoring, and Azure Security. When you've grasped the fundamentals of the subject, you'll be able to work on the Azure course taken by Edureka. Finally, it's essential to practice for the exam with mock tests. They're great sources that can assist you in passing the exam in the first attempt.
              The AZ 305 exam is available in English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Spanish, German, and French.
              Yes, Edureka assists with the AZ 305 exam application process.
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              Azure Training in Rochester FAQs

              What exactly is the Microsoft Azure AZ 305 certification and what can it be used for?

              The exam is known as the exam AZ-305. The exam replaces the previous AZ-304 exam which expired on March 31st, 2022. The exam is one of Microsoft's roles-based certification programs. It tests skills across four study areas. This is the way we will cover the four areas covered in this course of study. First, we'll create Azure identity monitoring as well as governance and identity solutions. Then, we'll show you how to develop solutions to store data. In the next part, you'll learn how to develop solutions to ensure business continuity. In the final portion, we'll talk about the creation of solutions for infrastructure.

              What are the different Azure certifications I could obtain?

              If you're looking for Microsoft Azure jobs, you may want to think about getting Azure certifications. There are many Azure certifications that are able to be earned, such as the certification directly offered by Microsoft and the following:

              • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
              • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate
              • Microsoft Certified: Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty

              There are also additional Microsoft Azure certifications that you can obtain through organizations that offer workshops and further training for those who are interested in using Azure. They offer Microsoft Azure certifications ranging from basic certifications that can assist professionals to get their foot into the door, and up to advanced level certifications, which allow you to advance through the career ladder in the technology industry.

              The Azure certifications come in a variety of degrees of complexity. For example, if you seek an entry-level job, you should take an exam for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification. There are also Associate level certifications, and then professional and specialized certificates too.

              How do I become a Microsoft Certified Azure Architect Associate?

              In order to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Architect Associate, You must pass the Microsoft Azure AZ 305 exam. Microsoft has released an exam guide that includes exam information that will help you comprehend the competencies you will need to learn in Azure.

              Edureka's Best Azure Training in Rochester is designed in accordance with the most current exam guide provided by Microsoft. It will help you pass the exam and also helps you get ready for your job by taking you through various real-life tasks, assignments, as well as case studies that are based on industry and are overseen by an Azure Solutions Architect expert in the day-to-day activities.

              What is the time taken to earn Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-305 certification?

              It's based on the expertise brought to your table. If you're already working with Azure, getting ready for the certification will take about one or two months. If you're a novice to Azure, it'll take about 5 to 6 months to learn all the concepts and become certified.

              What other courses are provided by Edureka in Cloud Computing technology?

              Edureka provides a variety of Cloud Computing certification training such as Google Cloud Computing, Microservices, OpenStack, AWS, Salesforce, and the Azure masters program.

              How can I prepare myself for taking up the Microsoft Azure Architect exam?

              To be able to pass the Microsoft Azure Architect exam will require you to be proficient in all abilities listed in the official plan of the exam that is provided by Microsoft. There are a few areas to be learned, including the management of Azure accounts and governance, the implementation and management of storage as well as managing and deploying Azure compute resources, setting up and managing virtual networking as well as monitoring and backup of Azure resources.

              We are glad for you that Edureka is here to assist you with this difficult job. The Azure training institute in Rochester is not just fully aligned with the official curriculum provided by Microsoft but also delivers with the help of Certified Azure Solutions Architects, with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

              How can I prepare for Microsoft Azure Certification?

              It is essential to begin by understanding the areas you'll need to master in Azure. Azure is massive, however not every service offered in Azure has to be studied to be Certified. Microsoft has published its official exam guide to the types of questions that will be asked during Azure Certification exams.

              You can do it on your own or with Edureka! We can help you on your quest. The Azure course in Rochester is completely aligned with Microsoft's official exam guide and is taught by expert experts in the industry who are certified and working on Azure. Azure domain.

              Does Edureka offer any free resources along with this Azure course in Rochester?

              If you're seeking free resources for Azure check out our blog on Azure tutorial, and Azure Interview Questions.

              Do I have the option of taking Microsoft Azure exams online?

              It is true that Microsoft offers online exams. However, it's dependent on the region that you live in. Visit the official website for Microsoft exams to set up your exam. Before you can schedule your exam online you'll be required to confirm that your system is in compliance with the requirements set forth by Microsoft. The most important requirements are an internet connection that is stable and the permissions on your system that allow sharing the screen, a functioning microphone, and a webcam. There is more information about Microsoft Azure certification on the official site.

              How many times can you take an Azure Cloud Certification exam?

              You can take a given Azure cloud certification exam 5 times a year. After exhausting the limit of 5 attempts, you can retake only after the completion of 12 months from the date of exhaustion of the 5th attempt.

              What are the best companies that will hire certified Azure cloud solution architects?

              According to Glassdoor information, the following are the top firms who are looking to get Azure certified:

              • Microsoft
              • Accenture
              • IBM
              • Oracle
              • Amazon
              • SAP
              • VMware

              What is the path to a career and possibilities after you have learned Azure?

              Azure is the second-largest cloud provider in the marketplace. Whatever cloud-related job you search for on any job site, 70 to 80% percent of the applicants will include Azure as a skill set in the job description. Once you master Azure and get the certification, simply updating your resume could allow you to apply for a variety of cloud-based positions.

              In terms of talking about the progression of your career, Azure has many levels of certification and Azure administrator associates from the beginning. The goal after becoming an Azure professional must be to have at minimum, two years experience in this field and then discover more about cloud-based platforms.

              What other courses does Edureka provide on Azure technology?

              Apart from AZ 305, Edureka also provides AZ 104, AZ 204, AZ 400, and the Azure masters program.

              What Microsoft Azure certification best fits your needs? Which Microsoft Azure certification is the most appropriate for a Solution Architect?

              Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect expert-level examination AZ300 is designed for this job. If you're planning to become a cloud solution architect then obtaining the Microsoft Azure certification would be the best option.

              Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect expert-level examination AZ300 is designed for this job. If you're planning to become a cloud solution architect then obtaining the Microsoft Azure certification would be the best option.

              You won't miss out on any of the Azure online training in Edureka! You have the option of choosing one of the two options below:
              • Access the recorded sessions of the class in your LMS.
              • You are able to attend the missing training session in another live training session.

              Join us now for the Microsoft Azure Architect course in Rochester and you will never miss any class.

              Do I have questions following my completion of the Microsoft Azure training in Rochester?

              Our Support Team is a lifetime and is available 24 hours a day. Our team will assist you to resolve any issues, both during and after your training. Take advantage of any Azure Certification courses. Azure Certification courses and put all your questions before us even after you have completed the training.

              What will be my salary after I become a certified Azure cloud architect?

              Based on the Payscale data, based upon 9 salary figures for mid-career workers, a Solutions architect makes an average total salary of Rs.1,575,000. This includes bonuses, tips, and overtime. On the basis of 19 salary figures a certified Solutions Architect earns an average total salary of Rs. 2,125,000.

              Who are the instructors of the Azure cloud training in Rochester?

              Our instructors are all working professionals in the Industry employed in top companies and have actual experience with Azure. These experienced individuals educated by Edureka offer Azure architect courses in order to give you a fantastic learning experience.

              When do I gain access to Microsoft Azure certification Learning Content?

              Following enrollment, the LMS login will be immediately given to you. It will be accessible for the duration of your life. You'll be able to access the entire set of class recordings from the past as well as PDFs, PPTs, and assignments. In addition access to our 24/7 helpline will be available immediately. Start learning immediately.

              Is the Azure course content available to students when Microsoft Azure training in Rochester is completed?

              Yes, access to the course materials will be accessible for life after you've completed the training. Make sure to sign up now for the Microsoft Azure Architect certification course and take advantage of lifelong access to training materials.

              What are the top cities/countries where Edureka offers the instructor-led Azure cloud certification training online?

              With a global presence, the following are some of the top cities and countries we offer the training online:

              Do I get help with placement after completing this Microsoft Azure Training in Rochester?

              Over 70% of Edureka learners have reported changes to their job profile (promotion) and work location (onsite) and lateral transfers and new job opportunities. Edureka's Azure certification in Rochester is widely recognized within the IT sector as it's an acknowledgment of the rigorous and practical training you've completed and the real-world projects you've delivered. Take the Microsoft Azure Architect Training and receive better assistance with placement like none other.

              Are there any demo sessions in this Azure Training Institute in Rochester before enrolment?

              If you've seen one of our class recordings You don't have to explore further. An enrollment process is a contract between you and us in which you agree to be a great learner, and we will offer you the most effective environment to learn in. Sessions are an integral element of your learning experience and are based on the principles of knowledgeable and supportive instructors, committed Personal Learning Managers, as well as interactions with your classmates. You will learn more than you would from a demonstration. Whatever the case you're covered under the Edureka Guarantee. There is no need to ask questions, and a 100% return policy.

              How do we know the future of Microsoft Azure?

              Microsoft is the second-largest cloud service provider on the market. It was first introduced in the year 2012 and has grown at a rapid rate since. According to a report by Forbes Microsoft, Azure revenues increased by 50% from year to year during the second quarter of the fiscal year 2021. Cloud technology has been taking the IT world to the forefront. It is estimated that more than 70% of IT firms utilize the Cloud in some form or another, and this trend is expected to increase over the next few years. This means that there's going to be a severe shortage of Cloud specialists in the next few years. Therefore, get ready and get ready. If you don't have the Microsoft Azure certification, then now is the time to do it.

              Do you think it is worth taking these AZ 303 and AZ 304 certifications?

              The Azure solution architect designation is among the most sought-after designations for businesses moving their current workloads into the cloud. As more and more organizations are embracing Microsoft Azure, the scope of skilled Azure solution architects is growing. The AZ 303 and AZ 304 certifications can provide you with the best career options in the marketplace.

              How much will the Azure AZ 305 certification cost?

              The Microsoft Azure Training cost $165 USD plus tax and Rs 4800 plus tax. You can pay the fee via the Microsoft site to book the exam. The cost of the exam may differ depending on the country.

              What is the cost of taking the Azure AZ 305 exam?

              It is an Azure certification, AZ 305 exam costs $165 USD. The exam examines your abilities to complete technical tasks like developing solutions for governance and identity, as well as solutions for storage of data as well as creating solutions for continuity of business; and constructing infrastructure solutions.

              What is the Azure certification cost in Rochester, India and in other countries?

              With a global presence, the followings are the certification prices Edureka offers in other top countries:




              ₹20,695 INR


              $449 USD


              £341 GB


              $449 USD


              $593 USD


              $584 USD


              $611 USD

              Is Edureka’s Microsoft Azure Certifications accredited?

              Yes, Edureka is a Microsoft Partner, and all the Azure online courses are accredited by Microsoft.

              What is the Avg Salary range for Azure Solution Architect in various countries?

              Once you become the Azure solution architect expert, followings are the salaries you can expect in across the countries:






























              AED 71,000 

              AED 304,562

              AED 532,000

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