How to click button selenium python?

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I'm trying to click on a dropdown button but it isn't working for me.

    <button class="size-grid-dropdown size-grid-button" data-qa="size-dropdown">EU 44</button>

What I'm using:


I get the error:

    selenium.common.exceptions.ElementNotInteractableException: Message: element not interactable
  (Session info: chrome=75.0.3770.52)

When I'm using:

    element = WebDriverWait(driver,20).until(EC.presence_of_element_located((By.XPATH, '//*        [@id="root"]/div/div/div[1]/div/div[3]/div[2]/div/section[1]/div[2]/aside/div/div[2]/div/div[2]/ul/li[11]/button"]')))

I get the error:

        raise TimeoutException(message, screen, stacktrace)
selenium.common.exceptions.TimeoutException: Message:

Can someone help me? I dont know what I'm doing wrong

May 25 in Selenium by A
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Try something like this, it worked for me:

from selenium import webdriver
from import Select
select = Select(driver.find_element_by_id('type id here'))
answered May 27 by Omkar
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Have you tried using implicit_wait method before getting the webpage? You can use this line before calling driver.get() method:


You can also use this method before calling driver.find_element_by_xpath():

answered May 27 by Abha
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