Tableau Training Course in Bangalore

Tableau Training Course in Bangalore
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    Live Online Classes starting on 25th May 2024
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    Why enroll for Tableau Certification Training Course in Bangalore?

    pay scale by Edureka courseThe average salary of Tableau Professionals in Bangalore is INR 12,00,000 per year- Glassdoor
    Industries700+ Tableau jobs are available in Bangalore - LinkedIn
    Average Salary growth by Edureka courseCompanies hiring Tableau Professionals in Bangalore are Accenture, CGI, Infosys, Luxoft and many more.

    Tableau Training Course Benefits in Bangalore

    The overall Tableau services market is projected to reach US$ 2,183.2 by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 13.6% from 2022 โ€“ 28. Its current market value evaluation for the year 2022 reached up to US$ 1,016.5. Edureka will help you land a high-paying job as a Tableau Certified Professional.
    Annual Salary
    Tableau Consultant average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Tableau Consultant?
    Annual Salary
    Tableau Analyst average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Tableau Consultant?
    Annual Salary
    Tableau Developer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Tableau Consultant?
    Annual Salary
    Business Intelligence Developer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Tableau Consultant?

    Why Tableau Certification Training Course from edureka in Bangalore

    Live Interactive Learning

    Live Interactive Learning

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    Lifetime Access

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    Hands-On Project Based Learning

    Hands-On Project Based Learning

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    Industry Recognised Certification

    Industry Recognised Certification

    • Edureka Training Certificate
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    About your Tableau Certification Training Course

    Tableau Skills Covered in Bangalore

    • skillData comprehension
    • skillTableau Statistics
    • skillAnalytical and Visualization
    • skillEffective Storytelling
    • skillAnalyze data for Decision Making
    • skillArithmetic logical LOD calculations

    Tableau Tools Covered in Bangalore

    • Tableau Desktop
    • Tableau Online
    • Tableau Public

    Tableau Course Curriculum in Bangalore

    Curriculum Designed by Experts

    Edureka's Tableau course in Bangalore is designed by industry experts to give you a thorough understanding of the Tableau software uses and best practices. The curriculum of the Tableau Training in Bangalore includes the following concepts: An introduction to Data Visualization In-depth study of Visual Analytics Knowledge of mapping and calculation Understanding dashboard and stories using Tableau Developing unique and creative charts

    Data Preparation using Tableau Prep

    9 Topics


    • Data Visualization
    • Business Intelligence tools
    • Introduction to Tableau
    • Tableau Architecture
    • Tableau Server Architecture
    • VizQL
    • Introduction to Tableau Prep
    • Tableau Prep Builder User Interface
    • Data Preparation techniques using Tableau Prep Builder tool


    • Build a data flow using the Tableau Prep Builder tool
    • Group and Replace feature using Tableau Prep Builder tool
    • Pivoting data using the Tableau Prep Builder tool
    • Aggregate data using the Tableau Prep Builder tool
    • Perform Unions and Joins using the Tableau Prep Builder tool

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Data Visualization and Tableau tool

    Data Connection with Tableau Desktop

    7 Topics


    • Features of Tableau Desktop
    • Connect to data from File and Database
    • Types of Connections
    • Joins and Unions
    • Data Blending
    • Tableau Desktop User Interface
    • Basic project: Create a workbook and publish it


    • Joins using Tableau Desktop
    • Data Blending feature within Tableau
    • Create a Workbook and publish it over Tableau Online
    • Save a workbook in different formats

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Using Joins on Datasets
    • Connections in Tableau
    • Data Blending
    • Creating a workbook

    Basic Visual Analytics

    9 Topics


    • Visual Analytics
    • Basic Charts: Bar Chart, Line Chart, and Pie Chart
    • Hierarchies
    • Data Granularity
    • Highlighting
    • Sorting
    • Filtering
    • Grouping
    • Sets


    • Basic Charts in Tableau
    • Demonstrate Hierarchies, Data Granularity, and Highlighting features in Tableau
    • Perform Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping techniques in Tableau
    • Sets in Tableau

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Creating Visuals
    • Build Hierarchies
    • Learn to Sort, Highlight, Filter, and Group Data

    Calculations in Tableau

    6 Topics


    • Types of Calculations
    • Built-in Functions (Number, String, Date, Logical and Aggregate)
    • Operators and Syntax Conventions
    • Table Calculations
    • Level Of Detail (LOD) Calculations
    • Using R within Tableau for Calculations


    • Demonstrate calculations using Built-in Functions in Tableau
    • Perform Quick Table and Level Of Detail (LOD) calculations in Tableau
    • Installing R and establishing connection with R within Tableau

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Creating various types of calculations
    • Functions in Tableau
    • Creating Table Calculations
    • Use R in Tableau

    Advanced Visual Analytics

    6 Topics


    • Parameters
    • Tool tips
    • Trend lines
    • Reference lines
    • Forecasting
    • Clustering


    • Demonstrate Parameters in Calculations
    • Perform Data Visualization using Trend lines, Forecasting and Clustering feature in Tableau
    • In-class Project 1- Domain: Media & Entertainment Industry

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Demonstrate Parameters
    • Use Tooltips in Visualization

    Level Of Detail (LOD) Expressions In Tableau

    6 Topics


    • Use Case I - Count Customer by Order
    • Use Case II - Profit per Business Day
    • Use Case III - Comparative Sales
    • Use Case IV - Profit Vs Target
    • Use Case V - Finding the second order date
    • Use Case VI - Cohort Analysis


    • All the use cases are Hands-on intensive

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Use different visuals in different scenarios

    Geographic Visualizations in Tableau

    8 Topics


    • Introduction to Geographic Visualizations
    • Manually assigning Geographical Locations
    • Types of Maps
    • Spatial Files
    • Custom Geocoding
    • Polygon Maps
    • Web Map Services
    • Background Images


    • Create a Map and assign Geographic locations to the fields
    • Demonstrate how to create a Map from a Spatial file
    • Learn how to create a Filled Map, Symbol Map, and a Density Map
    • Perform Custom Geocoding in Maps
    • Build a Polygon Map
    • Establish connection with the WMS Server

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Using Geographic Maps

    Advanced Charts in Tableau

    12 Topics


    • Box and Whiskerโ€™s Plot
    • Bullet Chart
    • Bar in Bar Chart
    • Gantt Chart
    • Waterfall Chart
    • Pareto Chart
    • Control Chart
    • Funnel Chart
    • Bump Chart
    • Step and Jump Lines
    • Word Cloud
    • Donut Chart


    • All the above charts have Hands-on

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Advanced charts

    Dashboards and Stories

    8 Topics


    • Introduction to Dashboards
    • The Dashboard Interface
    • Dashboard Objects
    • Building a Dashboard
    • Dashboard Layouts and Formatting
    • Interactive Dashboards with actions
    • Designing Dashboards for devices
    • Story Points


    • Demonstrate how to add objects to a Dashboard
    • Build a simple Dashboard (using Layouts and Formatting features)
    • Create Interactive Dashboards using actions
    • Learn to create a Dashboard for devices using Device Designer
    • Build Stories with Dashboards
    • In-class Project 2- Domain: Retail Industry

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Objects in Dashboard
    • Interactive Dashboard

    Get Industry Ready

    5 Topics


    • Tableau Tips and Tricks
    • Choosing the right type of Chart
    • Format Style
    • Data Visualization best practices
    • Prepare for Tableau Interview


    • Hands-on experience on various tips and tricks with Tableau
    • In-class Industry Grade Major Project-Domain: Transportation Industry

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Prepare Industry Level Project

    Exploring Tableau Online

    7 Topics


    • Publishing Workbooks to Tableau Online
    • Interacting with Content on Tableau Online
    • Data Management through Tableau Catalog
    • AI-Powered features in Tableau Online (Ask Data and Explain Data)
    • Understand Scheduling
    • Managing Permissions on Tableau Online
    • Data Security with Filters in Tableau Online


    • Publishing Workbooks to Tableau Online
    • Interacting with Content on Tableau Online
    • Managing permissions on Tableau Online
    • Data security using User-based and Row-level filters

    skillSkills You will Learn:

    • Publish Workbooks
    • Interact Content
    • Data Management and Permissions

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    Tableau Training in Bangalore Description

    This Tableau training in Bangalore helps learners to grasp the fundamentals of filters, graphs, parameters maps, table calculations. Innovatively creating charts to present the data in a clear manner will also be part of the training. The Tableau course in Bangalore concentrates upon Tableau Desktop and integration of government data with R as well as Big Data. Through the Tableau Training in Bangalore it is possible to get an employment with the top companies such as Facebook, Dell, KPMG, Accenture, and more with their headquarters in Bangalore.

    What will Participants Learn in Tableau Training in Bangalore?

    Edureka's Tableau Training in Bangalore is designed to help you become a successful Tableau Professional. During this course, our expert instructors will train you to
    • Gain an understanding of how data can be transformed by cleaning, splitting, pivoting, and merging techniques.
    • Understand how to establish a connection with data and perform different data preparation steps for visualizing it.
    • Discover new ways of analyzing data through different features in-built within Tableau.
    • Build personalized, dynamic visualizations through parameters.
    • Create interactive dashboards using actions.
    • Explore good design practices for dashboards.
    • Learn How to publish and share dashboards and manage permissions to your published data.
    • Get extensive hands-on expertise on various tips and tricks with Tableau.

    What are the prerequisites for Tableau Training in Bangalore?

    There are no prerequisites as such for this Tableau training in Bangalore. However, prior knowledge of R language and basic concepts related to Data analytics and SQL will be helpful. To refresh your skills, you will get the following self-paced modules as prerequisites in your LMS.
    • R Programming
    • SQL Essentials

    Is this Tableau Training in Bangalore suitable for freshers?

    Yes, this Tableau Training in Bangalore is well suited for both freshers and experienced professionals.

      Who should take this Tableau Training in Bangalore?

      The Business Intelligence market is growing significantly across the world, and such a strong growth pattern followed by market demand is an excellent opportunity for the following IT Professionals.
      • Business Analysts
      • Data Analysts
      • Project Managers
      • Data Scientists
      • Statisticians and Analysts
      • Business Intelligence Managers

      Tableau Certification in Bangalore

      Upon successful completion of the Tableau Course in Bangalore, Edureka Provides the course completion certificate for Tableau, which is valid for a lifetime.

      To unlock the Edureka Tableau Course completion certificate, You must complete at least one entire session and finish the course as part of your Tableau Training in Bangalore by having a minimum score of 80% during the test.

      With your email address and mobile number, you can start enrolling in the Tableau Course in Bangalore through our website. You can utilize online payment options, such as Visa Credit or debit card, Master Card, American Express, etc. Before making the payment, verify the batch information
      Tableau Certification Training Cost in Bangalore is INR 17,795 (10% off).
      Once you achieve this, the Tableau Desktop Specialist title has no expiration. 
      Edureka Certification
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      with Grade X
      Sample IDNASignature
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      I'm glad to recommend Edureka to everyone out there to learn and practice the same at the same time. Learning was made simple and easy with a knowledg...
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      Bharat Poddar
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      Tableau Training in Bangalore FAQs

      What if I miss a Tableau training class in Bangalore?

      You will never miss a lecture at Edureka! You can choose either of the two options:

      • View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.
      • You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.
      Enroll now with our Tableau Training in Bangalore and never miss a class session.

      What is Tableau?

      Tableau is one of the powerful and rapidly growing data visualization tools used in the Business Intelligence industry. It simplifies and provides a pictorial representation of raw data into an understandable format without technical and coding knowledge.

      What if I have queries after I complete this Tableau eLearning course?

      Your access to the Support Team is for a lifetime and will be available 24/7. The team will help you in resolving queries, during and after the course. Get enrolled with Edureka's best Tableau training in Bangalore and get answered all your queries without any delay.

      How does a beginner learn Tableau?

      Tableau has become one of the most valuable technologies in demand. Edureka master program is designed by compiling an extensive course on Tableau for beginners, which will help you learn how to build visualizations, design dashboards, and organize data to make smarter business decisions. This Tableau Training in Bangalore will prepare you for the Tableau Desktop Certified Associate exam.

      How soon after Signing up would I get access to the Learning Content?

      Post-enrolment, the LMS access will be instantly provided to you and will be available for lifetime. You will be able to access the complete set of previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, assignments. Moreover the access to our 24x7 support team will be granted instantly as well. You can start learning right away. Get enroll with one of the best Tableau Training in Bangalore offered by Edureka and you will get all time access to the learning content.

      What are the advantages of learning Tableau?

      Benefits of learning Tableau are:

      • Users can quickly create interactive plots. 
      • Build interactive dashboards using a GUI. With Tableau, you can build interactive dashboards to empower your clients. 
      • Ability to use a scripting language like R and Python.
      • Tableau is a comparatively low-cost solution.
      • Tableau can handle a vast amount of data with ease.
      • There are various types of visualization options in Tableau that make implementation easy.

      What are the different Tableau certification levels?

      Tableau provides 5 different certifications. Here are those:

      • Desktop Specialist Certification
      • Desktop Certified Associate Certification
      • Desktop Certified Professional Certification
      • Server Certified Associate Certification
      • Server Certified Professional Certification
      • Tableau Data Analyst Certification

      How do I become a Tableau Developer in Bangalore?

      Find the steps to become a Tableau developer. 

      Step 1: Learn the Tableau fundamentals by enrolling in our Tableau Training in Bangalore.

      Step 2: Practice building in Tableau Desktop often. 
      Step 3: Create a public portfolio.

      Step 4: Get certified. There are three levels of desktop certification:
      • Tableau Desktop Specialist
      • Tableau Certified Associate
      • Tableau Certified Professional
      Before attempting certification, it's good to complete our course.
      Step 5: Apply for a job. 

      How will this Tableau Training in Bangalore help your career?

      Tableau is emerging as one of the hottest trends in the Business Intelligence market. The Data Visualization tool has been gaining popularity in various companies, and hence, the demand for Tableau experts is on the surge. We at Edureka offer the best Tableau Training in Bangalore with 12K+ satisfied learners.

      What is the Cost of the Tableau training in Bangalore?

      The cost of Tableau Training in Bangalore is INR 21,995.

      Why do I need to choose Edureka to learn Tableau in Bangalore?

      Edureka's Tableau Training in Bangalore provides instructor-led training from industry experts, lifetime access to self-paced learning, and real-life industry projects with multiple video lessons.

      What is the Average Salary of a Tableau Professional in Bangalore?

      According to Payscale, the Average Salary of a Tableau professional is โ‚น6,32,797 per year. 

      What are the Tableau job opportunities in Bangalore?

      Tableau qualified professionals have massive scope in financial and business capital Bangalore. There are many biggest companies in Bangalore, which increases the demand for Tableau professionals in Business intelligence and analytics. Earning a Tableau Training in Bangalore increases your chances of getting hired.

      What is the Tableau market trend in Bangalore?

      Bangalore is India's commercial and financial powerhouse contributing over 20% of the national GDP. It is a place for half of the largest companies in India. These companies range across the industrial scope like banking, financial, media, technology, tourism, entertainment, hospitality, automobile, aerospace, and more. Thus, the Tableau market trend in Bangalore is unlike any other in India.

      Can Edureka provide a Tableau Training near me in Bangalore?

      Tableau Training in Bangalore can be accessed from any locality in Bengaluru, such as Marathahalli, Koramangala, BTM Layout, Jayanagar, Sarjapur, Vijaynagar, Whitefield, HSR Layout, Indira Nagar, Electronic City, Richmond Town, Hebbal, Bellandur, Rajajinagar, or anywhere. 

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