Selenium Certification Training Course in New York City

Selenium Certification Training Course in New York City
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    Why enroll for Selenium Training in New York City?

    pay scale by Edureka courseAutomation Testing Market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.0% in the next three years.
    IndustriesThe average salary of a Selenium Test Automation Engineer is $94k per year -
    Average Salary growth by Edureka courseSelenium supports different Operating Systems and Programming Languages which makes it the most desired Automation Testing tool.

    Selenium Testing Course Benefits in New York City

    Rising adoption of cutting-edge technologies, mobile, and web-based applications with various form factors is creating demand for selenium automated testing solutions thereby creating huge opportunities for selenium testing engineers. Selenium automated testing solutions provide a host of benefits such as increased productivity through minimal human intervention and fasten the time to market software products which will propel the market in the coming years.
    Annual Salary
    Automation Test Analyst average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Automation Test Analyst?
    Annual Salary
    Selenium Tester average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Automation Test Analyst?
    Annual Salary
    Selenium Automation Engineer average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Automation Test Analyst?

    Why Selenium Training from edureka in New York City

    Live Interactive Learning

    Live Interactive Learning

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    Lifetime Access

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    Hands-On Project Based Learning

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    Industry Recognised Certification

    Industry Recognised Certification

    • Edureka Training Certificate
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    About your Selenium Training

    6+ Skills Covered in Selenium Course in New York City

    • skillCore Java
    • skill Web Automation
    • skillHandling Browser
    • skillWebsite Testing
    • skillAutomate Data Operations
    • skillSelenium WebDriver

    7+ Tools Covered in Selenium Training in New York City

    • Selenium
    • Eclipse
    • TestNG
    • Maven
    • Jenkins
    • Log4j
    • Cucumber

    Selenium Course Syllabus in New York City

    Curriculum Designed by Experts


    Java Basics Refresher

    17 Topics


    • Why Java?
    • Need for Java
    • Platform Independence in Java
    • Explain Java Program Structure and Naming Convention
    • Java Data Types and Variables and Output Statement
    • Basic Operators in Java
    • Features of Java
    • Keywords and Syntax
    • Classes and Objects
    • Conditional Statements
    • Iterative Statements
    • Comments in Java
    • Access Specifiers
    • Java Methods
    • Constructors
    • What is Object Oriented Programming?
    • OOPs Concepts


    • Basic Applications on Java and OOPs Concepts

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Basics of Java
    • Implementing Constructors
    • OOPs Concepts

    Arrays and Collection Framework in Java

    9 Topics


    • Arrays
    • Strings
    • Packages
    • Blocks in Java
    • Exceptional Handling in Java
    • What are Collections?
    • Collections
    • Interfaces in Java
    • Map Interface in Java


    • Basic Applications on Arrays, Strings, Packages, and Blocks
    • Basic Applications on Exceptional Handling and Collections

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Basics of Arrays and Strings
    • Implementing Packages
    • Collection Frameworks

    Introduction to Automation Testing and Selenium

    14 Topics


    • Test Automation Fundamentals
    • Types of Applications (Desktop, Web, Mobile, and Hybrid)
    • Software Testing Methods (Manual and Test Automation)
    • Test Automation Types (Unit Testing, API Testing, and GUI Testing)
    • Test Automation Frameworks
    • Test Automation Tools
    • Test Automation Process
    • Components of Selenium Suite
    • Types of Testing
    • Selenium vs. Other Testing Tools
    • Introduction to Selenium
    • Features of Selenium
    • Selenium IDE
    • Integration of Selenium with Other Tools


    • Basic Selenium Application Without Maven
    • Integration of Selenium with Other Tools (Maven)

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Basics of Selenium
    • Maven Framework
    • Test Automation Frameworks
    • Implementing Selenium IDE

    Selenium WebDriver and Locators

    13 Topics


    • Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
    • Evolution of Selenium WebDriver
    • Advantages of Selenium WebDriver
    • Selenium WebDriver Architecture
    • Introduction to Web Elements
    • Locating Web Elements Using Various Locators (ID, Name, Class Name, Tag Name, Link Text, Partial Link Text, CSS Selector, and XPath)
    • Introduction to XPath
    • Types of XPath
    • XPath Functions and Customizations
    • What are CSS Selectors?
    • Locating Web Elements Using CSS Selectors
    • Selenium Commands in WebDriver
    • Interacting with Web Elements


    • Selenium WebDriver and Architecture
    • Locating Web Elements Using Various Locators
    • Absolute and Relative XPath
    • XPath Functions
    • XPath Axes
    • Locating Web Elements Using CSS Selectors
    • Selenium Commands in WebDriver

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Selenium Framework
    • Selenium WebDriver Handling
    • Web Elements Locating
    • Locating Web Elements Using CSS Selectors
    • Selenium Commands in WebDriver

    Interacting with waits in Selenium and TestNG Framework

    9 Topics


    • Types of Waits in Selenium
    • Introduction to TestNG
    • Installing TestNG Plug-In in Eclipse
    • Annotations
    • Grouping
    • Sequencing
    • Parameterization
    • Parallel/Cross Browser Testing
    • Introduction to Reports


    • Types of Waits in Selenium
    • Installing TestNG Plug-In
    • Executing a TestNG Script
    • TestNG Assertions
    • TestNG Parameters
    • Parallel Testing Using TestNG
    • TestNG Reporting

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Waits in Selenium
    • TestNG Framework Annotations
    • TestNG Grouping
    • TestNG Sequencing
    • TestNG Parameterization

    Handling Alerts and Modal Dialog Box in Selenium

    8 Topics


    • What are Alerts?
    • Types of Alerts
    • Handling Alerts in Selenium WebDriver
    • What is a Modal Dialog Box?
    • Handling Modal Dialog Box Using Selenium WebDriver
    • Handling Multiple Windows and Multiple Tabs Using Selenium WebDriver
    • Scrolling on a Web Page Using Selenium WebDriver
    • Verifying Tooltip Using Selenium WebDriver


    • Handling Web Page Alerts Using Selenium WebDriver
    • Handling Modal Dialog Box Using Selenium WebDriver
    • Scrolling on a Web Page Using JavaScriptExecutor
    • Verifying a Tooltip Using Selenium WebDriver
    • Handling Multiple Windows and Multiple Tabs Using Selenium WebDriver

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Handling Web Pages with Navigation Pop-Ups and Alerts
    • Modal Dialog Box Handling
    • Tooltip with Selenium WebDriver
    • Handling Multiple Browser Windows and Webpage Scrolling

    Selenium Grid and Robot Class

    7 Topics


    • Introduction to Selenium Grid
    • Deploy a Grid
    • Introduction to Robot Class
    • Methods under Robot Class (KeyPress, Key Release, Mouse Press, Mouse Release, and Mouse Move)
    • Implementation of the Robot Class
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of the Robot Class
    • Selenium Robot Framework for Page Crawling and Data Extraction


    • Running Test Scripts on Selenium Grid
    • Robot Class Methods

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Implementing Selenium Grid
    • Robot Class Methods (KeyBoard Methods)
    • Robot Class Methods (Mouse Methods)

    Selenium IDE and Page Object Model

    8 Topics


    • What is Selenium IDE?
    • Features of Selenium IDE
    • Selenium IDE Interface
    • Selenese in Selenium IDE
    • Why Page Object Model (POM)?
    • What is Page Factory?
    • Implementing POM Using Selenium WebDriver
    • Implementing POM with Page Factory


    • Test Case in Selenium IDE
    • Page Object Model Using Selenium WebDriver
    • Page Object Model with Page Factory

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Implementing Selenium IDE
    • Selenese in Selenium
    • Basics of Page Object Model

    Automation Frameworks - I

    7 Topics


    • Introduction to Selenium Frameworks
    • Types of Selenium Frameworks
    • Introduction to Data-Driven Test Framework
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Data-Driven Test Framework
    • Best Practices of Data-Driven Testing
    • Apache POI
    • Data Providers


    • Selenium Framework Working
    • Hybrid Test Frameworks
    • Data-Driven Test Framework Using POI and Data Providers
    • Data-Driven Testing
    • Apache with Page Object Model

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Selenium WebDriver Working
    • Selenium Commands in WebDriver
    • Data Driven Test
    • Apache

    Automation Frameworks - II

    12 Topics


    • Introduction to Keyword-Driven Test Framework
    • Uses of Keyword-Driven Test Framework
    • Keyword-Driven Framework Components
    • Advantages and Limitations of Keyword-Driven Testing
    • Implement Keyword-Driven Framework
    • Introduction to Hybrid Driven Test Framework
    • Advantages and Limitations of Hybrid Test Framework
    • Implementing Hybrid Test Framework
    • Use of Log4j
    • Use of Listeners
    • Introduction to Jenkins
    • Configuring Jenkins to Invoke Selenium Tests


    • Keyword-Driven Testing Framework
    • Keyword-Driven Testing Implementation
    • Hybrid Test Framework Implementation
    • Log4j
    • Jenkins

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Website Testing with Keyword Driven
    • Hybrid Testing Implementation
    • Logging Using Log4j
    • Jenkins

    IFrames, Actions Class, and Dropdowns

    8 Topics


    • What is an IFrame?
    • Identifying an IFrame
    • Switching to IFrames Using Selenium WebDriver
    • Select Class in Selenium WebDriver
    • Methods Under Select Class
    • Handling Dropdowns and Multiple Select Operations Using Select Class
    • Methods for Handling Keyboard and Mouse-Based Interactions
    • Testing Drag and Drop and Mouse Hover Functionality Using Actions Class


    • IFrames in Selenium
    • Handling IFrames Using Selenium WebDriver
    • Handling Select Class in WebDriver
    • Handling Dropdowns and Multiple Select Operations
    • Handling Keyboard and Mouse-Based Interactions Using Actions Class
    • Testing Mouse Functionality on WebDriver

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • IFrames Handling
    • Handling Select Class and Dropdowns
    • Handling Keyboard and Mouse-Based Interactions
    • Working on Mouse-Driven WebDriver Functionality

    BDD Framework with Cucumber

    8 Topics


    • Agile Testing
    • Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
    • Advantages and Limitations of BDD
    • Cucumber Fundamentals—About Cucumber
    • Gherkin Syntax in Cucumber
    • Step Definition for Cucumber Feature File
    • Advantages of Cucumber
    • Implementing BDD Framework Using Cucumber


    • BDD with Cucumber

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Agile Testing
    • BDD Framework
    • Gherkin
    • Cucumber

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    Selenium Training in New York Description

    What is the Selenium Course?

    This Selenium Certification Course strives to build the fundamentals of this automation testing tool and its various components, such as WebDriver, Grid, and IDE. Selenium course will introduce you to the Page Object Model (POM) design pattern, which will further help you optimize the execution of your automation scripts by implementing Page Class and Page Factory. Hands-on experience with automation frameworks, such as the Data-Driven Framework, Keyword-Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, and BDD Framework, will make you ready for any testing environment.

      What are the prerequisites for this Selenium Certification Training Course?

      Prior knowledge of core Java will be helpful but not mandatory. To refresh your skills in core Java, we will provide free self-paced videos along with this Java Selenium Course.

        Why take up the Online Selenium Certification Course?

        The selenium testing course online helps you learn to use supported plugins such as TestNG Framework, Robot Class, Cucumber, and Gherkin to control your automation environment. With a rise in the usage of web applications across organizations, the market trends for test automation are steadily rising, with a huge demand for Selenium. Several industries across the world rely on Selenium resources for their test automation needs. These online Selenium classes helps you master this automation testing tool and become a certified A4Q Tester.

          What is the Selenium course curriculum?

          The selenium certification course includes comprehensive topics such as WebDriver, TestNG, AutoIT, Waits, Locating Techniques, Sikuli, Page Object Design Pattern, and Mobile Testing. With 36 hours of content crafted by industry experts, the program adopts a blended learning model, combining online classes with live online classrooms for an immersive learning experience.

            Who should take up this Selenium Certification Course?

            The automation testing market is growing significantly across the world, and such a strong growth pattern followed by market demand is an excellent opportunity for the following IT professionals.
            • Test Managers
            • Test Engineers
            • Test Lead
            • Test Analyst
            • QA Engineers
            • Software Developers
            • Quality Engineers
            • System Analysts
            • Software Developers
            • Engineers who want to learn Automation testing

              Do you have the updated syllabus for this Selenium online training?

              Absolutely yes. We follow the most recent industry updates and provide the up-to-date Syllabus during our Selenium online training session.

                What are the essential concepts covered in this Selenium Testing Course?

                This Selenium Certification Course provides In-depth knowledge of concepts such as Java basics refresher, WebDriver, TestNG Framework, Web UI elements, Grid and Robot classes, Selenium IDE, Automation frameworks, and more. You will also enjoy the case studies and projects in the domains of E-commerce, Test Automation Frameworks, and more.

                  What will I learn from this Selenium Certification Training Course?

                  Our Selenium course is designed to help you master the skills required to become a successful Automation Testing Specialist. This online Selenium training program helps you learn WebDriver, TestNG, Selenium IDE, Grid, Locators, etc. Additionally, you will be introduced to the Selenium Automation Web Scraping and Page Object Model (POM) design pattern.

                    What are the system requirements for this Selenium Certification Training?

                  • A system with an Intel i3 processor or above
                  • A minimum of 4GB RAM (8GB or above is recommended for faster processing)
                  • 50 GB HDD Storage
                  • Operating system: 32-bit or 64-bit

                    • How will I execute the practicals in this Selenium Training Course?

                      This Selenium testing course's online practical exercises will be executed using Java, Eclipse, Selenium IDE, WebDriver, and a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer). The LMS has detailed step-by-step installation guidance. In case you encounter any doubts during the Selenium online training, the 24*7 support team will promptly assist you.

                        Who are the instructors for this Selenium Online Course?

                        Edureka offers 36 hours of online live instructor-led Selenium classes for learners. The instructors are top industry experts who enable you to master this Selenium testing and become a certified A4Q Selenium Tester.

                          How soon after signing up for Selenium Courses will I get access to the Learning Content?

                          Post-enrolment, you will instantly have access to the LMS, which will be available for a lifetime. You can access the complete set of previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, and assignments. Moreover, you will be granted instant access to our 24×7 support team. You can start learning right away.

                            Is the course material accessible to the students even after the Selenium course?

                            Yes, access to the selenium testing course online material will be available for a lifetime once you have enrolled in the Selenium certification training.

                              How long will it take to learn Selenium Online?

                              Our Selenium course duration is 6 Weeks only to help you become a certified Selenium tester. We are also offering free self-paced Java courses for students to help them learn Java concepts.

                                Why learn the Selenium Course online?

                                Selenium is not a single tool but a suite of software that delivers to the testing needs of an organization. Web applications are of rising importance in industries worldwide, giving rise to market trends for test automation and Selenium. It is one of the highly preferred choices for developers in the software industry. Being the most sought-after skill in the testing domain across countries including India, US, Australia, UK, Selenium jobs have skyrocketed with offering amazing pay scales.

                                  Selenium Certification Course Projects in New York City

                                   certification projects

                                  Website Handling using Hybrid-Driven Framework

                                  Towards the end of this Selenium Webdriver Certification Course, you will be working on a live project. The project is regarding the Travel and Booking Domain, dealing with hotel....
                                   certification projects

                                  Collecting Data Insights Using LOG4j

                                  Towards the end of this Selenium Webdriver Course, you will be working on a live project. The project is regarding the Travel and Booking Domain, dealing with hotel booking web s....

                                  Selenium Certification in New York City

                                  To gain access to the Edureka AWS Course in New York completion certificate, you must meet these things:
                                  • Participate in the AWS certification in New York.
                                  • Assessment and completion of the questions and assignments included.
                                  • You must complete all the requirements of the AWS course within New York and obtain an average mark of 80% on the test.
                                  Beginning users can quickly get acquainted with Automation testing since it is an easy-to-use testing framework. The process of learning its capabilities and capabilities requires proper guidance and a well-planned training process. People who are new to the field and want to pursue an occupation in testing with Selenium could enroll in the Selenium Certification in New York and receive certificates that demonstrate their proficiency in this area.
                                  It is a world-class testing framework that allows you to test applications. Selenium's demand is increasing, and numerous lucrative job opportunities and positions are available in tech companies. This is the perfect moment to apply and obtain certification through Selenium certification in New York. Due to the broad range of opportunities and possibilities, it is recommended to learn automation-related skills, and putting them to use right from the beginning is strongly recommended.
                                  Our Selenium course in New York is designed to develop skills and evaluate candidates' knowledge. Following the completion of this certification, you will have access to a wide range of job possibilities. Some of the most important employment roles include QA Engineer, Selenium Tester, Testing Developer, Selenium Test Analyst, Test Engineer, Mobile Test Lead, Software Development Test Engineer, and others.
                                  The Selenium Course in New York is designed to build capabilities and test candidates' abilities. After completing this certification, you'll have access to various opportunities. Some of the most sought-after job roles are QA Engineer, Selenium Tester, Testing Developer, Selenium Test Analyst, Test Engineer Mobile Test Lead, Software Development Test Engineer, and many more.
                                  Automation Tester using Selenium  Certificate


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                                  Selenium Training Course in New York FAQs

                                  What is Selenium?

                                  Selenium helps in web automation testing. It's freely available open-source software, and test script creation requires knowledge of Java, C#, and Python programming languages. Testing done with the help of the Selenium testing tool is called Selenium Testing. While the Selenium software is a suite rather than a single tool, each piece caters to an organization's different QA testing needs. 

                                  You can check out further details in this article - What is Selenium?

                                  What is Selenium Testing?

                                  Selenium testing basically refers to tests conducted with the selenium testing tool. It's an open-source framework that allows you to test web applications over multiple devices. 

                                  What is Selenium WebDriver?

                                  Selenium WebDriver is a web framework that allows the testing of web applications across multiple browsers. This tool is used to automate web-based application testing to verify that it performs as expected. Selenium WebDriver allows you to choose a programming language to create test scripts. Get Selenium WebDriver Certification and become certified today. 

                                  What is the focus of Edureka’s Selenium Training Online?

                                  Edureka’s Selenium Courses enable you to move ahead in your career by helping you become skilled with Selenium's fundamentals and components, such as the Selenium WebDriver, Grid, and IDE. The Selenium online course focuses on providing hands-on experience with automation frameworks such as the Data-Driven, Keyword-Driven, Hybrid, and BDD to prepare you for any testing environment.

                                  How can beginners learn Selenium Training Online?

                                  Beginners interested in a career in testing with Selenium can sign up for our Selenium training and earn certificates to demonstrate their expertise in this domain. Automation testing is a user-friendly testing framework that beginners can easily become familiar with. Learning its capabilities and functionality requires appropriate direction and a well-structured training path. 

                                  Who are the instructors for this Selenium Training?

                                  Edureka’s trainers are all certified and have several years of work experience. Top industry experts prepare the selenium online course materials, enabling you to work on real-life industry use cases. If you are still thinking about enrolling in Selenium training, then you have come to the right place.

                                  What if I miss the Selenium classes?

                                  You will never miss a lecture at Edureka! You can choose either of the two options:

                                  • View the recorded class session available in your LMS.
                                  • You can attend the missed session in any other live batch.

                                  So, what are you waiting for? Let’s enroll with Edureka and learn the best Selenium course online with India's top instructors.

                                  Will I get placement assistance after finishing my Selenium Certification course?

                                  More than 70% of Edureka Learners have reported changes in job profile (promotion), work location (onsite), lateral transfers, and new job offers. Edureka's Selenium testing certification is well-recognized in the IT industry. It is a testament to the intensive and practical learning you have gone through and the real-life projects you have delivered.

                                  What are the top courses edureka offers in the domain of Testing?

                                  In the domain of testing, edureka offers a range of courses, such as Automation Testing CourseManual Testing CourseBlockchain CourseJava CourseRPA Course, etc.

                                  Does Edureka provide financial assistance for Selenium Course?

                                  We offer various financing options in Selenium training course, including No Cost EMI, to ensure flexible payment solutions for our learners. For more details, please check our pricing section.

                                  What if I have queries after I complete this Selenium testing course?

                                  Your access to the Support Team is for a lifetime and will be available 24/7. The team will help you resolve queries during and after the Selenium Testing course.

                                  Can I learn Selenium with Java?

                                  Absolutely. We are offering a free Java course with Selenium. It is a popular automation testing framework, and Java is one of the most widely used programming languages for Selenium automation.

                                  Can I attend a demo session before enrolling in the Selenium online training?

                                  If you have seen any of our sample class recordings, you don't need to look further. Enrollment is a commitment between you and us where you promise to be a good learner and we promise to provide you with the best ecosystem possible for learning. The selenium automation certification sessions are a significant part of your learning, standing on the pillars of learned and helpful instructors, dedicated Personal Learning Managers, and interactions with your peers. So, experience complete learning instead of a demo session. Enroll now with Edureka's best Selenium online training and get a chance to learn with India's top instructors.

                                  What books can help me gain proficiency in the Selenium Course?

                                  The following books can help you learn better and earn your Selenium certificate -
                                  • Selenium Testing Tool: A Complete Guide by Gerardus Blokdyk
                                  • Selenium WebDriver with Node.js by Paul Watson
                                  • Absolute Beginner Java 4 Selenium WebDriver by Rex Allen Jones II
                                  • Mastering Selenium WebDriver 3.0 by Mark Collin
                                  • Selenium WebDriver Recipes in Ruby by Zhimin Zhan
                                  • Python Testing with Selenium by Sujay Raghavendra
                                  • Advanced Selenium Web Accessibility Testing by Narayanan Palani

                                  Does Edureka provide Selenium training near me?

                                  Edureka's Selenium automation certification training is designed to be accessible to individuals worldwide, allowing you to learn Selenium automation testing from the comfort of your own home or any location of your choice. Below are some of the top cities/countries we offer online Selenium Training:

                                  What are the uses of Selenium?

                                  Selenium supports various programming languages, such as Java, Python, C#, and PHP, operating systems, multiple browsers, and some of the top automation testing tools. It is also an open-source and freeware automation tool that supports recording and playback for testing web apps and helps execute innumerable scripts across several browsers. 

                                  What should I do to be a Selenium testing professional?

                                  To be a professional Selenium tester, you must develop a suitable skillset and learning strategies. From this Selenium course, you can learn Java basics, Selenium WebDriver, Grid, IDE, handling iframes, and Modal Dialog box. In addition, you can learn to use supported plugins like TestNG Framework and Robot Class, Cucumber, and Gherkin, which in turn helps you be a certified A4Q Tester.

                                  What is a certified Selenium Tester?

                                  The Certified Selenium tester focuses on test professionals who desire a basic understanding of Selenium WebDriver for creating web application tests.; upon successful completion, participants will be able to create and run Selenium WebDriver tests without supervision.

                                  What are the basic skills of a Selenium tester?

                                  Skills of an automation tester on completion of this Selenium certification training include: 
                                  • Creation of automated test suites to construct BPT components and frameworks. 
                                  • Java, PHP,.net, and C# programming languages are necessary.

                                  How will Selenium help your career?

                                  Today, most companies prefer to use open-source automated testing tools that will enable them to cut down on the cost and effort that manual testing involves. Our Selenium Online Training with live projects will help you master selenium testing and become an industry expert. Selenium is one such open-source automated testing tool for websites. The performance, execution speed, and browser interaction of Selenium are faster than any other automation tool. The test packages, the modes available for unattended execution, and the ability to develop the test script in any language supported by Selenium make it the most popular automation testing tool. In addition, Selenium supports different operating systems along with support for other programming languages such as Python, Pearl, Ruby, PHP, .NET, C# and Java, and various browsers, thereby making Selenium the leading automation testing tool.

                                  Is Selenium Automation Testing a good career option?

                                  The demand for Selenium Automation Testing Courses has grown immensely as Automation Testing continues to gain popularity among businesses globally. QA Automation has become one of the most lucrative career options, with ample opportunities. One of the most well-liked testing frameworks is Selenium, which can be used to test websites for e-commerce, travel, and other domains. Professionals interested in advancing their careers with the newest trends and technology in testing can do so by earning a Selenium certification.

                                  What is the basic salary for a Selenium tester in India and the United States?

                                  According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a selenium tester in India is ₹5,30,000 per year and $92,000 in the US.

                                  Is Selenium automation easy to learn?

                                  Selenium automation is relatively easy to grasp, requiring just a basic understanding of HTML and a few simple commands to get started. Engaging in Selenium automation training also has the added benefit of easing the learning process for more complex programming languages like Java and Python, as many of the concepts learned in Selenium are transferable.

                                  What are the various job roles that I’ll be eligible for on completion of this Selenium course?

                                  On acquiring the best Selenium certification, you will be eligible for the following job roles:
                                  • Selenium Automation Analyst
                                  • Selenium Tester
                                  • Selenium WebDriver
                                  • Selenium Automation Engineer
                                  • Java Selenium Automation Engineer
                                  • QA Engineer
                                  • Selenium Test Analyst
                                  • Mobile Testing Lead
                                  • Senior QA Automation Engineer
                                  • Software Development Test Engineer
                                  • Automation Test Engineer

                                  How to learn Selenium automation testing?

                                  To learn Selenium automation testing, start by enrolling in Selenium automation testing courses, which provide structured lessons and hands-on experience. These courses typically cover the basics of HTML, Selenium commands, and scripting with languages like Java and Python. By following these courses, you'll gain practical skills and a solid understanding of how to automate web applications efficiently.

                                  What are the responsibilities of Selenium professionals?

                                  A Selenium tester's primary responsibilities include creating, organizing, designing, managing, and implementing test automation resources. An automation engineer will deploy effective test automation solutions and enhance and debug test cases. Selenium-certified professionals carry out activities such as improving the current Selenium automation framework, connecting Selenium scripts with Jenkins CloudBee, and preserving test case traceability to automation test scripts.

                                  Are there any resources to prepare for my Selenium job interview?

                                  Edureka provides various free resources to help you prepare for your upcoming interview such as a Selenium Tutorial, Selenium Interview Questions, and so on.

                                  Does Edureka provide a free online certification course for Selenium?

                                  We do not offer free Selenium certification. However, once you enroll in our course, you will also enjoy a free Java training course. 

                                  Do we get to learn Python with the Selenium Course as well?

                                  No, because this is not the Selenium with Python course program. We have a detailed course on Python which you can check here - Python Course Online.

                                  How much does Selenium training cost?

                                  On average, online selenium training courses can range from INR 10,000 to INR 40,000. 

                                  Can I learn Selenium on my own?

                                  Yes. If you have basic programming knowledge, you can learn Selenium yourself. Just start a Selenium automation course today and learn from the basics to the advanced level.

                                  Can I practice Selenium online?

                                  To master Selenium, testers often use practice websites to enhance their skills. These demo sites cover various testing scenarios, including basic element interaction, form handling, dynamic content, e-commerce simulations, and multi-browser testing.
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