What are the benefits of using Cloud over On-premise data centers

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What are the major difference for switching to cloud from the conventional data-centers?
Jul 13, 2018 in Cloud Computing by eatcodesleeprepeat
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Cloud is also Data centers just with a virtualization software above it but its more advanced than the conventional data centers.

We can distinguish both in the following terms:-

1. Scalability

Data Center:- Buy new RAM stick & install (very hectic and tedious)

Cloud:- Stop server change the instance size and restart.

2. Cost

Data Center:- Buy expensive setup or rent them.

Cloud:- Pay as you use. Comparatively cheap.

3. Durability

Data Center:- If there is a situation of natural disaster then the server will go down.

Cloud:- Data is being backed up at three different graphical location such that no disturbance occurs even if one goes down.

4. Elasticity

Data Center:- Adding or removing a component is not an easy task.

Cloud:- Adding or removing can be done with just few clicks.

These are the basic benefits you get when you switch to cloud!

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answered Jul 13, 2018 by Priyaj
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