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AWS Training in Hyderabad
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    Instructor-led AWS Architect Certification Training live online Training Schedule

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    Why enroll for AWS Course in Hyderabad?

    pay scale by Edureka courseCompanies hiring AWS architect in Hyderabad are Dell, Wipro, Larsen & Toubro, UnitedHealth Group and many more.
    IndustriesAccording to LinkedIn, 600+ AWS architect jobs are available in Hyderabad
    Average Salary growth by Edureka courseThe average salary of AWS architect in Hyderabad is INR 20,00,000 per year- Glassdoor

    AWS Training in Hyderabad Benefits

    According to Forbes, Gartner predicts that the cloud computing market will surpass $1 trillion globally by 2028 and $1.6 trillion by 2030, attaining a CAGR of 17.43%. Edureka's AWS course will help you land a high-paying job as an AWS Architect.
    Annual Salary
    Cloud Architect average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Cloud Architect?
    Annual Salary
    Cloud Developer average salary
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     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Cloud Architect?
    Annual Salary
    AWS Solutions Architect average salary
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    Want to become a Cloud Architect?
    Annual Salary
    Cloud Administrator average salary
    Hiring Companies
     Hiring Companies
    Want to become a Cloud Architect?

    Why AWS Course from edureka in Hyderabad

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    Live Interactive Learning

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    About your AWS Course

    Skills Covered in AWS Course in Hyderabad

    • skillDesigning Identity Solutions
    • skillManaging Security
    • skillDesigning Data Storage Solutions
    • skillMonitoring Cloud Solutions
    • skillDesigning Resilient AWS Solutions
    • skillAWS Cloud Cost Optimization

    Tools Covered in AWS Training in Hyderabad

    • Amazon EC2
    • Amazon S3
    • AWS IAM
    • AWS VPC
    • Amazon RDS
    • DynamoDB
    • CloudFront
    • AWS Lambda
    • AWS Cloudwatch
    • Amazon SNS
    • Amazon GuardDuty

    AWS Course in Hyderabad Curriculum

    Curriculum Designed by Experts


    Introduction to AWS

    16 Topics


    • Classic Data Center
    • Virtualization
    • Cloud and Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Computing Service Models
    • Cloud Computing Deployment Models
    • Service Comparison: AWS, Azure, and GCP
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its Benefits
    • AWS Global Infrastructure
    • AWS Regions and Replication of data between the Regions
    • Availability Zones and High Availability
    • PoP Locations
    • Signup an AWS Free Tier Account
    • Different Amazon Web Services
    • Ways to access AWS: CLI, Console, and SDKs
    • Explore Management Console and Configure AWS CLI
    • AWS CloudShell


    • Signup an AWS Free Tier Account
    • Explore Management Console and AWS CLI

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Cloud Computing
    • AWS Global Infrastructure
    • Ways to access AWS

    Identity and Access Management in AWS

    21 Topics


    • Threats to AWS Security
    • AWS Shared Responsibility Model
    • AWS Security Solutions
    • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Managing Users with IAM
    • Managing Permissions with Groups
    • IAM Policy and its Elements
    • IAM Roles
    • Password Policy
    • MFA
    • Best Practices for IAM
    • AWS Security Token Services
    • AWS Single Sign-on
    • AWS Resources Access Manager
    • Active directory
    • Microsoft Active directory
    • AWS Directory Services
    • AWS Artifact
    • AWS Audit Manager
    • AWS Certificate Manager
    • Accessing Billing and Alerts


    • Creating New Users on AWS Console
    • Create Role for an Application
    • Creating Policies for New User
    • Creating an user group for a collection of IAM users
    • Login to AWS Console via MFA
    • AWS Artifact

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Secure Control Access to resources.
    • Addition of extra security using MFA
    • IAM Best practices

    Amazon EC2

    20 Topics


    • Compute Virtualization
    • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Its Benefits
    • Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
    • Security Groups in AWS
    • Authentication through Key-pair
    • Hardware Tenancy – Shared vs. Dedicated
    • Networking Layer in EC2: VPC
    • Elastic Network Interface (ENI) and Its Attributes
    • Public IP vs. Elastic IP
    • Instance Store
    • Elastic Block Store (EBS), Its Features and Volume Types
    • Solid State Drive: General Purpose SSD and Provisioned IOPS
    • Hard Disk Drive: Throughput Optimized HDD and Cold HDD
    • Snapshots
    • Elastic File System (EFS) and Its Features
    • Amazon Batch
    • Windows File Server
    • Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
    • Use case of Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
    • Amazon FSx for Lustre


    • Creating an EC2 instance
    • Creating a Custom AMI
    • Host Your Website Inside EC2 instance
    • Create an Elastic IP
    • Attaching an EBS Volume Externally
    • Creating a Snapshot
    • Attaching an EFS Volume
    • Mount FSx into Windows Servers

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Scalable Computing Capacity
    • Storing data in block-level storage
    • File storage on Windows Server

    AWS Storage Options

    18 Topics


    • Traditional Storage
    • Need to Move to Cloud Storage
    • Traditional vs. Cloud Storage Cost
    • Cloud Storage
    • Different Storage Options Available on AWS
    • Simple Storage Service (S3) and Its Components
    • Working of S3
    • Bucket Policy
    • Access Control List (ACL)
    • Versioning
    • S3 Replicate
    • Cross-Region Replication (CRR) and Its Use Case
    • Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration
    • Choice of Storage Classes on S3
    • Lifecycle Policy of S3 Bucket
    • AWS Backup
    • CDN: CloudFront
    • Storage Gateway


    • Hosting a Static Website on Amazon S3
    • Versioning in AWS S3
    • Replicating Data Across Regions
    • S3 Transfer Acceleration
    • Transfer and Retrieve Data from Glacier
    • Build a Backup plan from scratch
    • Accessing Website Using CloudFront
    • Enable File Share using Storage Gateway

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Object storage through the web interface
    • Content delivery network
    • Accessing unlimited cloud storage

    Networking using AWS

    19 Topics


    • Traditional and Virtual Network
    • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Its Benefits
    • Default and Non-default VPC
    • Major Steps to Configure VPC
    • IP Address
    • CIDR- Classless Inter-domain Routing
    • Subnet
    • Private and Public Subnet
    • Internet Gateway and Route Tables
    • Security Group with VPC
    • NACL and Security Group
    • NAT Gateway and NAT Instance
    • Limitations of VPC Peering
    • Transit VPC
    • Transit Gateway
    • VPC Endpoints
    • AWS Private Link
    • VPN and Direct Connect
    • AWS Global Accelerator


    • To Create a Non-Default VPC
    • Accessing the Internet Inside Private Subnet
    • Connect Two Instances in Different VPCs
    • Connect to an Application Hosted in different VPC

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Launching resources in a virtual network
    • Connecting instance in different VPCs
    • Private connectivity between VPCs

    Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, and Routing using AWS

    18 Topics


    • Elastic Load Balancer
    • Network Load Balancer
    • Application Load Balancer
    • Gateway Load Balancer
    • Advanced Features of ELB
    • Benefits and Components of Application Load Balancer
    • Load Balancer Troubleshoot
    • Auto Scaling and its Benefits
    • Auto Scaling Components
    • Launch Configurations/ Launch Templates
    • Scaling Policies
    • Lifecycle of Auto Scaling
    • Working on Load Balancer and Auto Scaling
    • Scaling Policy
    • Use Case of DNS
    • Need of Route 53
    • Route 53 and it’s Working
    • Various Routing Policies


    • Create a Network Load Balancer
    • Create an Application Load Balancer
    • Gateway load balancer
    • Creating ASG with Launch Template
    • Configuring health check-ups using Route 53

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Traffic load balancing
    • Developing scaling solutions
    • Accessing scalable DNS service

    AWS Database Services

    18 Topics


    • Database
    • AWS Database Services – Use Cases
    • Amazon RDS
    • Read Replica
    • IAM in Amazon RDS
    • Difference Between SQL and NoSQL Databases
    • Amazon DynamoDB and its Data Structure
    • Amazon ElastiCache
    • Memcached vs. Redis
    • Amazon RedShift and its features
    • AWS Redshift Architecture
    • Aurora Database
    • Connection Management in Aurora
    • Amazon Aurora Reliability
    • Amazon Aurora Global Database
    • Amazon Aurora Serverless
    • Amazon Keyspaces
    • Apache Cassandra


    • Storing Data in AWS RDS
    • Perform CRUD operations on No-SQL Database
    • Creating an ElastiCache for Redis
    • Moving an Airline Data From S3 to AWS Redshift
    • Perform CRUD operations using CQL Editor

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Developing data storage solutions
    • Discussing SQL and NoSQL Databases

    Security Management in AWS

    15 Topics


    • AWS Cognito
    • AWS Config
    • AWS Firewall Manager
    • AWS Network Firewall
    • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    • AWS Shield
    • Amazon Detective
    • AWS Inspector
    • AWS Macie
    • AWS GuardDuty
    • AWS Security Hub
    • KMS
    • CloudHSM
    • AWS Secrets Manager
    • Trusted Advisor


    • Configuring access mechanism using Cognito
    • Setup AWS Config to Evaluate Compliance
    • Configure WAF to Protect Website from Attacks
    • Amazon Inspector
    • Amazon Macie
    • Implementation of AWS GuardDuty
    • Secrets Manager

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Building AWS Security Solutions
    • Protecting Website from Attacks

    Monitoring Resources and Governance in AWS

    14 Topics


    • Cloud Monitoring Services
    • Amazon CloudWatch
    • Amazon Managed Grafana
    • Amazon Managed Services for Prometheus
    • CloudWatch Events and Logs
    • Cloud Monitoring Service: AWS CloudTrail
    • CloudTrail Use Cases
    • AWS CLI
    • AWS Organizations
    • AWS License Manager
    • AWS Control Tower
    • AWS Health Dashboard
    • AWS Compute Optimizer
    • AWS System Manager


    • Creating a CloudWatch alarm
    • Managing Amazon Managed Grafana workspaces
    • Creating an Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus
    • Creating AWS CloudTrail events
    • AWS Organizations

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Monitoring AWS resources
    • Evaluate configurations of resources
    • Centrally govern your environment

    Application Services, Serverless Computing and Provisioning Infrastructure

    17 Topics


    • Application Services
    • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)
    • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
    • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
    • Dead-Letter Queues
    • Simple Workflow Service (SWF)
    • Amazon MQ
    • Amazon EventBridge
    • Serverless Computing
    • AWS Lambda
    • AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM)
    • AWS Step Functions
    • Amazon States Language
    • Elastic Beanstalk
    • Concepts of Elastic Beanstalk
    • AWS CloudFormation
    • Templates and Stack in CloudFormation


    • Amazon SES
    • Amazon SNS
    • Amazon SQS FIFO queue
    • Monitoring Instances using EventBridge and SNS
    • Create a Lambda Function
    • Creating and executing StepFunctions
    • Deploying a Web Application Using Beanstalk
    • Installation of LAMP Server in EC2

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Configuring scalable cloud email service
    • Serverless computing
    • Creating fully managed message queues

    Cloud Analytics and Cost Management on AWS

    12 Topics


    • What is Cloud Analytics?
    • AWS Analytics Services
    • Amazon Athena
    • Amazon Kinesis
    • Visualize Web Traffic Using Kinesis Data Stream
    • Amazon Elasticsearch (Opensearch)
    • Amazon QuickSight
    • AWS Cost Management
    • AWS Cost Management Services
    • AWS Cost Explorer
    • AWS Budgets
    • AWS Cost Optimization


    • Analysing CloudTrail Logs Using Amazon Athena
    • Creating Kinesis data stream
    • Set up Kibana with Amazon OpenSearch Service
    • Creating Budget and alerts for AWS Account
    • Managing an AWS Account Cost

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Creating Budgets and Managing AWS account
    • Seeing insights and meaningful data

    AWS Architectural Designs – I

    13 Topics


    • AWS Well-Architected Framework
    • Pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework
    • Resilience
    • Design Highly Available and Fault-Tolerant Architectures
    • Choose Appropriate Resilient Storage
    • Designing Decoupling Mechanisms Using AWS Services
    • Design a Multi-tier Architecture Solution
    • Disaster Recovery (DR)
    • Options to Implement DR Plans
    • Design High-Performance Architecture
    • Achieve Performance Efficiency
    • Achieve Performance Efficiency by Monitoring
    • Achieve Performance Efficiency by Performing Trade-offs


    • Architecting a website using the Serverless Technology

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Design High-Performance Architecture
    • Disaster Recovery

    AWS Architectural Designs – II (Self-paced)

    15 Topics


    • Design Secure Applications and Architectures
    • Cloud Security
    • AWS IAM
    • How IAM Secures your Resources?
    • Identity and Federation
    • Shared Responsibility Model
    • Network Security Layer
    • Multi-Layer Architecture With Network Security
    • AWS HSM and its working
    • AWS S3 Security
    • AWS Security and Compliance Centre
    • Design Cost-Optimized Architectures
    • Cost Optimization
    • Cost Optimization Design Principles
    • Cost Effective Resources

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Describing the security obligations
    • Indepth analysis of AWS security
    • Optimizing cost

    Migrating to Cloud (Self-paced)

    17 Topics


    • Why Cloud Migration?
    • What is Cloud Migration?
    • Migration Phases
    • CAF Perspectives and Their Roles
    • AWS Migration Hub
    • AWS Migration Hub Use Cases
    • AWS Application Discovery Service
    • Application Discovery Tools
    • Application Migration to AWS
    • Application Migration Phases
    • AWS Server Migration Service (SMS)
    • Database Migration Service
    • Working of DMS
    • AWS Database Migration use cases
    • Types of data transfer: Homogenous and Heterogenous
    • Database Schema Migration tool
    • Database Migration best practices


    • Gather Details of Migrating resources
    • Migrating 3-tier Application to AWS Cloud
    • Homogenous Database Migration
    • Heterogeneous Database Migration

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Gathering Migrating resources
    • Migrating Applications to AWS Cloud
    • Implementing Database Migration

    Containers in AWS (Self-paced)

    14 Topics


    • ECS Introduction
    • ECS Cluster
    • ECS Task Definition
    • ECS Service
    • ECR Introduction
    • Push an image to ECR
    • ECS Service with a load balancer
    • Deploy an application over the ECS cluster
    • EKS
    • EKS Architecture
    • EKS Cluster
    • Creating an EKS Cluster
    • EKS Cluster cost
    • Elastic Beanstalk


    • Pushing An Image Into ECR
    • Hosting a Website Inside ECS
    • Create an EKS Cluster
    • Access Kubernetes Using eksctl
    • Deploying application in Beanstalk

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Pushing images in ECR
    • Hosting website inside ECS
    • Deploying applications

    AWS Machine Learning (Self-paced)

    14 Topics


    • Machine Learning (ML)
    • AI vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning
    • Steps of Machine Learning
    • Types of Machine Learning algorithms
    • Machine Learning on AWS cloud platform
    • Amazon SageMaker
    • Business Intelligence - Amazon QuickSight
    • What are Chatbots?
    • Amazon Lex
    • Working on Amazon Lex
    • Amazon Rekognition
    • Working of Amazon Rekognition
    • Amazon Polly
    • Working of Amazon Polly


    • Converting Text into Speech using Amazon Polly
    • Detecting Objects using Amazon Rekognition
    • Creating Chabot using Amazon Lex
    • Deploying ML model using Amazon SageMaker

    skillSkills You Will Learn

    • Converting Text into Speech
    • Object detection
    • Deploying machine learning model

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    AWS Course in Hyderabad Description

    Our AWS course offers practical experience and a comprehensive understanding of AWS services, covering computing, storage, networking, and security within a dynamic classroom setting. With experienced trainers, real-world projects, and flexible schedules, this course provides the skills needed to succeed in cloud computing. Join our AWS Training in Hyderabad and embark on your journey to becoming an AWS-certified professional with Edureka.

    What will participants learn in this AWS Training in Hyderabad?

    In this AWS Training in Hyderabad, participants will acquire a deep understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its diverse range of cloud computing services. Through hands-on learning, they will master essential AWS concepts, such as cloud architecture, deployment, and management. Participants will learn to set up and configure AWS resources, optimize performance, ensure security in cloud environments, and explore services like EC2, S3, and RDS for designing cost-effective cloud solutions.

      What are the prerequisites for Edureka's AWS course in Hyderabad?

      There are no specific prerequisites for taking up the AWS Course. Any candidate with an understanding of networking and virtualization can attend this AWS online training. Having programming skills (JSON, Linux fundamentals) and prior working experience with AWS Services is recommended but not mandatory.

        Why should you go for our AWS Certification Training in Hyderabad?

        Our training program stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, delivered by industry experts who bring real-world insights into the classroom. Whether you want to start a career in cloud computing or advance your current one, our AWS training will provide you with the necessary skills and certifications. Join us in Hyderabad for an innovative education experience that opens up various opportunities in the dynamic field of cloud technology.

          What are the objectives for this AWS Course in Hyderabad?

          The main goals of this course are to become proficient in AWS services, grasp cloud architecture concepts, and get practical experience in deploying and overseeing cloud infrastructure. Students will acquire the skills to create, deploy, and expand applications on AWS, enforce top security measures, and efficiently manage costs.

            AWS Certification in Hyderabad Projects

             certification projects

            Industry: E-commerce

            A start-up company wants to host its Python and React-based application (Backend: Python API and Frontend React) using AWS. But they are not familiar with the AWS cloud platform.....
             certification projects

            Industry: IT

            You are recently promoted from a Cloud Engineer to a Cloud Architect and assigned a project to prepare a new environment in the cloud, to which your team will later migrate their....

            AWS Certification in Hyderabad

            Below, we have mentioned the AWS certification cost in Hyderabad for all the exams:

            AWS Certifications

            Cost (INR)

            AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

            Rs. 6880/-

            AWS Developer Associate Certification

            Rs. 10700/-

            AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification

            Rs. 10330/-

            AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certification

            Rs. 11,400/-

            AWS DevOps Engineer Certification

            Rs. 21420/-

            AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification

            Rs. 21420/-

            AWS Security Certification

            Rs. 21420/-

            AWS Big Data Certification

            Rs. 21420/-

            AWS  Advanced Networking Certification

            Rs. 21420/-

            AWS Machine Learning Certification

            Rs. 21420/-

            Hyderabad, known as India's tech hub, provides an ideal environment for aspiring cloud professionals. With a growing demand for cloud computing expertise in both local and global industries, acquiring AWS skills can open doors to lucrative career opportunities. the city's top-notch training institutes and educational resources ensure access to high-quality AWS courses and certifications.
            When considering AWS certifications in Hyderabad, it's often a great choice to begin your journey with the 'AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate' certification. This certification lays a solid foundation for understanding AWS services, architecture best practices, and cloud solutions design. It's a popular choice among IT professionals and is highly relevant for various roles, making it a versatile starting point.
            To earn an AWS Certification in Hyderabad, you can start by enrolling in reputable training institutes or online courses that offer comprehensive AWS certification programs. These programs typically include training modules covering various AWS services and technologies. Additionally, consider self-study using AWS documentation and practice exams to reinforce your knowledge. Once you feel confident in your skills, schedule and take the official AWS certification exam at a local testing center in Hyderabad.
            To unlock Edureka's AWS certification in Hyderabad, you must meet the following prerequisites:
            1.      Actively participate in the AWS Training Course, showing your full engagement.
            2.      Successfully finish the specified quizzes and projects as specified in the curriculum.
            3.      Earn a minimum score of 80% on the assessment upon concluding the AWS course.

            The passing standard for the exams is represented by a scaled score of 700 for Foundational-level exams, 720 for Associate-level exams, and 750 for Professional-level and Specialty exams. Each level has its own specific standard that candidates must achieve to pass their respective exam.
            After successfully earning an AWS certification, it remains valid for 3 years. However, AWS certifications require recertification after three years to ensure that certified professionals stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving AWS platform and its services.
            When it comes to AWS (Amazon Web Services) certification training in Hyderabad, Edureka emerges as the top choice for many aspiring cloud professionals. Edureka's comprehensive AWS certification courses are renowned for their quality and effectiveness. With experienced instructors, up-to-date curriculum, and hands-on labs, Edureka ensures that students are well-prepared to excel in AWS certification exams.
            To schedule your AWS exam at your preferred location, create an AWS account, select your exam, choose a nearby test center, pick a suitable date, and make the payment. Prepare with AWS resources, arrive early on the exam day, and confidently take the test.
            To succeed in AWS exam, start by thoroughly understanding the AWS services, architectures, and best practices. Utilize online courses, practice exams, and study materials to strengthen your knowledge. Join local AWS user groups or attend meetups to network with peers and gain insights. Finally, practice hands-on with AWS services to build real-world skills.
            If you do not pass the AWS (Amazon Web Services) exam on your first attempt, you can absolutely schedule a retest. There is a waiting period, typically of 14 days, before you can attempt the exam again.
            After completing your AWS (Amazon Web Services) certification exam, you can expect to receive your exam results in 5 business days.
            An AWS Solutions Architect is a proficient IT expert with the responsibility of creating and executing sophisticated cloud solutions on the Amazon Web Services platform. These professionals have extensive knowledge in AWS services, infrastructure, and industry-recommended methods, empowering them to develop adaptable, secure, and effective solutions customized to fulfill the unique requirements of enterprises and institutions.
            For comprehensive information about the AWS Solutions Architect exam, you can visit the official Amazon Web Services (AWS) website. AWS provides detailed exam guides, syllabus outlines, and registration instructions on their official certification webpage.
            To become an AWS Solutions Architect in Hyderabad, start by acquiring a strong foundation in cloud computing and AWS services through online courses or formal education. Gain practical experience on cloud projects, pursue relevant AWS certifications, and network with professionals in Hyderabad's tech community. Staying updated with AWS trends is crucial for success in this role.
            To earn an AWS certification in Hyderabad, start by enrolling in authorized training programs that covers a wide range of AWS services and provide hands-on experience. Self-study and practice exams are essential. Once prepared, schedule your certification exam through AWS's official website or a local testing center.
            If you cancel at least 24 hours before the exam, you will receive a full refund. Cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled time are not permitted and missing the appointment results in forfeiting the exam fee with no possibility of a refund.
            An AWS Solutions Architect in Hyderabad plays a crucial role in designing and implementing cloud-based solutions for businesses and organizations. This includes designing architecture, selecting appropriate AWS services, and optimizing infrastructure. Solutions Architects collaborate closely with development teams, stakeholders, and clients to ensure that AWS-based solutions align with business goals and industry best practices.
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            AWS Training in Hyderabad FAQs

            What is the AWS course fees in Hyderabad?

            Our AWS course in Hyderabad will cost you only 17,995 INR. You can also get some discounts timely.

            Is AWS certification worth it in Hyderabad?

            AWS certification holds significant value in Hyderabad, and it's worth pursuing for individuals in the IT and cloud computing field. With the demand for AWS professionals on the rise, having an AWS certification can open doors to exciting career opportunities in Hyderabad's dynamic tech ecosystem. Whether you're an aspiring cloud engineer or an experienced professional looking to upskill, AWS certification can be a valuable investment in your career growth in this tech-savvy city.

            How to prepare for AWS certification in Hyderabad?

            To prepare for AWS certification in Hyderabad, you can follow these steps:
            1. Select the Appropriate Certification: Start by choosing the AWS certification that aligns with your career goals and experience level. AWS offers a range of certifications, including AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator.
            2. Training and Courses: Enroll in reputable AWS training courses and workshops. Many training providers in Hyderabad offer instructor-led classes and online courses specifically designed to prepare you for AWS certification exams. Look for AWS Authorized Training Partners for quality education.
            3. Self-Study Resources: Utilize AWS documentation, whitepapers, and online resources. AWS provides extensive documentation that covers all services and features. Additionally, explore AWS's official exam guides and practice questions to understand the exam format.
            4. Hands-On Experience: Gain practical experience by working on AWS projects. Create and manage AWS resources, deploy applications, and troubleshoot issues. Practical experience is invaluable for AWS certification preparation.
            5. Join AWS Study Groups: Join local AWS study groups or online forums where you can connect with fellow learners. Discussing topics and sharing insights with others can enhance your understanding and motivation.
            6. Practice Exams: Take practice exams and mock tests to assess your knowledge and identify areas that need improvement. There are various online platforms that offer AWS practice exams to help you gauge your readiness.
            7. AWS Certification Exam: Once you feel confident and well-prepared, schedule your AWS certification exam at a Pearson VUE testing center in Hyderabad. Be sure to review the AWS certification exam guide for specific details on exam content and objectives.
            8. Continuous Learning: AWS regularly updates its services and features. Stay updated with AWS announcements and continue learning to maintain your certification and stay relevant in the field.

            How does AWS Certification in Hyderabad positively impact your career?

            AWS certifications open doors to a wide range of job opportunities, from cloud architects and solutions architects to DevOps engineers. The demand for AWS-certified professionals in Hyderabad is consistently on the rise, and certified individuals often command higher salaries and enjoy accelerated career growth. AWS certifications are recognized globally, offering job opportunities in Hyderabad and beyond. Obtaining AWS certification in Hyderabad can expand your skill set and enhance your career prospects in the cloud computing industry.

            How can one benefit from participating in this AWS course in Hyderabad?

            Participating in the AWS course in Hyderabad offers numerous benefits to individuals seeking to enhance their cloud computing skills. This course provides comprehensive training on Amazon Web Services, one of the leading cloud platforms globally, opening up vast career opportunities. Participants gain hands-on experience in deploying, managing, and scaling AWS solutions, making them valuable assets to organizations. The course equips individuals with the knowledge to optimize cloud infrastructure, reducing operational costs.

            How does SAA-C02 differ from SAA-C03?

            SAA-C02 and SAA-C03 are two versions of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification. SAA-C03 is the updated version, reflecting the latest AWS technologies and best practices, while SAA-C02 covers older content. To stay current, it's recommended to opt for SAA-C03 for the most up-to-date certification.

            What are the Best AWS training institutes in Hyderabad?

            There are multiple AWS training institutes in Hyderabad, and Edureka is recognized as a leading one. It is renowned for its thorough AWS training programs that prepare individuals to succeed in Amazon Web Services through experienced instructors, up-to-date course content, hands-on labs, and practical learning. This has consistently positioned Edureka as among the top AWS training institutes in Hyderabad.

            What is the average AWS Solution Architect salary in India and the US?

            According to Payscale, the average annual salary of an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certified Solutions Architect Associate is ₹1,240,874 and in the US, the average AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certified Solutions Architect Associate salary is $114,334.

            What if I miss AWS classes in Hyderabad?

            You will never miss a lecture at Edureka! You can choose either of the two options:
            • View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.
            • You can attend the missed AWS session in any other live batch.

            Do I get access to free resources for learning AWS in Hyderabad?

            At edureka, We offer a range of free learning options, including free webinars, tutorials, and informative blogs.

            What are the other cloud computing courses in Hyderabad offered by Edureka?

            Edureka offers a range of cloud computing courses in Hyderabad, including AWS CertificationMicrosoft Azure CertificationGoogle Cloud CertificationCloud Architect CertificationSalesforce Admin Certification and more.

            What are the top AWS skills to showcase on your resume?

            Some of the top AWS skills to showcase include expertise in AWS services like EC2, S3, and RDS, proficiency in cloud security and IAM (Identity and Access Management), knowledge of infrastructure as code using tools like AWS CloudFormation, experience in serverless computing with AWS Lambda, and familiarity with AWS networking and VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) configurations.

            What if I fail to attend AWS classes in Hyderabad?

            If you miss AWS classes in Hyderabad at Edureka, we've got you covered. We provide recorded sessions and course materials, allowing you to catch up at your convenience. Our support team is also available to assist you. Your learning journey remains flexible and accessible, even if you can't attend live sessions.

            What is the AWS solution architect's salary in Hyderabad?

            The salary of an AWS Solution Architect in Hyderabad can vary depending on factors such as experience, skills, and the specific company or organization. On average, an AWS Solution Architect in Hyderabad can earn a competitive salary ranging from INR 8 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs or more per annum.

            What are the various AWS jobs available in Hyderabad?

            In Hyderabad, AWS job opportunities include roles like AWS Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, Solutions Architect, SysOps Administrator, Cloud Developer, and Support Engineer. These positions involve tasks such as designing cloud solutions, managing infrastructure, and ensuring AWS system reliability and security. Hyderabad's growing tech sector offers promising prospects for those with AWS expertise.

            What are the top companies hiring AWS Certified in Hyderabad?

            In Hyderabad, several top-tier companies are actively seeking AWS Certified professionals to bolster their cloud computing teams. Some of the prominent names include Amazon Web Services (AWS) itself, which has a significant presence in the city, and often hires certified experts to support its cloud services. Additionally, tech giants like Microsoft, Accenture, Deloitte, and TCS are continuously recruiting AWS Certified individuals to drive their cloud initiatives and provide innovative solutions to clients.

            What should you consider doing after successfully earning AWS Certification in Hyderabad?

            After earning an AWS Certification in Hyderabad, update your resume and LinkedIn profile to highlight your expertise. Join local AWS user groups, network, and explore job opportunities in the city's growing IT sector. Consider pursuing advanced AWS certifications for continued career growth.

            Does edureka provide AWS Training near me in Hyderabad?

            Yes, with a global presence, we offer AWS Online Training in nearby areas of Hyderabad and all over the world. Enroll today and enjoy the best online learning experience.

            Will I get placement assistance after completing the AWS course in Hyderabad?

            More than 70% of Edureka Learners have reported change in job profile (promotion), work location (onsite), lateral transfers & new job offers. Edureka's AWS Solution Architect Certification is well recognized in the IT industry as it is a testament to the intensive and practical learning you have gone through and the real-life projects you have delivered.
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