Tableau count average from averages

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There is some data:

A, B, C (where C = A/B)
10, 20, 0.5
10, 100, 0.1

There are two ways of counting the average C:

  • First is sum(A)/sum(B), that gives C equal 20/120=0.1666

This is Tableau: sum([A])/sum([B])

  • Second is avg(C), that gives C equal (0.5+0.1)/2=0.3

This is in Tableau: No Idea...

Both have different usages. I need the second one, but can't find a way to calculate it. Anything I try, I always get the first type.

Mar 13 in Tableau by Nithin

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Hi Nithin,

1. You create a calculated field to provide value of C for every row. 

  • write the code as  DIV([A],[B]) then you will get C for every row. ( Here A, B  should be Integer to use DIV() else convert to integer i.e  DIV(INT([A])/INT([B])) .

2. Then Apply average on the field C to get the output as your second way just like performing average on fields.

Hope this helps you.

answered Mar 13 by CHERUKURI
• 13,940 points

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