How to import json file to mongodb using pyspark (or python)?

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I'm try to import json in the file to mongodb using pyspark after connection pyspark with mongodb, I'm using Ubuntu, my file in (file:///home/user/Downloads/newdb/hale.json) I write it like this ('home/user/Downloads/newdb/hale.json'),

I want to try using this code but in JSON

df = = '/home/ahmad/Downloads/newdb/hale.csv', header=True, inferSchema=True)


Sep 8 in Python by Ahmed
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You can use the same format as in your question but replace csv with json. 

df = = '/home/ahmad/Downloads/newdb/hale.json', header=True, inferSchema=True)
answered Sep 9 by Karan
Thank you, I did this code but doesn't work :(
Hey @Ahmed. Can you share the error that you got?

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