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Measuring Social Media ROI

A self-paced course designed to master various social media concepts, including strategy, communication, costs and benefits and get the right expertise in Measuring Social Media ROI.

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Edureka's Measuring Social Media ROI course will help in understanding the concepts of social media ROI, which marketers, PR professionals, and business managers can use to determine the success of their marketing and social media campaigns. The course will also cover strategies to deploy a measurement structure. This is a master class course comprising a total of four hours of lectures, explaining the concepts you need to grasp to develop a social media presence, including linkages to strategy, marketing, communication and financial outcomes. The second part will include ROI on its raw hard metrics appearance: the costs and benefits of social media.

After the completion of the 'Measuring Social Media ROI' course at Edureka, you will be able to: 

1. Understand how social media is linked to the company strategy 

2. Know how social media can impact company results

3. Learn how to define, measure, and calculate the ROI of social media

4. Plan your Strategy & Balance Scorecard

5. Know about the Marketing & Leveraging the 4 P’s

6. Which Sales Model works for You

7. Understand your Business Vale Proposition: Exploring the 9 Areas

8. Understand the Social Media Planning

9. Cost of Social Media

10. Cost of Social Media defined in terms of Human Resource & Technology

11. Benefits of Social Media & Defining the Customer

12. Lifetime Value

13. Defining the MEV (Media Equivalent Value)

14. Social Media & Brand Equity

15. A Real life Case study on how to use Social Media ROI Planning & Tools

Nowadays, social media ROI has become one of the most discussed and current topics around marketing, communication and digital media professionals. Here, we introduce you to the basics of social media ROI, so you can start your learning journey along this course.

The ROI of social media will allow you to find out the success of your campaigns and compare them to other campaigns or even other non marketing projects in your organisation. That's the beauty of ROI, its comparability across realms.

This course is a solid foundation for social media professionals, marketers, PR and communication managers, as well as entrepreneurs and business owners.

Basic knowledge of social media, and at least user experience in some of the major platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will understand the basic concepts of social media ROI and how social media marketing can impact business from the broader strategy, to the sales pipeline.

Topics - What is Social Media ROI, Why it should be measured, Basics of business: strategy, marketing, and sales, Nine areas in which social media improves your business, The social media plan.

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn how to plan for an adequate measuring strategy, what needs to be measured, and how to calculate social media ROI.

Topics - The ROI of Marketing, Costs of social media, Benefits of social media, Measuring social media ROI in practice.

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At the end of your course, you will work on a real time Project. You will receive a Problem Statement along with a dataset to work.

Once you are successfully through with the project (reviewed by an expert), you will be awarded a certificate with a performance based grading. 

If your project is not approved in 1st attempt, you can take additional assistance to understand the concepts better and reattempt the Project free of cost.


Measuring Social Media ROI