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Exciting Software Testing and Automation Industry Trends


Quality Assurance & Software Testing jobs set to grow by 25% from 2022 to 2032

₹ 7.7 LPA

Average salary of a Quality Assurance Specialist in India is ₹7.7 LPA & goes up to ₹20 LPA

$90.66 Billion

Software Testing Market Worldwide expected to reach $90.66 Billion by 2025

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Build Industry Relevant Projects for Software Testing & Automation


Implement LOG4j-Driven Data Insights for E-Commerce Website like Amazon

Showcase your Software Testing & Automation Expertise with this Capstone Project

Build Industry Relevant Projects for  Software Testing & Automation icon

Develop a data driven test framework using the Page Object Model, including advanced features like handling multiple windows and Iframes. Utilise TestNG and LOG4j for effective data capture and reporting, enabling thorough analysis of the platform's interface and functionality.


Test Script for Flipkart Website

Create a grid of nodes and automate test cases using the TestNG framework on the Flipkart Website


Website Handling using Hybrid-Driven Framework

Create a Hybrid-Test Automation Framework using Page Object Model & automate test cases using TestNG framework


Streamline Cross-Platform Testing for and Myntra

Build a single testing platform, which tests both Native & Web-view aspects of the application.


LOG4j-Driven Data Insights on E-Commerce Platforms like Amazon

Construct a Data-Driven Test Automation Framework & harness the power of Selenium Automation WebDriver to navigate and interact.

Why learn Software Testing and Automation?

  • Companies like Oracle, Accenture, TCS, IBM, Cigniti Technologies are looking for Software testers
  • Get Eligible for Multiple Job Opportunities work in diverse roles and technologies
  • Software Testing and Automation is an important part for businesses as it helps in building better softwares for better user satisfaction.

Technologies you will learn


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Edureka Internship Certificate

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Software Testing & Automation Internship Program Curriculum

Software Engineering Foundations

3 Topics


  • Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC)
  • Agile Development Model
  • Introduction to DevOps

Hands on Experience

  • Implementing SDLC
  • Analyzing and working on real-world case studies
  • Implementing Agile methodologies
  • Working on exercises that promote DevOps culture

Skills you will Learn

  • Implementation of SDLC and Agile Methodologies
  • Project Management and Adaptive Planning
  • DevOps Practices and CI/CD Pipeline Management

Software Testing Fundamentals

7 Topics


  • Linux Fundamentals - I
  • Linux Fundamentals - II
  • Overview of Software Testing
  • Functional and Non Functional Testing
  • Test Design Techniques and Test Execution - I
  • Test Design Techniques and Test Execution - II
  • Bug Reporting and Test Environment Set-Up

Hands on Experience

  • Social Networking site- Account creation page
  • Learn about STLC and types of Test cases
  • Perform different Git operations, Continuous Integration using Jenkins
  • Setting Up Test Environment

Skills you will Learn

  • Implementing Software Testing Models
  • Functional and Non-Functional Testing Techniques
  • Test Design and Execution
  • Test Management Tools and Bug Reporting

Manual Testing

10 Topics


  • Manual Testing Basics
  • Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution & Test Techniques
  • Levels
  • Types Of Testing
  • Defect Management - Part I
  • Reporting
  • Team Collaboration
  • Metrics & Measurement
  • Testing Tools and FAQs
  • Best Practices in Manual Testing

Hands on Experience

  • Test Case Development and Execution
  • Application of Test Techniques
  • Analyzing Different Levels and Types of Testing
  • Defect Management and Reporting

Skills you will Learn

  • Test Strategies
  • Website Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Mutation Testing
  • Automate Data Operations

Continuous Testing in DevOps

9 Topics


  • Continuous Testing Fundamentals
  • Test Automation Basics
  • Version Control with Git Part - I
  • Version Control with Git Part - II
  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Maven
  • Setting Up a Jenkins Pipeline
  • Version Control and Automated Testing Tools Integration
  • Artifact and Security Management

Hands on Experience

  • Git installation, Version Control, Branching and Merging of code
  • Jenkins Pipeline Setup
  • Build and automate tests using Jenkins and Maven

Skills you will Learn

  • DevOps Lifecycle Understanding
  • Git Command Proficiency
  • Jenkins Pipeline Configuration
  • Maven Project Management
  • Automated Testing Integration
  • Artifact and Security Management in Jenkins

Automated Web Testing with Selenium

12 Topics


  • Java Basics Refresher
  • Arrays and Collection Framework in Java - I
  • Automation Testing and Selenium Essentials - I
  • Selenium WebDriver and Locators - I
  • Interacting with waits in Selenium and TestNG Framework -I
  • Handling Alerts and Modal Dialog Box in Selenium
  • Selenium Grid and Robot Class
  • Selenium IDE and Page Object Model - I
  • Automation Frameworks - I
  • Configuring Jenkins with Selenium
  • IFrames, Actions Class, and Dropdowns - I
  • Continuous Testing using Selenium

Hands on Experience

  • Selenium WebDriver and Architecture
  • Locating Web Elements Using Various Locators
  • Executing a TestNG Script and TestNG Reporting
  • Implementing Selenium Grid
  • Test Case in Selenium IDE

Skills you will Learn

  • Web Automation
  • Selenium WebDriver Basics and Architecture
  • Handling Web Elements and Various Locators
  • Interacting with waits, TestNG Framework
  • Implementing Page Object Model (POM)
  • Understanding Various Selenium Frameworks

Mobile App Testing Using Appium

5 Topics


  • Introduction to Mobile Testing
  • Introduction to Appium
  • Automating Hybrid and Native Apps
  • Automating the Application Management Actions and Automating the Mobile Browser
  • Advanced Integration and Performance Insights

Hands on Experience

  • Automating App Element Accessibility
  • Simple TestNG App Automation Project
  • Automate Android Gestures via Appium
  • Appium Script for Network Configurations
  • Automate Hybrid and Native Android Apps

Skills you will Learn

  • Mobile Automation Testing Fundamentals
  • Appium Basics and Script Writing
  • Automating Hybrid and Native Apps
  • Mobile Browser Automation and Management Actions
  • Gesture and KeyEvent Handling in Mobile Testing
  • Mobile Testing Performance Analysis

Performance Testing Using JMeter

5 Topics


  • Introduction to JMeter
  • Performance Testing
  • Advanced Test Scenarios
  • Working with Different Protocols
  • Performance Test Analysis and Reporting

Hands on Experience

  • Perform JMeter GUI based operations
  • Learn how to add and configure elements
  • Generate test report which includes error log files
  • Conduct Load testing of a website
  • Perform Scalability testing of an application

Skills you will Learn

  • JMeter Fundamentals and Test Plan Creation
  • Recording and Executing Performance Tests in JMeter
  • Performance Metrics Analysis and Interpretation
  • Parameterization and Assertions in Test Scenarios
  • Handling Dynamic Data in JMeter

Automation Testing using TestComplete

7 Topics


  • Getting Started with TestComplete
  • Basic Test Operations
  • Scripting in TestComplete
  • Advanced Test Creation
  • Working with Databases and File Systems
  • Testing Web and Mobile Applications
  • Mastering TestComplete: Advanced Strategies and Innovations

Hands on Experience

  • Automate a New order entry, Modification of newly entered order & Deletion of recently modified order entry
  • To automate Reservation search and reservation booking with checkpoints on each page

Skills you will Learn

  • TestComplete Interface and Project Setup
  • Recording and Playback of Tests
  • Scripting and Debugging in TestComplete
  • Data-Driven and Keyword Testing Implementation
  • Database and File System Testing Techniques
  • Web and Mobile Application Testing with TestComplete


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Admission Process

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Frequently asked questions

Who is the Software Testing & Automation course curated for?

Anyone interested in getting into a quality assurance and testing career can join this Software Testing and Automation internship program as the fundamentals are required for various quality assurance, software testing and automation jobs and all companies look for it.

Do I need to have coding experience to join the Software Testing and Automation Internship Course?

There are no prerequisites for this internship program. Anyone from any educational background can join as you are gonna learn everything from Level 0 to Advanced level.

Can I master Software Testing and Automation in such a short duration?

The content for this Software Testing and Automation Internship course is carefully curated by Technology Specialists, Testing Professionals from top tech companies like Amazon, IBM, Netflix.

Thanks to their years of experience and domain knowledge, these professionals have instilled all the key concepts in an easily understandable format in this single course.

Based on their experience in Software Testing and Automation, they have chosen the most important concepts that are fundamental to become a Software developer Engineer, Quality Engineer, DevOps Engineers and crack interviews in top tech companies.

This Software Testing and Automation course will follow a similar training structure as followed by top tech companies to train their Software developer Engineers and Test Managers and will also cover important details from their interviews.

How much time do I need to spend per week to do well in this Software Testing and Automation course?

You will need to give at least 2 hours every day to do well in this Software Testing and Automation course. This includes attending live instructor-led classes every day and attending 1 hour doubt solving sessions twice every week.

Will I get an Internship certificate irrespective of my performance?

No. You will only get an Edureka Internship Certificate if you complete the project within the timeline. We will give you adequate time, required guidance, and help to complete the project, but if you still fail, you will not get a Course Completion Certificate.

How can I become an Edureka Super Intern?

The Edureka Super Intern certificate will only be given to learners who complete the project within the set timeline, help other learners and work with them as a team, and come up with innovative ideas during the development of the product.

Do we get Placement Assistance?

Yes, you will be getting 100% Placement Assistance from us.

How is this Software Testing and Automation Internship program different from other programs?

The course is designed for students and recent graduates looking to gain relevant skills and experience in Software Testing and Automation. This course follows a similar training structure as followed by top tech companies to train their employees. From Day 1 to completion of this course, you will get an Internship certificate from Edureka.

Who will be the trainer for the Software Testing and Automation Internship Program?

The trainers at Edureka are industry experts with 15+ years of experience in Software Testing and Test Automation engineers.

How to get Software testing and Automation internships?

Enrolling into this Software Testing and Automation Internship program is the best way to get internship-like experience. Edureka students have been placed in many companies with a global presence through the Career and Placement Assistance Programs.

How much do Software Testing interns make?

According to Glassdoor, the Software Developer Interns average salary is ₹176,000 in India.

Is this Course Online or Offline?

This Course is completely online, and here you get lifetime access to all the lectures, class recordings, assignments, resources and much more.

Will I get a paid internship offer or full-time offer from Edureka or any other organization after this course?

This is an internship program. Once the course is completed, we do not guarantee any paid internship or full-time offer with Edureka or any other organization. However, in this program, we will guide you on how to get a paid internship or a full-time offer. We may refer you as well if there’s a suitable opening in Edureka or any of its partner hiring companies.

Are there EMI Options available?

Yes. We have an option to pay the course fee in 2 instalments. Talk with the admission team to get the best plans.

How can I contact you?

For any queries, you can write to us at
For Career Assistance :