How can I add indexes of similar values from two csv to each of them

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So I have two csv files:

2010-12-10, Steve, Jobs, 20
2010-12-12, Elon, Musk, 23
2011-01-02, Larry, Page, 25


2015-01-03, STeve JObs, 34
2015-02-13, Elon Musk, 27
2015-01-17, LArry Page, 18
2015-09-11, Steve Jobs, 25

The task is about finding similarities in these two files by name ofc and adding a row (in new column) with their index/indices from another file.
For now I extract columns (merge 2 from csv1 and append as new column, both as DataFrames), uppercase them and I can print their positions in the opposite file (very primitive, nested loop and external int indices). Does pandas provide some tools to get what I want? Do you have any idea for possible solution? What should I learn more about? ;)

Desired output of ex. csv1:
2010-12-10, Steve, Jobs, 20, [1,4]
2010-12-12, Elon, Musk, 23,
2011-01-02, Larry, Page, 25,



2015-01-03, STeve JObs, 34,1
2015-02-13, Elon Musk, 27,
2015-01-17, LArry Page, 18,
2015-09-11, Steve Jobs, 25,1
Aug 12, 2020 in Python by Alex
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Hello @Alex ,

You can refer this for your query:

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