What resources proved beneficial while switching your career to Project Management

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I'm looking for information to help those who are considering becoming project managers and was wondering what helped those of you make the transition? A person, books, classes, etc.

Thank you!
Jul 29, 2020 in PMP by anonymous
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Take a good fundamentals class with lots of hands-on exercises is what I would recommend.

Assuming you don't have sufficient experience, Here are my suggestions:

  • I'd suggest that you try to get a role as a project analyst or coordinator on a project in the technology domain as that is your strength. With some experience in that role, you'd be well-positioned for a Project Manager role. 

  • Next, go for the PMP Certification. It is a globally acknowledged professional certification program in project management, that legalizes a professional’s education, experience, skill, and competency that is required to lead and direct projects.

To know more, refer to https://www.edureka.co/blog/what-is-pmp/

There's a youtube playlist that you can refer to in case you want to learn PMP and get certified.

Also, read PM Network regularly along with other online references. Find a seasoned PM willing to mentor you within your industry and ideally your company.

Good luck and all the best. 

answered Jul 29, 2020 by Michael

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