How to set up authentication for reactjs and django

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While I was working on my final school project I had a problem adding the ckeditor to my recat app linked to my django project so I cheated, and created a form page with djnago where it's easy to use the ckeditor (the main problem in react was with the image upload ), so now I had an other problem is authentication so i didn't know if i should use the djnago-knox token authentication and how to secure the page of the form create in django default template

So,the two problems that i have are :

    - to secure the path so I can not access the page only if the user is logged in

    - and how to pass the id of the user in to form

so the qeustion is what's the best autentication option to secure the frontend ( reactjs ) and the backend (the django template)
Jun 1, 2020 in Web Development by yahya
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Hello  yahya ,

Using both, you can secure access in your frontend using reducers with react redux, and with jwt token authentification you can secure your backend using permisision in you serializers.


How we restrict route is, we only give access if the user is logged in. In the router page, we add a condition like:

{isLoggedIn && (

So this only allows logged in users to the route, if not logged in then it will show 404 route.
Tokens and keys are stored in local storage of  browser,  we will pass the token with the api header as authorization.

Hope it works!!

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answered Jun 2, 2020 by Niroj
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