Is there anyone who knows well about android app studio and can build an app? I have a very good idea want to develop an app, need your help, if u can help me please leave a message [closed]

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I need to Post api to database using java in intellij. After testing sample api through postman i got an Sql exception saying Syntax error at or near ',' Please tell me where i made a mistake

public Result setModelMasterParams(){         try{             long tenantId = request().getHeader("tenant_id")==null                     || request().getHeader("tenant_id").equalsIgnoreCase("")                     || ...READ MORE

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Is there a way to mask the password from java user input that comes from Scanner class and System.out.Println()?

You can use the console class to do so. ...READ MORE

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What is the syntax to declare and initialize an array in java?

You can use this method: String[] strs = ...READ MORE

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How can I convert a String variable to a primitive int in Java

 Here are two ways illustrating this: Integer x ...READ MORE

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How to build an Uber clone app like Wooberly?

Hello @Bruceoxenford, Many uber clone scripts were developed ...READ MORE

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