Docker swarm, not service not deploying to other nodes

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I have a docker swarm set up. I have attached a picture of some of the information. Basically, if I try and get a service to load, it only loads on the master (which is also where it was created). I need to be able to specify other nodes that it will deploy to but they come up with “no such image”. I am only new to this, so I am figuring it is something fairly basic that I have missed so any help would be appreciated.

To create the service I use

sudo docker service create —name s2f7 —publish 4000:4000 —hostname pi-zero s2fv7

Jan 31 in Docker by Karenh
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Can you please go to your worker node and check for all the available images? Use the command 

docker images

This is the images. I would imagine that if there was an issue, it wouldn't work at all.

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Hi @Karenh.

Try removing all the old images using the following command:

dokcer-compose rm 

And try rebuilding it again.

answered Jan 31 by Aisha
I haven't used compose though.

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