Finding platform or programming language used in web application by file extension

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Hi. Is there a way to find out the programming language used to build a web page or the platform that the web application is built on based on the file extension of the web page?
Aug 22, 2019 in Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking by Tina

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Yes. It is possible to understand the programming/language or platform by file extension. For example:

  • asp — Microsoft Active Server Pages
  • aspx — Microsoft ASP.NET
  • pl — Perl language
  • py — Python language
  • jsp — Java Server Pages
  • php — PHP language

But in most cases, you don't see the extension of the file, you only see the file name. In such cases, you can manually append the extensions and check which works. 

For example, if the web page url is and the page is written in php, the appending a .py extension

will give a page not found error. But adding .php as the extension

will work fine. This means the the page is written in php language

answered Aug 22, 2019 by Will

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