what is configuration management and why do we need one

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What exactly does a Configuration management tool do?
Jul 29, 2019 in Puppet by Sam
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Configuration management is all about bringing consistency in the infrastructure. This is done by ensuring that the current design system, state and environment is known,trusted and agreed upon by everyone.

Configuration management helps record all the changes made in the system.

As a broader subject, configuration management (CM) refers to the process of systematically handling changes to a system in a way that it maintains integrity over time. 

The primary benefit of configuration management is consistency of systems and software. With configuration management, you no longer guess or hope that a configuration is current. It is correct because the configuration management system ensures that it is correct.

When combined with automation, configuration management can improve efficiency because manual configuration processes are replaced with automated processes. This also makes it possible to manage more targets with the same or even fewer resources.

Why Configuration Management Is Important?

Configuration management is important because it enables the ability to scale infrastructure and software systems without having to correspondingly scale administrative staff to manage those systems. This can make it possible to scale where it previously wasn’t feasible to do so.

Some of the popular configuration management tools are Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Saltstack etc.

answered Jul 29, 2019 by Sirajul
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