Create k8s namespace using ansible

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I'm trying to write an Ansible task to create k8s namespace. can you help me out? Thanks
Jun 11 in Ansible by Travis

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Hey @Travus, you can use the k8s module of Ansible which is used to manage k8s objects. Have a look at this example to write a task to create a namespace for k8s:

- name: Create a k8s namespace
    name: Kubernetes
    api_version: v1
    kind: Namespace
    state: present
answered Jun 11 by Faiza
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You can also create a kubernetes namespace using the Kubernetes module of Ansible.

- name: Create a kubernetes namespace
    api_endpoint: specify-endpoint #specify the endpoint
    url_username: admin  #username
    url_password: samplepass  #password for your username
    file_reference: /path-create-namespace.yaml  #the location where you wish to create the namespace
    state: present
answered Jun 11 by Nasser

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