formatting_info=true for xlsx file handling

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I would like modify without loosing data of one xlsx file which has charts, table formats, attachments.

Thank you in advance

Babu Mamidi
Mar 18 in Python by M
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There are 2 libraries used to handle excel files in python: openpyxl and xlsxwriter

But you can not use either directly because xlsxwriter does not support modifying existing xlsx files and if you use openpyxl you will lose the charts. The workaround is to convert the xlsx file to xls file and modify it. 

answered Mar 19 by Omkar
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Thank you for your response, now i am to handle xlsx file without loosing graphs, Table format. Previously i am getting error while file saving due to comments inside some cells. when removed comments in all cells by VB. now i am able to do my tasks.
Glad to be of help :)

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