Salary Hike in IBM India

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IBM is one of the top IT companies in India and I have got an opportunity to work there (along with offers in other companies). The other company (say X), is giving good salary hikes (9 - 18%). Both these companies are offering me the same salary package but I have heard IBM salary hikes are not good. Is it true? I want to know this to decide which company to join.
Jan 30 in Career Counselling by Suraj

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Yes, it is true that IBM does not provide good hikes. There was a time in the year 2016 when I heard that IBM stopped giving free coffee due to cost-cutting. IBM is one of the top companies but the employees here are not satisfied with the hike in salary. They have a 5-point rating system. If you get 4+ points on performance then you will receive a hike of around 5-12%. If you have less than 4 points, the hike is negligible.
answered Jan 30 by Lohit
Annual increment in IBM is 0% to 5 %.  Minimum year for Band increment eligibility is 5years

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