Can I use Kubespray without using kubespray_git_repo?

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Can I use Kubespray without using kubespray_git_repo? Just a very genuine doubt, my work is done using the git_repo.
Jan 22, 2019 in Ansible by Sparsh

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Hey @Sparsh, Obviously you can, follow these steps:

pip install ansible
  • Create ansible playbook with these steps
# Copy ``inventory/sample`` as ``inventory/mycluster``
cp -rfp inventory/sample inventory/mycluster

# Update Ansible inventory file with inventory builder
declare -a IPS=(
CONFIG_FILE=inventory/mycluster/hosts.ini python3 contrib/inventory_builder/ ${IPS[@]}

# Review and change parameters under ``inventory/mycluster/group_vars``
cat inventory/mycluster/group_vars/all.yml
cat inventory/mycluster/group_vars/k8s-cluster.yml

# Deploy Kubespray with Ansible Playbook
ansible-playbook -i inventory/mycluster/hosts.ini cluster.yml
answered Jan 22, 2019 by Shankar

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