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Since Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin in 2008, the blockchain has gone through ten years. Nowadays, the blockchain has passed the barbaric age and needs the landing of real public chains and killer applications. Based on summarizing the past blockchain 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, the AtoX project team introduced blockchain 4.0 based on Ai's enhanced cross-chain protocol and the new financial revolution. AtoX blockchain 4.0, a leading technology, is also a killer application, aiming to promote the world revolutionary process of blockchain transformation and lead the industry.

1. The blockchain 4.0 proposed by AtoX avoids the defects of 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 in the past blockchain, which is a more mature version.

The Bitcoin of Blockchain 1.0 solves the problem of digital currency. The Ethereum of Blockchain 2.0 solves the problem of digital asset securitization. Here, there is also a fork, IBM's super ledger, is a permissioned blockchain, designed to open up cross-industry applications of finance, and later it did not work. The Ripple of Blockchain 3.0 solves the problem of cross-bank settlement. There is also a fork here, the ecosystems of EOS is criticized by the industry for its lack of centralization, and even being questioned that it is not a blockchain. Although the development of the public chain has experienced three generations of 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, it is still immature, and major technical problems still need to be broken through, and large-scale commercial applications will take time.

AtoX proposes Blockchain 4.0 in a timely manner. Based on Ai's enhanced cross-chain technology architecture, it not only overcomes the technical challenges of blockchain 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, but also based on the new financial business model, through integrated payment settlement and UT/ST dual-token issuance, achieving the digitization or programmization of currency, securities and banking, and open the way for funds to enter the real economy, and promote the chain reform and the revolution in the mode of corporate governance, and finally realizing the dream of “enterprise launch onto the chain and everyone have coins” . We believe that the AtoX of blockchain 4.0 is a relatively mature and ideal public chain.

The following are the basic elements of the AtoX blockchain project.

Positioning: blockchain 4.0;

Technical architecture: AtoX algorithm, ie Ai enhanced cross-chain protocol;

Business model: New Finance, integrated payment settlement and UT/ST dual-token issuance, extended to the whole finance to support the revolution of enterprise chain reform and governance;

Team: Jewish genes.

AtoX algorithm, AI enhanced cross-chain protocol, can effectively solve the triangle paradox of decentralized, security and easy of use, it is a leading technology architecture

The decentralization of Bitcoin of blockchain 1.0 is good, but the transaction speed TPS is too slow and the scalability is limited. Although the Ethereum of blockchain 2.0 has scalability, the transaction speed TPS is still not ideal. Although some solutions have been proposed, the cost of implementing these solutions is often to limit the number of possibilities for transactions pair, or to rely on a centralized transaction entrustment platform, such as EOS, which is vulnerable to human tampering and hacking. There is thus the possibility of counterfeiting transactions and cheating, as well as the security risks of stolen funds. The AtoX algorithm uses the AI enhanced cross-chain technology as the core of the technology, and builds a digital trading system that avoids the above-mentioned defects and realizes decentralization in real sense.

2. About AtoX algorithm

The AtoX algorithm exploits the scalability of lightning networks, making it possible for traders to trade at high speeds between almost any blockchain;

At the same time, the exchange rate is detected in real time by the delinked transaction entrustbook stored on IPFS; and the use of a consensus mechanism that is both energy efficient and alleviating the problem of turing; multi-token and wallets, and design of interfacing to the token trading platform, can effectively support a variety of applications.

AtoX protocol, through AI models and algorithms, real-time learning, through a large number of data analysis, constantly repairing possible loopholes in the system to prevent hacker attacks or other unexpected events;

It is also enhanced by Ai to maintain the decentralization of the blockchain and to timely adjust to the problems;

It also enhances its performance and improves TPS through Ai enhancements.

The AtoX protocol is truly able to effectively solve the triangular conflicts that have long plagued the public chain for a long time, decentralization, security, and commerciality.

In addition, AtoX's open blockchain platform integrates multiple functional modules and can plug in to add new features. These create conditions for later scalability of platform functionality.

At present, the platform supports the bank's payment and settlement business, and it needs to support services such as deposits, loans, factoring, and bills in the future. The platform will also support enterprise asset to launch onto the chain, that is, digitization, tokenization, and securitization of various types of enterprise assets. After that, the token on the blockchain requires government supervision, and the platform needs to be connected to the policy sandbox. These, the pluggable function modules will be of great use.

The introduction of Ai technology will also play a role at the application level in the future. Use big data and AI to provide analysis and prediction services to assist users in decision-making.

3. AtoX new financial business model

AtoX's new financial business model set payment settlement and dual-token issuance together, expanding to the whole finance, promoting the chain reform and corporate governance revolution.

The blockchain is finance, which is digital finance, programmable finance, and new finance. And finance is the lifeblood of the modern economic system. The application of blockchain must first be applied in the financial sector, using new finance to leverage technological innovation and the development of the real economy.

AtoX's new financial model, adhering to the three major value points of blockchain,  stranger credit, card incentive and co-governance, the core is to build a new, technology-leading and approachable financial ecosystem through a mature, stable, scalable and sustainable new financial public chain platform, open up the channels of funds and the real economy, provide enterprises with chain reform and governance revolution services, and promote economic development and human civilization.

Prior to this, bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other solutions, although they also explored in digital finance, but there are defects such as cutting leeks, currency value instability, lack of supervision, difficult to land, etc., they are still immature.

AtoX's new financial model firstly integrates Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple functions in one furnace, supports UT/ST dual-token issuance and bank payment settlement, and has three types of financial functions: currency, securities and banking. The stable currency UT enhances the stability of the digital currency; ST and later expands to the corporate asset chain and connects to the supervision, and eliminates the cutting of the leeks under the premise of supporting the token economy model; the wallet design improves the ability of the payment and settlement of trade finance. Relying on the strong support of AtoX technology architecture, AtoX's new financial model has corrected various shortcomings of past blockchain financial applications, and has become a mature, integrated and efficient new financial public chain platform.

The UT/ST dual-token mode design has two functions: one is to increase the diversity of internal strategies and adapt to investors with different needs; the other is to operate the whole model, and the platform motivates each participant to act with the aim of maximizing their own interests, and promotes the whole platform to develop positively.

AtoX's new financial model is an independent financial platform that can directly connect with corporate and personal services. It can also cooperate with traditional financial institutions such as banks, securities, and factoring to enhance the role of traditional financial institutions.

Nowadays, people can not only own the legal tender assets of the atomic world, but also can own the digital assets of the bit world, and everyone can enter.

AtoX's new financial model, it also with the inclusive financial characteristics. AXC is a platform incentive token model designed for investors with high growth and high returns.

New finance is the direction of the future of finance and the direction of the future of the economy. The blockchain revolution was first and foremost the new financial revolution. AtoX saw the trend of the new financial revolution and took the responsibility of the new financial revolution to become the leader of the blockchain 4.0.

The blockchain embraces traditional finance to realize the new financial revolution;

The blockchain industry is available in many industries to achieve chain reform;

Everyone can enter into blockchain and move towards common prosperity.

Blockchain 4.0 advocated by AtoX, using chain and AI combination, using new finance, and using the spirit of “love herism” to create a high-dimensional world of wealthy and loved ones with enterprises launching onto the chain and everyone has coins.
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Could you provide a link of the documentation for this Blockchain 4.0?

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