Does Microsoft use edge or chrome

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I heard that Microsoft is ditching it's very own browser edge and using Google Chrome. Is that true?
Jan 3, 2019 in Events & Trending Topics by Ali
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Hey @Ali, that's true.

So recently Microsoft made an announcement saying they'll be dumping its own browser Edge and will be using Google Chrome. Let's be honest here, all of us prefer chrome over edge, the obvious reason being chrome provides better services. Edge has never really matched the competition with its rivals. 

Over the past few years, Microsoft has been participating in many Open Source Software Community and this is one of their new moves to increase the web compatibility for their customers and employees. This also means less web fragmentation for all the developers. They are basically cloning with Google chrome to improve edge which will start benefiting everybody.

answered Jan 3, 2019 by jackie
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Yes @Ali, what you've heard is true. Even I wasn't able to believe this but I honestly feel its a smart move. 

For more details, you can read the company's blog announcement

answered Jan 3, 2019 by Alan

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