Azure Data Studio - Why Is Restore Option Missing Entirely

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I don't get it. Is the backup option no longer available in Azure Studio?
Mar 2 in Azure by Edureka
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The SERVERS sidebar allows you to access the TutorialDB database dashboard. Then press Ctrl+G to expand Databases, right-click TutorialDB, and choose Manage from the menu.

  1. Select Backup from the Tasks widget to open the Database Backup dialogue box.
  2. The Tasks widget as seen in a screenshot.
  3. The default backup options are used in this tutorial, so choose Backup.
  4. The Task History window is shown in this screenshot.
  5. Right-click Backup Database Succeeded and select Script to see the backup script in the editor.
  6. This is a screenshot of the backup script.
  7. Ctrl+G will bring up the SERVERS sidebar. Then pick Manage from the context menu when you right-click your server.
  8. Select Restore from the Tasks widget to open the Restore database dialogue box.
  9. A screenshot of the Task Restore feature.
  10. In the Restore from box, choose Backup file.
  11. In the Backup file path box, click the ellipses (...) and choose the most recent backup file for TutorialDB.
  12. To restore the backup file to a new database, type TutorialDB Restored in the Target database box in the Destination section. Then choose Restore from the drop-down menu.
  13. Restore backup is seen in this screenshot.
  14. Select Ctrl+T to open the Task History and check the status of the restore procedure.
answered Mar 2 by Edureka
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