How to find element using classname and tagname using selenium webdriver

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I wrote the below selenium code to find the description which include classes and tagname but it is throwing an error. Please suggest the solution for this

WebElement WWdescription = driver.findElement(By.className("atb-delivery-accordions").className("section highlight-01").tagName("p"));    

<div class="atb-delivery-accordions">

    <div class="page-accordion opened">

    <input id="moreDetails-acc" class="acc-check" type="checkbox" checked="">

    <label class="acc-label opened" data-panel-id="moreDetailsAcc" for="moreDetails-acc">Description</label>

    <div class="content" data-panel-id="moreDetailsAcc" style="display: block;">

    <div class="information-panel">

    <div class="subcontent">

    <div class="section highlight-01">

    <p>A pretty floral lace collection combining contrast bows and trims for a feminine on trend look. The fuller coverage of our post surgery bras provide support, comfort and confidence. The dual cotton pockets are perfect for a prosthesis. Combine style and value with this pack of 2 bras.</p>
Apr 17, 2018 in Selenium by Meci Matt
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Use the below code or you can take reference from it:

 WebElement parentEle = driver.findElement(By.xpath("//div[@class='atb-delivery-accordions']"));

 WebElement descriptionEle = parentEle.findElement(By.tagName("p"));

  String descriptionText = descriptionEle.getText();
answered Apr 17, 2018 by king_kenny
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if class name not found how to check class name is exist or not

You can go to inspect and then hover the cursor to the web element to check the class name and if there is no class name then you can use XPath as the last resort. 

See this, 

See here, in inspect section you can see the class name and all and using chropath you can see the xpath for the element.

Hope this helps.

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