How to deploy a java app to Docker

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I am doing POC on deploying these Microservices to Docker. I made a simple application with maven, Java 8 (not OpenJdk) and jar file is ready to be deployed but I stuck with the exact steps on how to deploy and run/test the application on Docker container.

I've already downloaded Docker on mac and went over this documentation but I feel like there are some steps missing in the middle and I got confused.

I appericiate your help.

Thank you!

Aug 2, 2018 in Docker by Atul
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If you are having JAR file, the quickest way to try it out in docker is to create a Dockerfile which uses the official OpenJDK base image, copies in your JAR and configures Docker to run it when the container starts:

FROM openjdk:7
COPY my.jar /my.jar
CMD ["java", "-jar", "/my.jar"]

With that Dockerfile in the same location as your JAR file run:

docker build -t my-app .

Which will create the image, and then to run the app in a container:

docker run my-app

I hope it will resolve your query.

answered Aug 2, 2018 by Damon Salvatore
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