copy local data to Azure Blob

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I need to copy my data which located on (Windows Server 2016) to our Azure Blob, this data contains folders and subfolders,  Some paths exceed 260 characters and I need the structure of files to be copied as it.

I tried Azcopy but got an exception with a long file name.

Is there any idea, how to make AZcopy handle long names? what about something like RoboCopy, I'm not sure that's possible.

What about the recommended tools by my colleague like GoodSync, Gs Richcopy 360, and Securecopy? anyone has an idea 

Another question, How can I control the connection via Azcopy while copying to Azure blob, as our network bandwidth is consumed by as much as 90%, this affects our work operation?

update: thanks I use now the tool "Gs Richcopy 360" instead of Azcopy ,  I can now control the connection while uploading to the cloud  and the long path problem didn't appear

Feb 4, 2021 in Cloud Computing by vaiola
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