Node-RED IOT Foundation Out Node Not Sending Commands

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I have a Node-RED application that is bound to an IOT Foundation (iotf) service. I can receive events from devices and handle them appropriately.

However, I am now interested in sending commands back to my devices and am having some problems. Nothing is showing up at the device, but by creating an IOTF in node, I can confirm that the command is passing through iotf.

I can definitely get commands to pass through iotf using pure python, as the follow code works well:

Client code:


import ibmiotf.device
from time import sleep

options = {
  "org": "cgmncc",
  "type": "table",
  "id": "b827eb764b7a",
  "auth-method": "token",
  "auth-token": "redacted"

def myCommandCallback(cmd):
  print('inside command callback')
  print cmd

def main():
  client = ibmiotf.device.Client(options)
  client.commandCallback = myCommandCallback
  while True:

if __name__ == "__main__":

Application code:


import ibmiotf.application

options = {
  "org": "redacted",
  "id": "python app",
  "auth-method": "apikey",
  "auth-key": "redacted",
  "auth-token": "redacted"

  client = ibmiotf.application.Client(options)
  client.publishCommand('table', 'b827eb764b7a', 'test')
except ibmiotf.ConnectionException as e:
  print e

Whenever I run the application code, I see the following output:

root@raspberrypi ~ # ./ 
inside command callback
<ibmiotf.device.Command instance at 0x14e8490>

I have a Node-RED iotf output node configured as shown below, but when I trigger the flow, the command callback function doesn't trigger!

enter image description here enter image description here

I'm thinking there maybe something wrong either with trying to use a timestamp trigger to fire the command, or with the way I've configured the output node itself -- any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!

Jul 18, 2018 in IoT (Internet of Things) by Matt
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A simple test to check if the commands are reaching IBM IoT Foundation is - developing another flow having an IoT App In node which subscribes to the commands. I am attaching the Node-RED flow for the same here:

    "id": "40560f8b.30693",
    "type": "ibmiot in",
    "authentication": "boundService",
    "apiKey": "",
    "inputType": "cmd",
    "deviceId": "b827eb764b7a",
    "applicationId": "",
    "deviceType": "table",
    "eventType": "",
    "commandType": "test",
    "format": "string",
    "name": "IBM IoT App In",
    "service": "registered",
    "allDevices": false,
    "allApplications": "",
    "allDeviceTypes": false,
    "allEvents": "",
    "allCommands": false,
    "allFormats": false,
    "x": 268,
    "y": 171,
    "z": "6bd610b9.7b40a",
    "wires": [
    "id": "2f9b9c00.8b7ba4",
    "type": "debug",
    "name": "",
    "active": true,
    "console": "false",
    "complete": "false",
    "x": 493,
    "y": 195,
    "z": "6bd610b9.7b40a",
    "wires": []

answered Jul 19, 2018 by TejaswiniUL
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