Pushing to Git returning Error Code 403 fatal HTTP request failed

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Hi Team,

I was able to clone a copy of my repo over HTTPS authenticated. I've made some commits and want to push them back out to the GitHub server. But it is showing me the error.

error: The requested URL returned error: 403 while accessing https://xxxxxxxxx
fatal: HTTP request failed
Jan 5 in Git & GitHub by akhtar
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Github seems to only support the ssh way to read&write the repo, although HTTPS way also displayed 'Read&Write'.

So you need to change your repo config on your PC to ssh way:

  1. edit .git/config file under your repo directory.

  2. find url=entry under section [remote "origin"].

  3. change it from url=https://xxxxxxxxx@github.com/xxxxxxxxxx/lunch_call.git to url=git@github.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/lunch_call.git. that is, change all the texts before @ symbol to ssh://git.

  4. Save the config file and quit. now you could use git push origin master to sync your repo on GitHub.

answered Jan 5 by MD
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