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Top XLRI Courses: Admission, Fee, Eligibility

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The way you start, and advance in your career depends on the skills you possess. People acquire the necessary skills through experience and education. Education is very important in deciding how good a job you get. While various institutions in India provide quality education, just a handful offer extraordinary courses and excellent coaching. XLRI is among these few, and XLRI courses ensure that their participants come out with all the capabilities they need for their job. It is probably why these courses are in high demand. 

XLRI offers the Executive Diploma In Advanced Business Strategies For CXOs which is the best course if you are keen to make your customer experience the best they have ever had. You can learn more about this course on our website. But then, why is XLRI considered so good?

Benefits Of Studying At XLRI

  1. The Culture

Every reputed institution has its own culture, one of its specialties. XLRI also has a unique culture. Most courses have small batch sizes, meaning almost everyone knows everyone here. A feeling of togetherness and cooperation sets this college apart from the others. This institution has always had a good gender ratio, meaning the students learn to respect the other gender and know how to be comfortable around them. Attending the XLRI certification courses allows participants to interact with people from different regions and understand their cultures.

  1. The Brand

The XLRI brand has always got respect from society. Employers in India and abroad like to see the XLRI name on your certificate. It has a certain value that makes it easy for certificate holders to get employed in top companies. It is one of the oldest management institutions in India and is still ranked among the top in India. The value of its certificates and degrees is not just felt in India but also around the world. Companies know the quality of faculty at the institution, and this is why XLRI courses are more valued than others. 

  1. Learn From The Best

The biggest advantage of attending XLRI certification courses is that you learn from the best teachers. Eminent professors, not just from India but also from abroad, come to teach at the institution. Apart from them, there are regular classes from people with vast experience working in a particular field. It gives you the benefit of knowing the practical problems you will face in your job and finding the solutions for them. For those aspiring to start their businesses, these experienced teachers will guide them to set up the business and be mentors to make it successful.

  1. Excellent Networking Opportunity

Being one of the oldest management schools in India, you can find an XLer almost everywhere in the country. Once you start attending XLRI courses, you also become part of this great network. Someone who has passed out from XLRI will surely be in a top position, and such people are the ones you need when starting your career. Having connections with such people can be suitable for your job. They can also help you find better opportunities when you think it is time to move to another firm.

  1. Placements And Salaries

It is an advantage that everyone wants to have. When you attend a course, your first aim is to get placed in good company. When you pass out of an XLRI certification course, you can be sure of getting a job in some of India’s top companies. The institution is also popular outside the country and is known as one that produces the best minds in the country. It makes it easy for certificate holders from XLRI to be placed in rewarding jobs. Apart from good placements, you can also be sure of earning better than others. 

Why Get A Certification?

Before spending money and effort on studying to get certified, it is necessary to know what they are and why they benefit working people. Certifications are offered by educational institutions. They prove that you are specialized in a particular field and have studied the subject methodically. Attending a certification course from a good educational institution proves that you learned the subject systematically from good faculty. A certificate from XLRI courses proves that you can handle the job your employer wants to entrust to you. 

Certificates are offered by various institutions in India and abroad. But the value of the certificate you carry depends on the institution that has issued it. It is where you differentiate yourself from others. Attending an XLRI certification course successfully places you well above others. It will give you entry to places that are not open to others. When you get certified by XLRI, employers are sure that it is not just theoretical knowledge that you have gained from the course but also practical knowledge to solve real-life problems. 

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Benefits Of Certification

  1. Competitive Advantage

The job is highly competitive in India presently. Though there are numerous job opportunities, it is not easy getting a job in a reputed organization. They only look for the best hands available in the market. So, how do you make yourself better than others? You can only prove your capabilities if you get a chance to be interviewed. The best way to ensure that you are called for an interview is to attend  XLRI courses and get the certificate. The name of XLRI on your resume ensures that you get an opportunity that many others don’t get. 

  1. Improve Efficiency

Getting yourself a certificate in a specific field helps you work more efficiently. The advanced training and knowledge you gain from the course help in completing your tasks quickly and more efficiently. The practical knowledge you have acquired enables you to use the right tools for different tasks. This increases speed and gives you time to concentrate on other jobs. XLRI certification courses also help to solve various problems you face in your job. You can also manage all your jobs more efficiently and find time to learn new skills

  1. Better Earning Potential

This is perhaps the benefit that pushes most people to join certification courses. A person with a certificate in a field certainly gets more salary than others that don’t specialize in any field. XLRI courses provide you with a certificate proving your field specialization. This is enough to make companies hire you at a higher post that automatically comes with better salaries. A working professional who gets a certificate can be sure of getting better salary hikes and bonuses. Employers are willing to pay more for the practical knowledge you have gained from the certification course.

  1. Learn New Skills

The world is changing very fast as technology surges ahead at a pace that is difficult to keep up with. Many tasks are not done the way they used to be done a few years ago. Some newer tools and techniques allow people to complete their jobs more quickly than before. If you don’t make yourself familiar with new techniques and tools, you will be left behind in your career. If you attend XLRI certification courses, you will learn the latest skills that are required to handle new tools and make your work more efficient and effective. 

  1. Improve Your Credibility

Attending XLRI courses improves your credibility as a person aspiring to move up in your career. Even online courses require you to dedicate a lot of time and effort. Employers appreciate this because it proves that you are keen on improving yourself continuously. Most companies today want a certificate to be hired as an employee. It is because it is proof of the person’s capability to handle the job. A certificate is also proof of your professionalism and adherence to high industry standards. 

  1. Learn To Manage Time

One of the biggest advantages of joining XLRI certification courses is that you learn to manage time. All courses need you to dedicate a few hours to attending classes and studying your lessons. When you are already working and managing a family, it may seem to be a herculean task fitting in a few extra hours. But with a little effort, you can fit in the live classes that may need you to be available at a particular time. You can study the lessons even when you are commuting to your office. By attending the course, you will sharpen your time management skills. 

Admissions And Eligibility For Certification Courses

The admission process at XLRI is quite stringent. Aspirants will have to appear for the XAT exam and become qualified for admission. This is followed by an interview. But for the online certification courses, candidates must only have to fulfill the eligibility criteria. For most certification courses, you need to hold a bachelor’s degree in some specialization. Those wanting to join certification courses must have a few years of working experience in the particular field. The fee for XLRI courses for working professionals depends on the system and its duration. 

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What Course Is Best For You?

How do you choose the most suitable course for you? Not all certificate courses will help you advance in your career. You must select the one that is most suitable for you and also one that will help you move up in your career or switch to another one. Here are some guidelines that will help you choose the best online courses.

  1. Why Attend A Certification Course?

The first thing you must consider is why you are attending the certification course. Different people have different objectives for joining a course. When you spend your money and time on completing it, you must be sure that it serves some purpose. If you are looking to gain knowledge and skills to help move forward in your career, then you must join a course that teaches you the required skills. For those looking for a career change, they must join XLRI certification courses teaching the skills needed for the new job. 

  1. Are You Motivated Enough?

Even online courses require your time and effort. Most courses are short-term and will require you to complete various assignments on set deadlines. Are you motivated enough to study alone and complete the assignments? Only those who can put in the effort must join such courses. Online courses don’t provide an environment of competition, and there will be nobody supervising you continuously to complete your tasks. Only if you are self-motivated and keen on gaining knowledge will you be able to complete the course successfully. It is worth considering this aspect when joining XLRI courses. 

  1. Research The Course Well

There are numerous certification courses available in India from various universities. These courses are available through different platforms. You must look at each of these courses in detail to ensure that you will get what you desire. It is important to go through the curriculum in-depth and make sure that it offers the skills and knowledge necessary for your purpose. The other important aspect to check is the duration of the course. You need to be certain that you can pursue the course for its full length. The course must be available through a convenient platform. 

  1. Prepare Yourself And Others

When you join XLRI certification courses, you know that you will need to spend extra time and effort. It is good to prepare yourself for a few months of rigorous work. You must also be ready to sacrifice a lot of your free time for this purpose. It is best to be prepared for it and tell yourself that it is for your future. You must also tell your family that they will be getting less time with you once you start attending the course. Your office must also know about your attending the course. 

Top XLRI Certification Courses For You

XLRI offers various online courses for the convenience of working professionals. These are aimed at improving the capabilities of these officials to advance in their careers or to keep up with fast-paced technological developments. All these courses are conveniently timed to suit working people. There are live classes and recorded lessons that you may listen to at your convenience. The duration of these programs ranges from a few months to one year. Here is a list of such XLRI courses that can benefit you. 

  1. Executive Diploma In Advanced Business Strategies For CXOs

Duration – 1 year

Class Timings – Wednesdays & Saturdays. From 1845 to 2145 hrs.


  • Earn an Executive Diploma from XLRI, which is the most reputed management school in India.
  • Experience the campus with week-long sessions and interact with the faculty and participants in a college environment. 
  • Learn skills to help your company achieve a better position in the market and remain above the competition. 
  • Become prestigious XLRI alumni on completion of the course and gain from its extensive network of professionals.
  • Get a chance to complete a project during the course and apply your skills in a real-life situation. 

Eligibility – Graduates from any university with a minimum of 10 years of working experience.

Benefits Of Learning Business Strategies

  • The course can help you comprehend the tried and tested methods of management.
  • The business strategies course helps business owners handle modern business challenges. 
  • This course helps managers guide their subordinates to achieve their goals and work towards business objectives. 
  • CXOs attending the course can learn how to make the customer experience more enjoyable throughout their journey with the company.
  • The business strategies course makes its participant’s experts in oral and written communication
  • Getting this certificate will help you get a better salary and a higher position. 
  1. Post Graduate Programme In Advanced General Management 

Duration  – 11 months


  • Learn skills needed for managing and developing a business
  • Get a certificate from XLRI which is a premium management school in India
  • An ideal course for functional managers looking to move forward in their careers.
  • Learn through virtual lectures, recorded sessions, and discussions.
  • Case studies help to learn the practical side of management. 
  • Develop a network of XLRI alumni and get support in career changes or setting up your own business.
  • Learn from some of the most eminent faculty available in India. 

Eligibility – Graduates from any university with a minimum of two years of work experience.

Evaluation Process

  • 75% attendance in live classes is required for completion of the course
  • Participants must complete individual and group assignments within the deadline
  • Quizzes will be conducted by the faculty to assess the capability of the participant. 

Advantages Of Attending This Course

  • Studying general management exposes you to all functions of a business, like finance, marketing, HR, supply chain, customer management, etc.
  • This program ensures the complete development of a manager and gives them the ability to perform their duties in a better way.
  • You learn critical skills like leadership, decision-making, data analytics, finance management, etc. 
  • As you can offer more value to your employer with additional skills, there is more likelihood of your being considered for promotions or salary hikes. 
  • Studying these subjects opens up new opportunities in different countries as management is needed for every business anywhere in the world. 
  • Those looking to quit their jobs and start a business will find this course most useful, and they get the guidance of an eminent faculty. 
  1. EDP In Strategic Management

Duration – 5 months


  • An ideal course for middle-level managers to gain skills and move to higher positions.
  • Learn the tools and frameworks in strategic management.
  • Direct-to desktop method of teaching makes it convenient to learn from anywhere.
  • Working professionals can make use of convenient timings to learn while working.
  • Participants can have regular access to professors and get their doubts cleared.

Eligibility – Graduation from any Indian university and working experience.

Evaluation Process 

  • Candidates must have a minimum of 70% attendance in live sessions to get a certificate.
  • Should obtain 40% marks in course-end assessment and project-based assignment. 

Advantages Of Studying Strategic Management

  • Learning strategic management helps make the right decisions.
  • It helps managers understand the inherent problems of the industry and make wise decisions. 
  • The course offers an opportunity to acquire leadership qualities essential for managing an organization.
  • You can network with similarly placed people and understand their perspectives on various matters.
  • Helps discover new business opportunities and assess their advantages and disadvantages. 
  1. Post Graduate Certificate In Human Resource Management

Duration  – One year

Class Timings  – Fridays 1830 to 2130 hrs. Sundays 1500 to 1800 hrs.


  • Best selection of course content, interactive sessions, projects, and assessment methods. 
  • Case studies and panel discussions will be the primary methods of teaching.
  • Live sessions can be accessed from anywhere in the country.
  • The course is recognized by companies of all industries, and certificate holders are highly valued by employers. 
  • Those completing the program successfully get an XLRI certificate.
  • You get an excellent network of alumni across the best organizations in the world. 

Eligibility – Must possess a university degree and have a minimum of one year of working experience.

Assessment Methods

  • Faculty will decide on the best methods of evaluation for the course
  • There will be written tests, assignments, online examinations, and quizzes to evaluate the student.
  • Five-day campus session to be attended compulsorily for qualification. 

Benefits Of Studying HR Management

  • Allows you to work with people.
  • HR management has excellent job opportunities and is a needed function in all companies.
  • As there is heavy demand for these professionals, there is excellent job security.
  • The salaries for HR professionals are very high.
  • Excellent opportunities for promotions and career advancements.

We have seen many courses useful for working professionals offered online by XLRI. Courses like the Executive Diploma Course In Business Strategies For CXOs are an excellent way for senior managers to climb to the C-suite level. You can find more details about these courses on our website. 


Career advancement is something that everyone desires. It gives them the means to improve their lifestyles and make themselves comfortable in their later years. But a promotion or career change is possible only if you have the necessary skills for the job. Learning these skills has become easy for working professionals with plenty of online courses. Choosing the right course from reputed institutions is the best way to move forward in your job and earn better salaries. 


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