Published on Nov 14,2017
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Skills development is paramount to the success of not only individuals and companies, but also of nations. A country with optimally-skilled workforce can scale unimaginable heights by creating value for the world, and in turn, for its own citizens. Here, at Edureka, we help you up-skill through instructor-led online training. The first ever World Youth Skills day is probably the best time to understand this reality.

Up-skilling is the way to go!

According to UNESCO, World Youth Skills Day presents an opportunity to come together and recognize the importance of youth skills development, giving youth the chance to contribute to their communities’, countries’ and international sustainable development. In India, in order to mark the World Youth Skills Day, the government has set a target of skilling 40.2 crore people by 2022, under the new National Policy for Skill Development. To reach such an ambitious target, the role of technology cannot be undermined. Moving forward from physical classrooms and unleashing the power of the internet to take education to every nook and corner of the country is a necessity, not a dream anymore.

2,50,000 and counting

Five years ago, Edureka  was born with a vision to revolutionize skills development and to prepare a whole generation of industry-ready workforce that will make significant contributions to our country’s growth. On this first ever UN World Youth Skills Day, we are happy to share the progress we’ve made so far. We’ve up-skilled more than 2,50,000 global learners across technology domains like cloud computing, big data, mobile development, among others. Our goal is to reach over a million learners within next 3 years.

Expanding learning horizons

The Edureka mobile app, which was launched last year, has been a great success across both the iOS and Android platforms, and learners are even studying through the app while commuting to their workplaces. Edureka learners are also using examples from our course projects as part of guest lectures in colleges across the country. The Edureka YouTube channel is a jewel box of data and learning for first-timers who wish to get familiarized with a topic before embarking on formal study.

With the support of our active, global learner community, we are mid way through our journey of creating a better-skilled world. Today is the perfect day for us to thank you for helping us reach where we are, and making our commitment to differentiated learning more rigid.

If you wish to learn from Edureka, we are offering you a special World Youth Skills Day offer till Sunday, the 18th of July, where you get two courses for the price of one in addition to a 15% discount. Click here to know more!

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Published on Nov 14,2017

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