Published on Mar 04,2015
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The question is when there are so many free online video lectures available why should you pay for an online training at Edureka?

Well, lets take a best-case scenario. What happens when you have watched the recording, understood all the concepts, when you sit to actually implement them, damn an error! The instructor did not tell you anything about this kind of issue. What now? Either you hopelessly browse through the internet or hit the replay button on the recording. This is a best case scenario. No need to mention what a worst case scenario can be.

Here is where Edureka acts like a life saver. Because at Edureka we not only provide you tutorials, but also provide a learning experience! There is a support team which has the responsibility to help you out wherever you are stuck.

Resources to Help :

From the analytics of 12,000+ learners from the worldwide learners, Edureka’s support team:

1. Has resolved more than 80,000 tickets successfully.

2. With 91% grateful customers.

3. The average time to resolve a ticket is 58 min.

4. After interacting with the support team, learners’ Project Submission have improved 3 times.

5. About 83 % learners say that support team is an unparalleled feature of Edureka.

Resources to Help :

Edureka Support Team has the job to:

1. Resolve any doubt you have at any time of the day 24*7.

2. Conceptual doubts, error while implementation, installation and set-up, you name the problem and Edureka support can resolve that for you.

3. The team is available to interact on phone, e-mail, team viewer sessions, etc.

4. They help you in interacting with the instructor post-class and create a live discussion session for you.

5. Unlike peer review, we have SMEs who grade your assignment submissions. They tell you where you are wrong and help you in correcting it.

6. Most importantly, all these benefits are not limited to the tenure of the course, it is a LIFETIME facility.

Because you should never stop learning.

Got a question for us? Mention them in the comments section and we will get back to you.

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