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Why Scala is getting Popular?

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Market for Scala is increasing at a very fast pace. There are several reasons to why Scala is Getting popular

Why Scala is getting popular?

  • Developers want more flexible languages to improve their productivity.
  • Desire for increased productivity led to the evolution of different scripting languages, like Python, Ruby, Groovy, Clojure and now Scala.
  • The optimizations performed by today’s JVM are extraordinary, allowing byte code to outperform natively compiled code in many cases.
  • Scala has REPL, which stands for Read, Evaluate, Print and Loop. REPL is a shell, wherein you can do some interactive analysis. It is the environment where you can type some of your programs, test it and if they work fine, it proves that your program is fine.

REPL comes with the languages that are interpreted. Scala gives you an illusion of an interpreted language. But actually it is a compiled language, wherein everything you type gets compiled to the byte code and it runs within the JVM. There is a big difference between Scala and other programming languages, which are the interpreted ones. Since it’s a compiled language, in the performance stack also it is better than its distant cousins Ruby, Python, etc.

Moving on with this article on Why scala is getting popular.

Scala – Static Language

  • Type information is exploited by optimizers to make decisions.
  • It is a preferred choice for very high performance systems.
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) features like auto completion are easier to be implemented in static languages.

Praising Scala, James Gosling, known to be the father of Java programming language, says: “If I were to pick a language to use today other than Java, it would be Scala.” It shows the acceptance for Java into the programming industry.

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Why Scala is getting Popular?