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Why Salesforce Is The Top Cloud Computing Company In The World

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Cloud computing is one of the hottest trends in the digital world today, and the biggest beneficiary of cloud computing has been the Salesforce platform. With big brands and major companies moving their data and operations to remotely accessible online workspaces, cloud computing has become the norm for seamless business integration. Salesforce provides meaningful insights from all of this remote data and has emerged as the top cloud computing company in the world.

The company’s primary product is the customer relationship management (CRM) program that is widely used by organizations globally for all their customer service and communication needs. In 2015, Salesforce was ranked as the largest and most highly-valued cloud computing company with a total net worth of $50 billion.

Let’s take a look at some of the Salesforce success numbers.


While there are many other players in the game, they have not yet been able to match the Salesforce standard. Let’s try and understand why:

Why Developers Prefer Salesforce

1. Innovation Over Infrastructure

Using a cloud computing program like Salesforce enables developers and entrepreneurs to focus on innovative ideas rather that infrastructural set ups. With its inherent ability to operate in a time and space-agnostic manner, Salesforce helps developers meet their CRM needs with minimal overhead costs. This in turn leads to increased profits, better results and improved customer relations. Get your Salesforce Developer1 Certification and become a certified developer.

2. No Threat To Data

Salesforce offers an unparalleled multi-layered data security system which ensures that no information is lost or falls prey to viruses or hacks. Through the user authentication system, developers are assured that no one but them and those in their work circles will be able to access the information. This eliminates any threat to data security.

3. Ability To Customize

Salesforce offers the flexibility to customize the primary CRM platform with a wide range of tools. This allows developers to personalize the program in accordance to organizational priorities. The customizable service offers a vast range of platforms from one-click to more advanced interfaces suitable for almost every programming language.

4. Compatible Applications

The open-app format of Salesforce enables users to easily search, install and use pre-built applications that offer business oriented and industry specific solutions. Additionally, collaboration with third party apps eliminates the limitations of a restrictive, single platform cloud computing service which in turn makes it easier to boost the business with all the necessary support services.

5. Integrated Strategy Support

Salesforce is focused on helping businesses grow along with them. The Salesforce support act as strategic partners and work collaboratively with the objective of helping businesses improve their revenue as well as ROI through innovative solutions.

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A Salesforce success story

For any business, customer relationship management is crucial for growth. The Salesforce CRM platform works to bridge the communication gap between customers and brands to ensure the best business offerings as well as the most satisfied customers. One notable case study is how Salesforce improved customer relationship management services at the Singapore Changi Airport.

An airport is a place that houses multiple businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, stand-alone vendors, facility management services, baggage handlers, cleaners and so on. But since all these services are offered under the umbrella brand of the airport, people tend to focus the feedback on the airport brand as a whole rather than individual services. For example, if you have a bad experience with cleanliness or baggage services at an airport, you would not stop to think it may have been the agency handling that department which dropped the ball. The first perception is to think of bad service at the airport as a whole.

However, at the Changi Airport Group (CAG) believes in the policy of “OneChangi” where all businesses work together to solve problems and ensure customer centricity. Hence, the CAG needed a technology which could support this policy.

With the help of Salesforce, the CAG now boasts of a consolidated CRM system that integrates all communication channels along with their back-end operations. Through multiple touch points such as contact centers and feedback systems sprinkled all over the airport, along with email and website support, all the customer communication is assimilated and shared with the airport authority to help them process the data and improve on service wherever necessary, in real-time. Right from the experience of a customer at a retail outlet, to the cleanliness level in each bathroom, all the data can be monitored at once through a highly efficient and top-notch management platform. As a result of this, the Singapore Changi Airport was named as the world’s best airport in 2013.

Such is the power of cloud computing, and the unbeatable competence of Salesforce that has led the company to the top of the market chart.

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Why Salesforce Is The Top Cloud Computing Company In The World