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Uses and Benefits of Pentaho

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What is Pentaho?

Pentaho is a suite of Business Intelligence products, which provide data integration, OLAP services, reporting, dashboarding, data mining and ETL capabilities. Pentaho is a one stop solution for all business analytics needs.

Why Pentaho?

It has a low integration time and infrastructural cost as compared to other BI tools in the market, like SAP, BIA, SAS BIA, and IBA. Pentaho takes lesser time on that. There is a huge community support which is available 24/7 along with various support forums. It is easily scalable and can cater to huge volumes of data scaling to billions of terabytes of data.

Virtually, it has unlimited visualizations and data sources and can handle any kind of data. The organisations can have any amount of existing or big data and they can be taken care of with Pentaho. All core engines are open and stand-alone projects with their own community and development plan. It also has a very good tool set which has wide applicability beyond just the base product.

Pentaho Servers and Stacks

There are different versions of Pentaho server, like open source, professional standard, professional premium and enterprise. There are three layers: the presentation layer, which has reporting, analysis, dashboards and process management. Then comes the Business Intelligence platform, which has security, administration, business logic and repository under it. Data and Application Integration has ETL, Metadata and EII under it. This can be built on a third party application like CRM, legacy data, OLAP, other applications and local data.

Pentaho has its presence in all three layers with the respective products- Data layer, server layer and client layer. A server layer has recently regained from BI (Business Intelligence) to BA (Business Analytics). It is now known as Pentaho Business Analytics. It can be extended by commercials as well as open source plug-ins; hence, the data can be published on the server. It runs by default on Apache Tomcat but can be embedded in any java-based application server. Pentaho analyzer is meant for reporting. Scheduling and monitoring is meant for the purpose of scheduling reports, monitoring them and sending them to business users.

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Uses and Benefits of Pentaho