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Why Java is a Secure language?

Last updated on Sep 27,2023 11.2K Views

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    As you all are well aware that Java is a vast world. There are a lot of provisions that you can play within Java. It is one of the most popular languages in the programming world. Simply the most favorite language for the developers due to a lot of salient features that it offers. Java is a very eye-catching language as it is easy to understand and learn. Here, in this tutorial, I am going to discuss one of the most amazing features of Java, security!

    Let’s begin.

    Why Java is secure?

    Java is an extremely safe language due to a variety of features described below. Have a look!

    • The byte-code verification before the execution takes place, therefore the program becomes unable to jump to a malicious or undefined instruction or to make a type error at the instruction level.
    • The automatic bounds checking of arrays null checking of references verification of casts prevents the program from making any type errors.
    • Whenever a new code is being loaded, run-time security checks take place. The usage of security manager and class loader makes it easy for the Java run-time to avoid any arbitrary code from executing by mediating access to the system resources and preventing the program from loading or generating any arbitrary code at run-time.
    • Java provides library level safety.

    There are some more technical features elaborated below!

    Top 10 Features that make Java Secure

    • JVM

    Java virtual machine plays a fundamental role to verify the byte-code. The task of JVM is to check that the program is not making any unsafe operations. There are cases when a program jumps to wrong locations that can hold malicious data. The JVM guarantees that such kind of unsafe operations do not exist. The JVM helps to diminish the possibilities of the developers who suffer from memory safety flaws.

    Let’s understand Security API’s.

    • Security API’s

    The Java class library has several API that relates to security. This API is involved in cryptographic algorithms secure communication and authentication protocols.

    Let’s move on with the Security Manager

    • Security Manager

    Security manager guarantees that the doubted code or some malicious code does not accomplish the goal of accessing some features of the platform and API’s

    • Void of Pointers

    There is no concept of pointers in Java language. The only disadvantage of pointers is that it can be used to refer another object for doing some unauthorized read and write operation. This puts the feature of security in Java in jeopardy. Hence, there are no pointers!

    • Memory management

    Java has an automatic garbage collection system. It has its own memory management mechanism. Allowed time users forget to free their memory when the utilization of some objects is done. But in the case of Java, the memory need not be vacated. JVM does your work.

    • Compile-time checking

    For instance if any unauthorized method is trying to access private variable then at compile time JVM fetches error. JVM catches as many errors as it encounters. 

    • Cryptographic Security class is helpful in Java. In the process of taking a code from some other network it becomes important to maintain a record of it. The class mentioned above, maintains the source information and keeps a digital signature which guarantees cryptographic security.

    • Java Sandbox

    Java sandbox is basically a restricted area in which the Java applets Run. These applets can’t get system resources without a check. 

    • Exception Handling

    In exception handling, during runtime Java can catch the undesired result through exception handling and report the programmer. The code will not run until the programmer rectifies it. This feature adds more security to Java.

    • Java Class Loader

    There are many class loaders present in JVM. A different name is given to each class which is loaded. The classloader maintains namespaces for specific classes. The aim here is that the untrusted classes shall not behave like trusted ones.

    I hope now you have the answer to the above-mentioned question, Why Java is secure! With this I am concluding this tutorial. Keep reading, keep exploring. If you are preparing for a Java Developer Interview, studying Java interview questions is paramount. These questions can help you practice your skills, gauge your knowledge level, and prepare you for the questions you may encounter during the real interview.

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    Got a question for us? Mention it in the comments section of this “Why Java is secure?” blog and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Why Java is a Secure language?