Why Edureka’s Pedagogy results in a steep learning curve

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Vardhan is a technology enthusiast working as a Sr. Research Analyst at... Vardhan is a technology enthusiast working as a Sr. Research Analyst at Edureka. He has expertise in domains like Big data, Cloud computing and...
Why Edureka’s Pedagogy results in a steep learning curve

When you set out to learn a new skill, the biggest hurdle is finding the relevant content. After finding it, a bigger hurdle is, learning it thoroughly.

Lack of a dedicated instructor means, doubts that arise midway, will go unanswered and your take away will be half-learned concepts. Even if you enrol into a physical classroom (which is old-school), the instructor guiding you may not be the best in the world; maybe best in that area.

Let’s be honest here, half-good is never good enough, especially when its career related.

This haphazard learning is a global trend. Majority of the people experience unstructured learning amidst chaos which neither benefits themselves nor, the company they are working for.

This prompted us to establish law and order (pun intended), and the resultant is Edureka’s training model. In this blog, I’ll tell you how we came up with Edureka’s pedagogy and reason why this is what you need.

Key factors influencing Edureka’s Pedagogy

Lack of discipline

We all love our comfort zone, don’t we? Staying there will render no benefits and that is the ugly truth. A famous quote goes like this,

A comfort zone is a beautiful place. But nothing ever grows there.

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Similarly, when you self-learn, you’ll procrastinate by putting off your learning schedule. However, with an online course driven by an instructor, you will be motivated to learn because of reminders, batchmates and the investment made.

Alignment with Industry needs

When you’re self-learning (recorded videos/ others), you’ll be learning anything and everything. And you may miss out on skills the industry expects. Self-learning in a way is like ‘one blind man leading the other’.

At Edureka, the course curriculum is tailor-made to fit industry needs. You may ask how?
Well, after analyzing the JDs & requirements of 15+ companies, followed by multiple iterations and improvements suggested by industry experts, we finalize our Course Curriculum. This way, you get the best of both.

Course Completion Rate

Prime reason behind Edureka promoting instructor-led online training is because of complacency creeping into our learners. Proof is our learner report, which states that Self-paced (recorded) videos are not watched fully because of multiple distractions making it passive learning, and also because there are no interactions, the videos become boring and eventually learners drop out.

With an instructor-led session, not only will the sessions be more interesting, but you’ll also be able to clear doubts immediately, interact with other learners in the class and make friends for life.

These factors lead to a higher course completion rate, meaning your learning is most through this training model. Edureka’s Live Classes boast an impressive 80% completion rate.

Complete your learning with Edureka

Lack of exposure to Practicals

When you’re learning on your own, you can run through the theory alright, but, what about the practicals? You will not have the infrastructure to perform hands-on. Theoretical knowledge will only take you to one level. To get a strong hold of the concepts, exposure to practicals is a must!

At Edureka, we give utmost importance to practicals. The same can be noticed from our course schedule. 10 hrs for completing the assignments and 10 hrs for working on the practicals is a mandate for learning well.

As far as infrastructure for performing practicals is concerned, we’ll be providing access to a platform called ‘Cloud Labs’ for 3 months (2160 hrs). This is a replica of the actual work environment, and you can take this as a good experience before starting work.

Real-life use cases

Unless you’re told about success stories, you’ll never realize the magnitude of impact a technology has had on mankind. While self-learning, real-life use cases will not even feature in your list of topics.

We on the other hand will be sharing a number of case studies about the technology, companies using it and the level of success they attained. Reading it will make you more equipped and prepared for practicing them on real projects.

For perfect learning, one rule must be diligently followed, Learn One, Learn Well.

For more details on why an Edureka course will be your life-changer, read this blog on 7 Important Characteristics Of An Effective Online IT Training.


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