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Why Companies Hire PMP® Certified Project Managers?

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“Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.”Joy Gumz

The quote quite clearly sums up the Project Management domain. Project Management is an integral part of any organizational function.  Every end result in an organization needs to be delivered via a project. How well the project management guidelines are followed is up to the stakeholders and the implementing team.

What is the significance of Project Management?

Project Management helps in bringing sanity to the project through these key points:

  • Planning, risk identification and mitigation steps
  • Effective communication and stakeholder identification
  • Demarcating roles and responsibilities
  • Defining the scope, timeline and cost required to carry out the project

As a result of globalization and rapid economic activities, projects are being undertaken by almost every organization in different industries. While IT has been the front runner when it comes to Jobs in the technology sector, Project Management requirement are increasing in almost all industry sectors like Engineering, Construction, Healthcare, government, Energy and Transportation etc. Get a better understanding from this PMP Certification Pune.

Therefore Project Management scope is not limited to any one industry. As a result there is a constant demand for individuals who are skilled in overseeing the planning, smooth execution and desirable closure of the project.

What is special about a Project Management Professional?

Project Management Professional Exam is based on the PMBOK®  Guide published by PMI®.  PMBOK® Guide acts as a guidelines for best practices which can be used as a framework across multiple industry verticals.

Organizations are in need of individuals who not only possess domain skills but also have gone back and spent time studying the best practices and gained the necessary Project Management Education. To back it up with a certification is an icing on the cake and anyone who is a PMP® certified is almost always in demand in the industry.

PMP® is recognized by Industries globally and is a great way to boost your career.  Organizations these days hire Project Managers not only laterally but many of them also believe in home grown managers who would understand the business much better.

In case of home grown managers, there is always a competition within the colleagues aspiring for the same position. Naturally, it has been seen that the candidate with an industry certification always gets more backing when it comes to promotion to the top job. This is where having a PMP® on your resume is a must.

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 Why do Organizations prefer PMP® certified Project Manager?

 Organizations prefer Project Managers with a PMP® certification for multiple reasons:

  • It gives a technical people moving into Project Management role a holistic picture of the PM process and also help them better understand the challenges that are faced in managing projects.
  • Clients prefer Project Managers with PMP® and other PM certifications to manage their project. This is because PMI® Project Management framework is a de-facto standard for best practices.  Therefore when assigning or recruiting project managers, organizations prefer those with PMP®.
  • While PMP® does not automatically teach you all the nitty-gritty of the project management domain, it does lay down a solid foundation and provides the students with a framework for implementation in their future projects.
  •  A Project Manager is expected to perform and play a role in various stages of the project starting from initiation to planning to execution to monitoring and control. PMP® education helps in cohesively looking at the whole process.
  • The PMP® course and certification helps the Project Manager to remember the key principles at all times and follow the best practices.

More and more companies are realizing the importance of Project Management and are hiring individuals with Project Management Experience preferring those with PMP. The roles range diversely from Project Coordinators and Project Managers to Portfolio Managers and Program Managers.

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Mature Companies are setting up PMO or the Project Management Office to:

  • Setup a high level body to oversee the performance of projects
  • Make sure the quality is being adhered to
  • Keep a repository of templates, knowledge base of lessons learnt
  • Showcase their work

There has been a high demand for PMP® certified individuals for these jobs.

Is Project Management Knowledge exclusive to Project Managers alone?

  • An increasing number of Operations Managers within the Organization are taking up PMP® to enhance their knowledge and contribute to their employers. Project and Operations do not run in isolation. There have been a number of individuals who are taking up their ITIL certifications and club it with a PMP®.
  • To introduce a new service, to carry out a major server upgrade or to carry out a quality improvement program within operations, a project has to be initiated and executed. Many companies take up internal projects which might not be client facing. These may be carried out by individuals within the operations team.

Therefore Project Management Knowledge is not just a requirement for the Project Managers; it is increasingly being taken up by people working in Operations domain as well.

We hope this write-up helped in providing some perspective on how industry is embracing Project Management Professionals. This is why a structured education on Project Management is necessary since Project Management is not just limited to Project Managers. There is no doubt that the PMP Training in India brings with it amazing job opportunities. PMP® Certification examination is a grueling process and therefore do check out the exam preparation course offered by Edureka. With online training by certified instructors with experience in the project management industry, lifetime access to recorded classes and 24X7 support, this course is a sure fire way to crack the exam.

PMP is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc. Edureka is a Global PMI® REP: ID 4021

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Why Companies Hire PMP® Certified Project Managers?