Published on Jan 30,2018
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One of the primary reasons why Amazon has been chosen as a preferred cloud service provider is its scalability. The feature in Amazon has helped its clients to reduce costs while running their day-to-day operations.

Taking into account the graph let us look at the example of Cricinfo (a popular cricket website) which crashed during a cricket match.

The Red line here signifies the normal requirement.

In the case of Cricinfo, Amazon’s web servicer was used. The Blue line signifies a certain level of requirement in a scenario where they launch the site and target certain number of users. The actual load is denoted in the red part and most of the time, the infrastructure is underutilized. There is a need to provision the infrastructure in this case. As we go ahead, the user load increases to 45 million users resulting in Cricinfo not being able to handle the traffic.

How can Cloud help?

Amazon provides scalable on demand infrastructure. It involves a method when CPU utilization is above 60% , it spins up more instance. If the load is decreasing or CPU usage is less than 30%, Amazon would automatically terminate instances. It will keep running more instances as load increases. In most of the scenario, Amazon will be able to meet demand where user can save cost.

A point to note is that in the Amazon Magic Quadrant, AWS has 5 times more usage compute capacity than the aggregate total of the other 14 Providers (The other 14 providers include the players listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Calculation).

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Published on Jan 30,2018

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