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8 Reasons why AngularJS should be used for development

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An open-source application framework, AngularJs is used to create interactive components of a website. It is a highly preferred framework, due to its effectiveness, simplicity, and flexibility. In simpler terms, AngularJS can be defined as a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It enables the user to use HTML as the template language.

There are multiple reasons as to why a developer should be using AngularJS, few of which I have listed below:

Intuitive and declarative interface

HTML is used to define the web applications interface while using Angular. HTML is considered to be intuitive and declarative in nature. It is lesser convoluted than defining an interface in JavaScript.

The execution of the app can also be determined by HTML. The developers directly define what they want, instead of scrutinizing the flow of the program and what gets loaded first. Angular takes into consideration all of the dependencies.

Efficient usage of MVC

Innumerous frameworks require the developer to split the application into MVC components. The developer has to further write a code to join them up.

MVC in Angular can be implemented easily and efficiently as it only requires the user to split the application into MVC components. Angular manages and takes care of the rest by serving as a pipeline that connects them.

Lesser Code

Since we don’t need to write the code for the MVC pipeline, the length and the complexity of our code decreases. Additionally, we define the view by using HTML, which proves to be concise. We also use data binding, which simply means that we do not have to put the data into the view manually. Filters, on the other hand, allow the user to manipulate data on the view level without changing the controllers.

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DataModels are POJO

The data models defined in Angular are POJO i.e. Plain Old Java Objects. They do not require functions such as getter and setter. Properties can be added or altered directly in addition to looping over objects and arrays.


AngularJS consists of a feature knows as Directives that allow the developer to build custom HTML tags that serve as new as well as custom widgets. Additionally, they can manipulate DOM attributes.

Dependency Injection

A built-in dependency injection subsystem is present in AngularJS. Dependency Injection can be defined as a software design pattern that deals with how the components get hold of their dependencies.

The AngularJS injector subsystem assists the developer in creating components, resolving their dependencies and providing them to the other components as requested.

High Performance

Robust features such as Filters, Animations, Form Validation, API Client and Routing make AngularJS a powerful framework. These features enhance the web development and make it efficient and simple.


Filters in AngularJS allow the developer to format the data without changing the original format. Angular contains multiple filters to format data of different data types.

AngularJS provides a dynamic approach for efficient web development. It is a highly preferred framework, due to its effectiveness, simplicity, and flexibility.

With this, we have come to the end of our article. Now that you know the top 8 reasons why AngularJS should be used for developers, we hope that you will make use of it in your day to day coding.

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8 Reasons why AngularJS should be used for development