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What Is PRINCE2 Project Management?

Published on Feb 13,2024 56 Views

Maria is a passionate tech enthusiast trying to break down complex concepts... Maria is a passionate tech enthusiast trying to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand stories.

Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan. – Karen Tate.

Efficient Project management is the cornerstone of any organization, and management frameworks provide a structured approach to planning, executing, and managing projects. PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is one such framework that project managers use across the globe. PRINCE2 ensures that the timeline and budget of a project are managed effectively. This blog is a beginner’s guide to everything you need to know about PRINCE2 project management methodology! 

This blog guides you through these subsections:

What Is PRINCE2?

According to, there are over 1 million certified PRINCE2 professionals worldwide, and it is accepted as the most commonly used project management methodology. The PRINCE2 project management framework focuses on developing projects through predefined stages. PRINCE2 is designed around seven principles, seven themes, and seven processes.

Any PRINCE2 project is required to follow the PRINCE2 Principles. The PRINCE2 Principles contribute to a structured project environment. The PRINCE2 principles are:

  • Continued Business Justification

  • Learning from Experience

  • Define Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage by Stages

  • Manage by Exception

  • Focus on Products 

  • Tailor to the Environment

PRINCE2 Themes ensure that all aspects of a project are considered and managed effectively. Each theme contributes to the overall success of the project. The PRINCE2 themes are:

  • Business Case

  • Organization

  • Quality

  • Plans

  • Risk

  • Change

  • Progress

PRINCE2 Processes are the seven stages to be followed for a successful project implementation. It deals with the step-by-step process, starting with project initiation to project completion. The PRINCE2 Processes are:

  • Starting Up a Project 

  • Initiating a Project 

  • Directing a Project 

  • Controlling a Stage 

  • Managing Product Delivery 

  • Managing Stage Boundaries 

  • Closing a Project 

So how do you think PRINCE2 came into existence, and how did PRINCE turn PRINCE2?

The History of PRINCE2

The UK government faced continuous project failures around 1970, and they felt the need for a standardized project management framework. The PRINCE2 method was developed in 1989 by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), a UK government support agency. Initially, PRINCE was developed as a standard for IT project management. Following the success of PRINCE, PRINCE2 was introduced as an extension of the original PRINCE methodology. It was created to be adaptable across various industries and types of projects. Today, PRINCE2 is a global standard for project management and is considered the world’s most practiced method for project management. Organizations across various domains adopt PRINCE2 to enhance their project management capabilities and increase the chances of delivering successful projects. 

Benefits of PRINCE2 Project Management

  1. Organized Project Plan : PRINCE2 offers a standardized approach to project management and, organizes the project needs, and provides clear milestones, allowing for better control and monitoring of project progress.
  2. Project Control : PRINCE2 breaks down the project into manageable stages and helps maintain better control over project progress, risks, and changes.
  3. Risk Management : PRINCE2 incorporates robust risk management practices, thereby helping project managers anticipate and address potential issues in advance.
  4. Defined Roles and Responsibilities : PRINCE2 defines specific roles and responsibilities for project team members, thereby ensuring that everyone understands their duties.
  5. Flexible : PRINCE2 methodology is flexible and adaptable such that it can be customized to any project, regardless of size, purpose, or industry.

How Can PRINCE2 Benefit Your Organization?

  1. Continuous Project Improvement : PRINCE2 encourages organizations to learn from experience and improve their project management practices. Organizations can increase project success rates by gathering lessons learned and applying them to future projects.
  2. Improved Project Communication : PRINCE2 promotes effective communication through regular reporting and documentation, helping organizations ensure that everyone remains informed about their goals throughout the project.
  3. Focuses on Business Justification  : PRINCE2 ensures that projects are aligned with the organization’s business objectives by continually reviewing the business case throughout the project lifecycle.
  4. Global Acceptance : PRINCE2 methodology is recognized globally, and Organizations that adopt PRINCE2 benefit from a common standard for project management with international standards and best practices.
  5. Improved Quality : PRINCE2 emphasizes the importance of delivering high-quality products and outcomes. Organizations can ensure that project deliverables meet stakeholders’ expectations and requirements.

Nowadays, having PRINCE2 is necessary to get a job as a project manager because 88% of project professionals claim that PRINCE2 helped them in their careers. PRINCE2® Certification is definitely worth investing time and money in. Because of its popularity and ease of use, organizations are in search of candidates who possess a PRINCE2 Certification. PRINCE2 certifications have a 98.99% pass rate. So, your PRINCE2 certification is closer at hand. 

Check out Edureka’s PRINCE2 Certification Training, which offers insights into Project Management frameworks by imparting a deep understanding of integrated principles, elements, themes, and processes. The PRINCE2 course curriculum is aligned with the latest PRINCE2 7th Edition guide. This PRINCE2 training will help you master the PRINCE2 methodology and acquire the skills and techniques needed to ensure project success.

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What Is PRINCE2 Project Management?