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What is MERN Stack Technology

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Soumya Swain
Passionate about technology and its endless possibilities - driving innovation forward. Passionate about technology and its endless possibilities - driving innovation forward.

MERN Stack Technology is one of the most important and latest technology stack that developers and programmers use today to build high end applications and websites. In this blog we are going to learn about MERN Stack, its benefits and why today developers require MERN Stack Technologies.

Before we learn about MERN stack first let us have an overview of what a Technology stack is.

What is Technology Stack

Technology Stack, also termed as “Solution Stack ”, is a combination of technologies that are widely used for developing softwares and applications. A technology stack is a collection of  Frameworks, Databases, programming languages, API’s and both Front-end and Back-end tools.

Here are a few examples of Technology stack that are most commonly used by developers in building fully functional applications.

  1. MERN Stack
  2. MEAN Stack
  3. MEVN Stack.

Here we are going to learn about MERN Stack Technology.


MERN Stack is a technology stack that allows you to build real-time and interactive web applications and softwares. The technology stack is flexible and is scalable that is simple for developers and easy for people using these apps.

MongoDB: Cross Platform Document Oriented Database

MongoDB is derived from the word “Humongous” meaning enormous. MongoDB is a Document-Oriented database which stores huge data in a J-SON like format which contributes in scaling and building well defined applications and softwares at ease.

MongoDB uses No-SQL Database which is an alternative to traditional databases which enables developers to build schemas, database and tables 

Benefits of using MongoDB in full stack web development

  • Flexible Schema
  • Huge support and Code-native data access
  • Scalability and High Availability
  • Speed

Express.Js: Backend Framework

Express.js is an open-source web application framework of Node.js which is used to build the backend site by using the structures and functions of Node.js. Express.js only consists of Javascript so this helps developers and the programmers to build their applications without much effort. Node.js was not developed to make websites but rather to run javascript, hence Express.js was developed.

Benefits of using Express.Js

  • Scale Application Quickly
  • Same language to code frontend
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to learn
  • I/O request handling

React.Js: Frontend Library

React.Js is an Open-source javascript library and framework developed by Facebook. It adopts the Follow View Controller (FVC) architecture which helps in faster development of applications. React.Js is used to build simple,fast,scalable for better interactive User Interfaces (UI) on the front end efficiently with less code.

Benefits of using React.Js in Front end Web Development

  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Performance
  • Usability 
  • Reusable components 

Node.Js: Javascript Runtime Environment

Node.Js is an open source javascript cross-platform which helps developers to run code on the server side. Using Node.Js, developers can code faster as it is built on the Chrome javascript Engine and can develop required content for web pages and manage files on the Database

Benefits of using Node.Js

  • High Performance
  • Large Community support
  • Reduce Loading time using Caching
  • Scalability
  • Quick response time and boost performance

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How MERN STACK works

To understand things in a better way let’s categorize MERN Stack into three segments, the frontend, backend and and the database. The diagram below shows how each segment collaboratively work,

If you look into the diagram, React,js works on  building the frontend of the web application,the User Interface (UI) aspect, whereas MongoDB, Node,Js and Express.Js works on the backend, the server side and the database management of the web application.

Building Frontend with MERN Stack

React.Js is the top tier of MERN Stack, the javascript framework which is used to create dynamic Client side applications by executing HTML requests. React.Js helps to build complicated User Interface (UI) with simpler and easy components which connect to the back end.

Building Backend with MERN Stack

Node.Js and Express.Js and MongoDB are used in developing the backend of the web application.Express.Js is a server side framework which runs inside Node.Js which helps in routing the URL and also handles the HTTPS requests and responses.MongoDB is a database management system which helps Node.Js to get connected to the database and  work on the data.

Why Use MERN Stack?

  • MERN Stack technology provides full stack with end-to-end development.
  • All the technologies in the MERN Stack are open-source and are updated constantly.
  • MERN Stack helps to build apps quickly and helps code easily.
  • The complete MERN Stack components work together to build a final product
  • All components of MERN Stack technologies have great community support.
  • MERN Stack is cost-effective
  • The programming language used in MERN Stack is javascript for both the frontend and backend which helps developers to work on different frameworks easily.
  • The complete MERN Stack technology supports the JSON data which helps to debug fast and efficiently.
  • The build workflow for developers using MERN Stack is easy as it supports the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture


Unlike other technology stacks, you can use MERN Stack technology to build any application especially when the application you build requires dynamic User interfaces (UI),as MERN Stack  is cloud native and JSON related which helps in the workflow management and build social products,

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What is MERN Stack Technology