Published on Apr 25,2018
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What is DevOps?

DevOps, coming from the combination of the words ‘development’ and ‘operations’ is simply the integration of software development and IT operations in a company. It is a unique method of software development that involves a collaborative effort between those two integral teams to achieve agility in testing as well as responsiveness in the organization.

According to latest statistics, DevOps is set to be the Future of IT, with companies having implemented DevOps witnessing a record 63% experience improvement in quality of their software deployments, 60% rise in frequency of new software releases and 38% higher  quality of code production as compared to their counterparts that are still following traditional development and operations divisions.

Tailor-Made DevOps Course For You

Is DevOps for you?

Software professionals looking to multi-fold their release cycles must go for DevOps. With the DevOps culture, Developers learn to take the responsibility of the quality of testing and release environments they are producing, Managers get an idea about development, operational and QA roles, which help them plan and execute more efficiently and Architects can bring in a lot of automation in the organization and can identify the required tools. In a nut shell a software development team will be benefited greatly if they introduce synergy with the help of DevOps.

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