Published on Sep 22,2015
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2015 has been a fascinating year so far in terms of analytics, especially in the field of web analytics. With Google’s “Mobilegeddon” update completely disrupting the way online search works, shift of several companies to the cloud for better data analytics, rise of SMEs warming up to the idea of using tools like Google Analytics to track their website performance and much more, this year has witnessed several developments that have had a radical impact in the way we use web analytics in business.

Here’s a look at some of the trending developments in web analytics in 2015:

#1 Rise of Multi-Channel Marketing

With time, marketers have realized that simply using one or two channels to market their products and services is not enough. There has been a rise in multi-channel marketing, with several digital marketers taking the integrated marketing approach and simultaneously tracking every source through tools like Google Analytics to determine its individual as well as total impact.

#2  More Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is no longer in the shadows, with many organizations using innovative softwares like Hubspot and Marketo to automate and digitize their repetitive tasks, thus moving towards an efficient and effective work methodology as well as boosting their human resource allocation. Hubspot has reportedly witnessed a gross revenue of $38.2 million in first quarter of 2015, up by 58% as compared to the first quarter of 2014.

#3 Secure Digital Data Management

Amidst all the news of hacking and data security breaches last year, companies have understood the value of keeping their data safe and started adopting advanced security measures to safeguard their data. By moving data + analytics to cloud through platforms like Google Cloud, using integrated dashboards for metrics tracking and other external measures like conducting regular ethical hacking on their own data access to re-evaluate their existing data security measures, companies have taken the step ahead in strengthening their data security.

#4 SME Analytics

More and more small and medium enterprises are collating their data and utilizing tools like Google Analytics and KISSmetrics to track not only their website activity but also use the results to predict their consumer behavior and ultimately take more resourceful actions to grow in their business. Whether it’s a small fashion boutique across the street, or a mom-and-pop style convenience store in the vicinity, more SMEs are going the e-way by launching their unique websites to grow their customer reach and at the same time track their behavior to get a better idea about their tastes and preferences.

Going by the trends, web analytics is growing positively, wherein companies are using their resources more efficiently, tracking their customers more effectively, and keeping their data more secure. Here’s hoping that the rest of 2015 keeps up the pace in the digital analytics revolution !

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