Vol. XVIII – Edureka Career Watch – 10th Aug 2019

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Mir Juned
Mir is a Full Stack Digital Marketer and technology enthusiast with expertise... Mir is a Full Stack Digital Marketer and technology enthusiast with expertise in almost every single marketing vertical.
Vol. XVIII – Edureka Career Watch – 10th Aug 2019

“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom,” General George Patton.

The job market is buzzing with developments and several of these go unnoticed because we do not have the time to dig into the nooks of this massive system. Fortunately, the Edureka Career Watch team is always looking for the next big development that might help you take your career to the next level.

So, without further ado, let’s look at what job and career trends have in store for us this fortnight.

29 Vancouver Companies are Looking to Fill over 500 Positions this Month

A recent report by Daily Hive suggests that the job market in Vancouver is seeing positive developments for both brands and professionals. According to the report, 29 big and small companies are looking to hire more than 500 professionals to fill important job vacancies this August. The list of companies hiring includes names like Kal Tire, SPUD, Bench, Daily Hive, Article, Finn AI, and many more. The vacancies at each of these brands vary both in terms of speciality and experience levels. In the IT space, the companies are looking for developers, AI professionals, cloud architects, testing professionals et cetera.

So, if you are looking to start your career or are looking for a change, this is an awesome opportunity.

via Daily Hive

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Mastercard is Building a New Team for its Crypto Project

The rumours about Mastercard entering the crypto sphere seem to be becoming more concrete every day. Recent developments point towards the fact that the largest payments corporation in the world is building a team for its rumoured crypto experiment. The job openings include mainstream profiles like developers, testers, full-stack engineers, data scientists and analysts et cetera. The one opening that stands out is for a senior blockchain engineer. If you didn’t know already, Mastercard is also a member of the Libra association and this new team could serve as the buffer between the brands.

via Cryptopolitan

ComputerWorld Ranks the Top 10 Highest Paying IT Job Profiles in India

The tech space is vast and comprises of hundreds if not thousands of different job profiles. And, India being one of the biggest IT hubs in the world hosts a fair amount of these jobs. Understanding which profile is perfect for you and would also provide a lucrative check is every professional’s goal. To make this simple, ComputerWorld recently listed the top 10 highest paying tech job profiles in the subcontinent. Surprisingly, the profile that beat every other for the #1 position including data scientist and cloud architect turned out to be for a data warehouse architect at a whopping INR 12.93 lakhs (mean) per annum. This is closely followed by software architect at INR 11.95 lakhs per annum and data scientist at INR 8.49 lakhs per annum.

The complete list goes into more details about these job profiles and their payout. We highly recommend you check it out in case you are looking to enter IT or are looking for a career transition.

via ComputerWorld

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Many US Banks are Moving Tech Jobs out of New York

Recent reports across the internet point towards the fact that several big names in the banking, finance, and investment sectors are moving technology jobs away from the Manhattan area. These include names like Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, and Barclays. This development could be a result of a number of factors the biggest of which could be the banks focus shifting towards front-office processes in New York City. That said, there is a handful of other brands that have increased the number of hires in the Manhattan area. These include names like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America. These banks are evidently looking to build a fintech-centric flow in NYC.

via eFinancialCareers

HPE Announces USD 500 Million Investment in India over the Next 5 Years

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the American multinational enterprise information technology company based in San Jose, California, recently announced its plans to invest $500 million in India over the next half-decade. This investment is worth over Rs 3500 crores as per conversion rates. HPE has always had a stronghold in the Indian IT industry and this investment will enable the company to expand its operations, manufacturing, and employee base.

“The Modi 2.0 administration’s vision of a USD 5 trillion economy is impressive and fitting for a country with this level of energy and opportunity,” said Antonio Neri, president and CEO of HPE and a member of the US-India CEO Forum. “India is one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world, and our investments will further develop the country as a critical market for HPE’s global business, as well as benefit our customers, partners, employees and the citizens of India.”

This development will bring thousands of jobs to the Indian technology space and will definitely help in the overall development of the economy.

via CIO

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These were the major news stories related to job openings and career trends in the market this week. If you have any questions, suggestions or there are any specific topics you’d like us to cover, feel free to hit us up in the comments section below. Edureka Career Watch will be back next week with the top stories that you need to know. So, make sure you are subscribed to our blog through the subscription button below and never miss these important updates.


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