Published on May 31,2015
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Professional Background

Vivek is a Project Lead at Syntel Inc in Memphis, Tennessee. With over 9 years of experience in Java/J2EE applications, working mostly in development-based projects on Waterfall and Agile methodologies, he is also a Sun Certified Programmer. Prior to Syntel, he was with Infosys Technologies Ltd for over 7 years in Milwaukee.

Accomplishment Post-Edureka

Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer


Why He Singled-Out Edureka

US-based Vivek Mishra, a B.Tech in IT,  was happy with his job at Syntel, but he always wanted to stay updated with the latest technologies. His quest to upgrade his skills instilled his interest in Big Data and Hadoop. He came across an online article on Edureka, which made him realize that Edureka could be his first step to learning Hadoop. His ex-senior colleague’s positive review on Edureka propelled him to take up the course.

How Was His Experience

The 5-day, three-week course was definitely a hectic one for him with his full-time job at Syntel Inc as a Project Lead.  But he didn’t let the pressure deter him. He went on to complete his course successfully within the stipulated time.

Edureka Moments in Vivek’s Words

“The classes from Edureka were a good stepping stone to understand Hadoop. After I completed the course, I revised all the classes and practiced programming in Edureka’s virtual machine. The support team at Edureka was excellent. A lot of my technical queries were resolved. All these helped me in successfully completing Cloudera Hadoop Certification.”


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