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22 Sep 2015

Why Use Selenium with $3 Million Bugs?

Contents of the Webinar

  • What is a Million Dollar Bug?
  • Million Dollar Bug #1
  • Million Dollar Bug #2
  • Million Dollar Bug #3
  • Impact of a Million Dollar Bug
  • Best Practices to avoid Bugs
  • How Selenium Automation helps?

What is a Million Dollar Bug?

A million dollar bug is one of the bugs, that can snatch your peace of mind and as a result of which companies end up spending millions of dollars, so that it could be detected. These bugs result in jeopardizing a company’s reputation and sometimes, especially when they’re detected by customers.

Million Dollar Bug- Bug #1 Immigration

1. The system was incapable of dealing with backlog cases.

2. This resulted in 29,000 backlog applications.

3. Failed to locate 50,000 people. After the entire case was resolved, the bug costed them $1.6 billion.

Million Dollar Bug- Bug #2 Automobile Company

1. Software glitch that shutdown the hybrid system while on the road.

2. To sustain its reputation, this automobile company recalled 1.9 million hybrid prius cars in Europe, North America and Japan.

3. The entire glitch costed them around $2 billion.

Million Dollar Bug- Bug #3  E-Commerce Company

1. There were products on sale for as low as a penny.

2. These products were purchased by numerous customers in a fraction of second. This glitch happened due to a bug in the Amazon price comparison software.

3. The glitch costed this e-commerce company around $100,000.

How do bugs creep in?


Impact of the Million Dollar Bug

1. Huge Monetary loss.

2. Damage to the brand’s reputation.

3. Employee dissatisfaction

4. Shutdown of a service/company.

5. Customer dissatisfaction

6. Legal issues.

Best Practices To Avoid Bugs


Questions asked during the Webinar

Which language would be better for Selenium?

Java would be a better choice as Selenium is self written in java. When a new version of Java is released, it can be used immediately.

If you wish to learn Selenium and build a career in the testing domain, then check out our interactive, live-online Selenium Testing Course here, which comes with 24*7 support to guide you throughout your learning period.

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